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Why Not Me?

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My Type of Fashion/Lifestyle Post That I was Even Debating on Posting…Is it Good Enough or Is it Not?

I bet that many of you have a hard time following through with something because you don’t think it’s worth it.  You don’t think it’s worth the stress, the money, the time, or even the effort that you know it entails.  But no matter what, your life keeps going, and you continue to get stuck in the same path as you have been going.  And while you can continue to live this same exact life day after day, I think it’s necessary to ask yourself, “why not?” and to determine that you need to change your ways.  So on this fabulous Friday that we have been given today, let’s try to figure out what’s not only stopping you from the amazing life you planned, but also of ways to GET the life you always wanted.

     How many times in your life have you convinced yourself that the very thing you wanted was not worth it or that you actually didn’t even want it at all?

Rather than doing the very thing you had wanted to, such as becoming an entrepreneur, following your dreams, buying something you have always wanted, and/or applying for a dream job, you stay in the same place.  You don’t get the point of putting yourself out here as you don’t think it’s worth the stress, the time, or even the effort to even try to get exactly what you had always wanted…and things which others themselves have been able to achieve. And while so many of us often get stuck in the same place, just wishing for the right day for things to magically make our lives seem right, why do we allow our fears from holding us away from the person we were intended to be?

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The fact of the matter is that too many of us oftentimes get stuck thinking that we can’t, when we can accomplish every dream that we set our mind to achieving…it may just be a little more work than we had thought.  The reason we can’t we become an entrepreneur, buy something we want, apply for a dream job, or even tackle our fears is that WE STOP OURSELVES IN OUR TRACKS.  Rather than facing our fears and asking ourselves why we can’t even just try, we think of every single excuse of why we can’t and why we shouldn’t.  Many of the times we think we are disqualified as we are not good enough, or that we are not the same as someone else who accomplished the very thing that we want from ourselves.  Sometimes, we even stop ourselves as we are terrified of being judged.

How To Get What We Want Out of Our Lives

Although it may seem like a silly little thing, oftentimes the best way to get what you want is to ask yourself two questions: Why not me AND Why not at least try?

In order to get the life that you all deserve, you need to decide what you want.  You need to decide what you want and then figure out how to get it.  Once you choose the steps you can take, you need to just tackle them one step at a time in spite of the difficulty that it may take.  When questions of whether it is worth it, or whether you can even accomplish what you are looking to achieve pop up, you need to truly ask yourself why you can’t at least try or why you can’t be the one to accomplish such a thing.  You may come up with excuses such as being too “this or that” or that it’s just not your time or even that you are not ready to tackle what you had set out to achieve.  And while it could be a means as a way to give up and to throw in the towel, continue to ask yourself why not try NOW.

Yes…you may not get what you want right away, but wouldn’t you rather learn from a mistake and move on than staying in the same place you are STUCK in right now?

     So while another short blog, the point is that too many of us hold ourselves back from doing the very things we want out of fear, and that it’s time that we get our lives together by asking ourselves WHY NOT OURSELVES?  There is no reason you can’t achieve your dreams nor is there any excuse not to at least try now.  Although you may not succeed and first, and you may actually fail quite a lot along the way, you will get more by failing and learning than remaining stuck in the same place you are in today.  Why push your life off one more day if the process is going to be the same regardless of what day and even what year you may choose to take that first or second step?  Why not tackle it now?  So on this Friday, I hope that you all go get whatever you may have always wanted or at least try, as you never know what opportunities may come your way.


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