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When You Wish and Nothing Comes True


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     I bet that many of you are exhausted trying to make yourselves better or wishing for things to be different than they are.  You may have wanted things in your life to work out differently, or aspects within your life to change.  While you may have made some accomplishments here and there, you seemingly look back some days just feeling as though you failed.  Amidst trying to tackle your struggles one at a time, you get frustrated by having to deal with them at all, especially when you see nothing similar being experienced by friends or even family.  And while many of you will choose to give up, and get frustrated by the things in which you may be dealing with, the fact is that NONE of us can decide what things we are given to deal with.  So while sometimes it may seem as though you may not be going anywhere fast given all the struggles that you may have, the fact of the matter is that none of us wish for the struggles that we have.  The only way that we can get better and make our lives better is by accepting them, taking a step back to breathe, and going through them a step at a time, until we achieve the better life we all desire.

While sometimes I would love to hide my struggles from view and from my blog, as they seem somewhat frustrating, especially given all the knowledge and logic that I may have, I still to this day oftentimes struggle with balancing it all out.  There are still some days I want to just move around 24/7 just to stay distracted from the way in which I feel, some days where I just want to forget about eating…let alone the proper amount, and some days where I just want to do both.  And although I can’t figure the reasons for these days in which I struggle more, I still manage to get by and to stay as consistent as I can.  I follow my macros in spite of my desires not to, I follow my exercise routine in spite of my desires to over-do it all, and I honestly try my hardest to listen to the logical aspect inside my head.  And while this may seem like a great thing, the fact is that I oftentimes end these days on a note of frustration towards myself.

Like many of you out there, I oftentimes get frustrated for having the struggles I have had and have to this day.  On the days that I struggle more than others, I look back on my past and think of where I have been and also of how far I have left to go in getting to the same place that others are now.  I question whether I will be able to find success as they have based on the struggles in which I have dealt with in the past and even to this day.  And while I can go back and forth tormenting myself to no end in this manner, the fact is that NONE of us get to decide how our lives go.

    None of us get the decision to choose our struggles nor to choose what things in life head our way.  The only decision that we get to make is to take a step back, breathe, decide what to do, and to tackle each thing that comes our way as best as we can.  And although we can get frustrated the majority of the times at ourselves, the fact of the matter is that we desperately need to stop.  Instead of looking at the struggle in which we have to deal with, we should look upon ourselves as if we were someone else.  By looking at ourselves by another’s point of view, we could truly see how far we are moving and how great we are doing by just deciding to tackle whatever struggle there may be.  Although we know that we may not have it all together, we should look at the things in which we have done and how great we are becoming because we ARE CHALLENGING whatever difficulty is headed our way, rather than getting frustrated by having the difficulty at all.  So just remember going into this weekend to be a little more compassionate towards yourself and rather than acknowledging the struggle you have, acknowledging how much you are doing in spite of it.


With Love Always,




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