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What’s So Wrong and Special About Valentine’s Day?


Just a little interruption to my theme of bettering yourself this week for a post about Valentine’s Day!

     I bet that many of you hold Valentine’s Day on a pedestal in that you feel obligated to show your loved ones how you feel.  You may feel that you need to run out to get that last-minute card or last minute over-priced bouquet to celebrate the love that you share.  And while you may go out of your way to celebrate this very day, there is often too much emphasis on just this ONE day rather than all the days in a relationship.  Rather than WANTING to get flowers or cards on another day, we feel OBLIGATED to do so on Valentine’s Day.  This ruins the meaning of the holiday for those in love and for those without love who see ALL gifts being given.  And while I can go back and forth about the reasons Valentine’s Day has become some commercialized holiday, the fact is that it negatively impacts the majority of our society by becoming standardized as the ONE day to show that you care.  I mean, honestly, when did showing our love on other days become less meaningful than the gifts that are associated with today?

Re-establishing the Meaning for those who Celebrate

I know that many of you are probably questioning why I wrote this, and the reason I did was to help in re-establishing the meaning behind this very holiday.  While Valentine’s Day was once a day to show the one’s we love a little more care, it’s truly become a very commercialized holiday in which we do what NEEDS to be done rather than what we WANT to do.  Rather than taking the time to pick out flowers and think about the gifts and cards we want to buy, we often rush to do so last-minute without little-to-no-thought behind doing so.  

We buy these gifts just to buy, and in doing so, make this holiday simply a materialistic holiday rather than one filled with meaning as it once was.

Those Who Feel A Little Lost This Holiday

And because that we often see materialistic things being advertised on commercials or even through social media platforms, oftentimes many feel left out, as we have yet to find someone we truly love.  We get depressed seeing all the cards in the stores being sold out or even watching all those frilly romance movies that they often show.  Rather than seeing the day for what it truly is and using it as an opportunity to become better ourselves, we oftentimes do not.

The End.

 So this Valentine’s Day, I hope that you reconsider every single action that you have done today and everyday to show the loved ones that you truly care.  Go buy flowers, card, and gifts, but please do so with thought.  Don’t just buy a card today thinking that this is all you need to do in order to show the one you love the very love that they deserve.  Show your loved ones DAY IN AND DAY OUT of how much you love them, and once in a while get flowers or a card because you WANT to rather than because you NEED to.

 And those who may be single, don’t be too hard on yourselves.  Take today as a day to better yourselves and taking the time out of your day to show the love to someone whom you love, whether it be a parent or a friend…or even yourself.  Do some self-care and figure out how you are going to make your life better rather than getting torn by all the social media posts of flowers or commercials or romance movies that we all know you watch.  Just remember never to let just a day get in the way of getting the better life in which all of us deserve.


Can you all just be my Valentine?


With Love Always,





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