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You May Feel Alone, But You Never Are



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 I bet that many of you have felt discouraged, defeated, and alone at one moment or another.  You may have a lot to get done or many struggles to battle, and yet not be able to understand why it’s such a struggle for yourself as opposed to everyone else.  You think about how bad you have it when others do not, and oftentimes allow yourself to get completely torn by these thoughts.  More times than not, you get frustrated with yourself and the things that you have to bare, so much so that you give up or purposely fail.  And while giving up on yourself is often something quite simple to do, the fact is that others respond in similar ways too.  We give up on ourselves, and then others who may feeling just alone as we give up on themselves.  And so it goes, a vicious circle in which we hide our struggles from plain view as do others, causing each individual to feel alone in struggling and give up rather than remaining a united and successful front.  So while rather deep, the fact of the matter is that YOU ARE NEVER ALONE in what struggles life may entail, and that maybe we all just need to speak up about them so we can give and get support as humans were meant to do.

In spite of all my blogging and posts, there are days that I feel slightly more discouraged and alone in my battles in spite of knowing that there are many others out there who may be struggling too.  I think about all the years in which I had to face, and how many battles I’ve had to face that others can’t even comprehend themselves.  I think about what I have left to face in spite of all that I have.  And even just think about the future and whether or not I could even continue to face them as I have, especially this last year.

And while these thoughts of mine have been the cause for being stuck in the deep battles of anorexia for so long, the fact is that only seeing others fight and face these battles has been what has gotten me out.

     So while this may be yet another short blog, the point is to remind each and every one of you who may be reading this right now that you are NEVER alone in your struggles.  Every single person out there has some kind of struggle that they need to face.  Some may hide it quite well, while others may not, and some may even try to downplay it in front of others, when it’s actually quite a difficult thing of theirs to bare.  And while we can all choose to hide our struggles and our fears, I suggest that we try and show them so that we can give and get the support we need.  Rather than faking perfection and being lead to feel alone and un-supported in what you may be going through, let’s try and show our imperfect selves.  Let’s give and get the support that we need to make a united front rather than just giving up on ourselves, followed by others giving up on themselves as well.  So let’s just be ourselves.


With Love Always,




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