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You Need a Break + Get Yourself Some Renpure


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Oftentimes life is so complicated that we forget to appreciate the simplest things that we should be grateful for.  Rather than appreciating ourselves and the things we do, we push ourselves down and oftentimes criticize all the things we have yet to do.  We push ourselves down, and try to remain “on the ball” at all times, regardless of how stressed and how tired we feel.  And while it may seem like an honorable thing to do, the fact is that we often miss out on the simplest things because of it all.  So rather than pushing yourself to the limit and racing through life without enjoyment, let’s try this Monday to better ourselves by taking a break for something we enjoy.  Whether it be taking a nice and long shower every night, taking a day off from work to hang out with our families, taking a vacation you have been pushing off, buying something you have always wanted, or even just taking a break from social media to hang with your family, try and do it today.  Why not do today what you have always pushed off tomorrow?

Life has been insane for the last few years making it seem like I’ve been through a new type of World War.  Within less than 26 years of living it has felt like I have lived through it all, even though I know I have experienced little in comparison to many others out there.  And while there were many times throughout these years that I could have taken a break and could have relaxed quite a little bit more, I always felt the need to stay “on-the ball.”  Although it worked in that I received the high grades that I had always wanted to, the fact is that the constant state of stress oftentimes played a toll.

 And although it has taken me about twenty-six years to see for myself, the fact is that there are many of us who push ourselves every single day to be better, just to get worse ourselves.  Rather than paying attention to ourselves and taking a break from the constant stress that society expects of us, we continue only to get sick ourselves.  The constant state of stress manifests itself in physical or mental form, causing anxiety, high blood pressure, or even depression that we try to find quick solutions for by way of medication…which often makes us sicker.  So while this may seem like a silly question, but what if we could AVOID all these quick solutions by just taking a few breaks and trying not to sweat the little things?

What if we CAN PREVENT stress-related diseases by taking care of ourselves and taking small breaks for ourselves?

Relax People!     

In spite of knowing this or even wanting to try, I bet that many of you are still confused at how to actually stress less given all the responsibilities that you may have now.  So what about a little list of things that you could fit into your day to relax yourselves followed by a story about what relaxes me?

How To Relax…

  1. Exercise: Go to the gym, take a walk, take a hike, walk your dog, take a class at the gym, swim, kayak, and do anything that feels good for the body!
  2. Play With Your Dog: Go outside or even to the park and play fetch…meaning you throw and then fetch.
  3. Get Proper Amounts of Sleep: Find the amount of sleep that works for you.  Maybe its 6 hours or maybe it’s 10 hours, but just make sure that you feel well-rested upon getting up.
  4. Watch one of your favorite shows: Find a good show on to watch to take your mind off things.  Maybe there’s a commercial in between that you can fit in a few exercises!
  5. Go out and socialize with someone you can talk to: Call someone up and just go out.  Sometimes just chatting with someone you love makes you feel connected and so much better.
  6. Manicure and Pedicures: Need I say more.
  7. Haircut
  8. Take a long hot shower: Find your favorite shampoo and conditioner and enjoy!
  9. Game Night With Family: Find a board game or even a game you could play outside with your family just to take your mind off things and get in some mental or even physical activity!
  10. Read a book

So while one or two of these things may suit you, there is an unlimited list of possibilities that may work for you that may not work for others…you just need to find what you enjoy and make the time to do it.  Regardless of what you choose, I bet that you will feel so much better upon incorporating it into your daily routine once you do it a couple of times.

Renpure Review… Go Get Some Now!

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Coconut Water Hair-Care Line

Upon receiving the bottles of shampoo, conditioner, replenishing treatment mist, and leave-in conditioner, I was immediately impressed not only by the presentation, but by the smells, ingredients, and even statements made on the bottle which I have described below for those who have already asked!

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 4.14.34 PMPRESENTATION: The shampoo and conditioner were presented in 16 oz PUMP-bottles making it easy to use in the shower, and allow less of the product to be wasted than other bottled brands.

SMELL:  Upon getting the coconut-water line, I couldn’t wait to open it to see what I would be smelling like after my shower.  While some of the coconut products that I have used in the past have smelled anything but coco-nutty (and actually quite bad), these products smelled so naturally “COCO-NUTTY” and REAL.  Just smelling the product made me want to take another shower that day, but somehow I had to force myself to wait yet another day.

INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in this product are so much better than many shampoos and conditioners that I have used in the past that have been made mostly of alcohols that further dry your hair.  The ingredients are minimal in comparison to many other brands, and I like how the label boasts of being free of “Sodium Chloride, Sulfates, Dyes, Harsh Salts, Parabens, and Gluten,” as who really wants those chemicals in their hair, let alone in the air?

STATEMENTS/COMPANY: Another thing that I liked about the product was that it is made by a family-based company as opposed to many of the other brands that are so commercialized to the point that you can’t get anyone on customer care unless you go through 1000 computer-prompts.  I like the fact that they were quick to answer all of my questions and feel confident that if I did have a problem with the product, that there would be a prompt response.

Although I have to admit that I just used the product this Saturday, I am truly happy with the coconut-water line.  It not only made my hair to appear more shiny and healthy, but also made it smell better as well.  It helped to conceal whatever split ends I had before as it properly nourished my hair, as many other hair products fail to do.  Given my level of satisfaction of the product, I would definitely be open to trying some of their new scents as well, and would definitely recommend this line to anyone looking for a great shampoo and conditioner that won’t break the bank.

BUY: For those who have asked me this is a product from the line I have used Renpure Coconut Product.Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 4.15.01 PM

     So while another short blog, the point is that we all just need to take a break…and buy some Renpure as well (haha).  We need to take a break from all the complexities of life and enjoy some of the simplicities such as taking our dogs for a walk, taking long hot showers, taking a vacation with our families, etc. so that we not only stress less, but also become better as well.  Rather than pushing ourselves everyday to the point where we are afflicted either mentally or physically, we should take a break for ourselves right now.  As hard as it may be, once you find something and force it into your routine, I bet that many of you will not only feel better about yourselves, but also be better in the scheme of your life as well.  Why not take five or ten minutes today rather than taking medication in the near future?  Why not do something today that could make you better rather than continuing to stress yourself in the pursuit of making your life better?  So with that being said, do something today for yourself and make your life better by just enjoying life as it is rather than continuing to race through life in search of something better.


With Love Always,





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