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Deep Down You Know You Are Doing Wrong


I bet that you know deep down in your heart what it is that you need to succeed.

It may be diving right in and going out of the norm, or it may involve trying something new entirely.

And while you know the very thing is necessary to succeed, you oftentimes get stuck in a comfort zone not sure how to dive in.

So if you are debating on how to change and how to find the success you so desperately need, this article is for you as I KNOW deep down in my heart that YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR WAYS!

What You are Doing Isn’t Working…

I don’t know about you, but I’m a creature of routine.  And while I try to change here and there, I tend to get STUCK in a rut.  And need to fight to get OUT of all of it!

But, it’s definitely not as simple as it sounds to be and the fact is that many of you do the same as me…

You try to stay comfortable and feel the need to stick to your routines.  While they work for a while, you oftentimes get stuck such as I…in yet another rut.  Rather than a routine HELPING to achieve, it becomes a DETRIMENT to one’s health.  And besides this, it causes so much more stress than is needed!

So if you are currently unsure of how to change your life today, read along about ways to MAKE the changes you are only DEBATING today.

Changing Your Life Because You Need To.

soffee outfit and brooks shoes
Hang in There!

If you know you are stuck and know that all you keep doing is debating in your head everyday, there are steps to actually implement the change in your lives today.



The first step to bringing about change is to figure what habit or routine is of detriment to your lives.

Maybe it’s your long to-do list that you can’t complete.


Maybe it’s spending money on exercise clothes, coffee, fitness classes, etc. every month.


Maybe it’s getting stuck in the same food, exercise, etc. routine because of comfort.

In order to make POSITIVE change, you need to figure out the reason behind your stress today!


Instead of accepting the things you do as part of your life today, make a list of all the negativity which it brings into your day.

By writing the ways it impacts your day, you can determine how IMPORTANT it is for you to change.

So maybe your to-do list is causing you stress.  And maybe it is making you yell more than you need to within the course of a day.  Maybe it’s even impacting your health today.


Maybe your spending is causing you so much debt.  The debt just keeps building up bringing you more stress that impacts your health and relationships today.


Maybe your routine is getting you stuck in a plateau.  Rather than being able to become stronger, you are just stuck and not feeling as great as you could.

Just figure out how routine detriments your health!


Oftentimes we look at situations as if they will eventually change.  We think that they will magically get better in the future without making any changes today.

So rather than getting stuck in this mentality, figure out right now what will happen if you continue doing the EXACT things you are doing.

Maybe you will die earlier than expected because of all the stress.


Maybe you will end up in so much debt that there’s no way to get out and have the stress relief you need.


Maybe you will get stuck and your metabolism will steady, rather than speeding up with change as you know is necessary!


Once you determine your list write down what you need to do.  Take it bit by bit rather than trying to go ALL in at once.  It’s better if you take one step ahead each day rather than ten steps ahead and eleven steps back another day.

If your problem is your to-do list, then try and dwindle the list into what is absolutely necessary each day.  Cross off one thing you expect of yourselves everyday each day until you can feel the stress relief that you need.

If your problem is with debt, then try to come up with alternatives.  Rather than simply cutting out the spending, try out ebates (link on right) or promo codes to save every single month!  Maybe even try to cut coffee cost by making coffee for yourself xx times a month.

If your problem is with exercise then change a little at a time.  Find a new exercise and fit it in.  And do a little bit at a time.


There are ways to change, you just need to figure out what you need to do rather than just knowing you need to.



You got this.  Just take it a step at a time.  Don’t focus on being perfect or ridding yourself COMPLETELY of the bad habit in one day.




Go to Instagram.  Go anywhere. Find some motivational quotes.  Find some motivational people.

Save the quotes.  Follow those people.  And succeed.

Just remember that everyday won’t be easy so it’s necessary to be REMINDED and SUPPORTED everyday!


The End

As usual, I like to end with some motivational words because I know you can do this, in spite of you not knowing if you could.

You can change your life today…and everyday.  You just need to stop the bad habits that you have incorporated into your day.  While I know it’s not easy (trust me…I’m the person to ask), I know you can do so a little bit everyday.

The steps are simple to list, yet difficult to do.  You first need to find what it is you are doing, figure out the reasons why you need to change it right now, and figure out a plan of what to do now.  If you take it a bit at a time, your results will be sustainable and you will get the balance you need.

So you got this, get going…But first read my own story about something I’ve changed in my life today.

Hurting My Feet Everyday Until…

brooks running shoes and insoles
Favorites? Or Something I could do without? Read on to Find Out!

While I like to buy shoes and leave them as so, something I’ve recently been introduced to is using insoles.  While I hate using new things, as I never know if they will work, I knew that leaving my shoes as is was the reason my feet were hurting as they were.

Leading me to change one small thing in the course of my routine!

So while this may be a silly little example of my own, the fact is that its the simplest I know.  I have changed several other routines which you can see here from my other blogs, but keep on reading to determine if this is one you could change NOW!

Enertor Insoles

insoles on play swing
Two Types I Got to Try!

So as I mentioned, I am on my feet a lot of the day getting a lot done.  And while I know I often do a little too much, I also know that I often wear out shoes until they are well-gone.  Because of this, I oftentimes find my feet hurting and cramping, which does not work for this girl.

So long and behold, I listened to my mom and got insoles.

While I hated to admit that she was right, I figured I needed to change something, and this was a simple thing I could do right now.

So About the Insoles I got…

The insoles I got were from Enertor, a company worn and endorsed by Usain Bolt.  I figured if they were good enough for this Olympic Runner, than they were also good for myself.  While they have several types to choose, I decided on the performance insoles and the Comfort full length out to to try myself.

Me holding Size Chart
Here are the sizes in case you are interested!

My Culprit on The Insoles (My Little Change)

smiling with insoles
What did I think? Hmm…

So while I definitely had my doubts, I left them in for a week and noticed a MAJOR difference in how my foot felt. They worked…without a doubt.  And for that very reason, they are in my shoes right now.

So with that being said, this small little change made a major difference in my health and life today.  The hardest part was changing what I was used to and what I knew to find what works now.

I know it may sound like a little silly change, but in retrospect bettering your life is compromised of all small changes EVERYDAY!

Me holding Box
Want Your Own? Use MICHELE10 and get 10 off Today!

So if you are interested in insoles, I collaborated with the company and able to create a code JUST FOR MY FOLLOWERS.  The code is MICHELE10 and will save you $10 dollars off every order you make on!

Why not wait?  Do so today!

So I hope you make the changes you need today, and I would love to hear about all that you are changing today?


With Love Always,




**All of these products were given by Enertor for an honest review on my blog.  So while the product was provided, the honesty is of my own!**


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