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You Can’t Get What You Don’t Work For


Let’s face it.  I bet that many of you are getting frustrated with what you have left to work on and the uncertainty of your path ahead.  You see what you want, or maybe you just have an idea of what you want, but you feel paralyzed in going forth to get it.  But while it may seem like the simplest option just to wait for your time to come,  you can’t.  You can’t get what you don’t work for.  Nobody is going to come and give you exactly what you want in life.  So even if you don’t know exactly what you want, this is my urge for all of you to work  on yourself to become better.  Because chances are, every single step that you take now is going to get you further along in your path to the life you want, rather than if you wait.

My Story…

Last year, all I wanted was the balance which others had found using IIFYM and strength training to combat anorexia.  The other people whom I had followed with these struggles had seemingly achieved a balance which had enabled them to live more flexibly and more confidently, and even look even leaner (as they had muscle) than they did before.  I saw them living their lives in a way that I wanted, and yet felt greatly intimidated to even start.  I couldn’t see that future for myself, nor did I feel capable to diminish any of my fears.  And I could have waited for the time for all my struggles to go away on their own, but for some reason, I didn’t…And that’s the only reason I am able to do the things today I once thought I couldn’t.  While I have a long way and a lot left to accomplish, the fact is, that taking any steps towards bettering myself was much better than allowing that time to go.

So while this may be short and quite precise, the point is that each and every one of you out there needs to work for what you want.  Nobody is just going to hand you that job or that balance in which you want so badly…or even which you feel that you deserve.  You are not entitled to anything, so why not at least try to work TOWARDS something that will make your life better…regardless of whether you know what exactly you may want.  Take small steps even if they may take a long time and continue on doing so, as you never truly know how far along you may come, unless you try.  So, how about it?  Let’s focus on being better than we were yesterday, and then tomorrow, focus on how we can be better than today.  Let’s get the lives that we want, and let’s do so a step at a time.


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