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Wanting Life to Be Better and Making It Happen

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I bet that many of you want to make your life better, but are unsure of how.  You know that things within your life need to change, and yet unsure of exactly what or how to even start.  Many of you will wake up every single morning wanting your life to be better, and have all the courage to start, but be completely worn out at the end of the day even though you did not start.  So you wait for another day, and repeat, as you have NO IDEA at where to start nor do you want to feel the discomfort that comes with doing anything differently.  And although this pattern of your own leads you to feel discouraged and overwhelmed to the point where all you may want to do is to give up, the only way you CAN make life better is to continue on.  That means that YOU must continue on in spite of being overwhelmed by magnitude of changes, stress, and timing (as it often takes longer than you wish).  And while it may seem simple, it’s definitely not.  And that’s why I decided to blog about it today, so that you too can work alongside myself in getting the lives in which we all desire and deserve.

**So with that being said, let’s figure out how to ACTUALLY make your life better rather than just WISHING for it to become better day-in-and-day-out?**

Getting a Better Life

     First thing is first, but before even starting to be better, we have to know that each and everyday is an opportunity to be better.  Without having this perspective and THIS thought process about the opportunity that we get in a day, we are only setting ourselves up only just to stay stuck.

Why would you even try to do something differently in the course of your day if you went in thinking that your life would stay the same?…

You wouldn’t.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 3.34.32 PM.pngSTEP 1:

    So the first step in trying to make your life better and actually making it happen is by going into each day knowing that you CAN and WILL make a difference with the actions that you decide to take.  Maybe it’s a little action such as holding a door for someone and making their day a little bit better to bare, or maybe it’s just taking five minutes out of your day to do some kind of self-care…whatever little thing it may be CAN and WILL make a little difference here and there. (Check these blogs for more: The Impact of Your Voice (National Compliment DayToday Maybe Your Last So Make an Impact EverydayIt’s the Simple Things that Change a LifeThe Capability to Change Someone’s Life).


     Next step (see you are already one step closer to making your life better!)…  Okay.  This
step is a little more difficult, as it requires us to change our beliefs into thinking that we DESERVE to be better.

With that being said, if you didn’t think that you deserve better, but only want better than the sucky life that you have right now, would you be likely to change anything?

Absolutely not…To find a better life, you need to think you DESERVE to and are GOOD ENOUGH to have a better life (Discrediting Yourself: Are You Good Enough?).


So the next step is more difficult as it does require more thought, stress, and time.  In order to make your life better, you need to figure out what needs to change.  What aspect of your life do you want to better?

Do you want to have a better relationship with your kids or significant other?

Do you want to make yourself physically better with changes in food or exercise or even what products you use?

Do you want to make yourself mentally better?

What do you want to be better?

Once you decide on what it is that you need to make better, you can make a list of things that will gradually make your life actually become better.  Maybe you want to have a better relationship with your kids or significant other, as you don’t find much time to see them or even to hang out with them… then you can reanalyze your day and figure out ways to spend five or ten more minutes with them each week as opposed to the time being wasted on Instagram or arguing with them.  Maybe you want to make yourself better with food or exercise or even the products in which you use, and you figure out small steps (Taking a Step Back to Realize Where You Have Been and Where You Are Going) that you can take everyday to get better…And the list goes on and on.  Regardless of what you may want to better, the fact is that you can.


The next step requires making it happen, and not only once, but consistently.  In order to make your life better you need to a.) see the opportunity in each day b.) think you deserve your life to become better c.) figuring out what aspect you want to be better and making a plan d.) making a small change EVERY single day.

If you just make a change one day, and then forget to do so the next day and the next day following, what would have even been the point of going through the three steps above?

IT WOULDN’T.  Change takes time and consistency, and without dedicating yourself to making your life better, it won’t get that way at all.

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So while it may seem difficult or out of reach for you right now, based on your own individual circumstances, the fact is that each and every one of you can make your life better…you just need to try.  Rather than getting sick of being unhappy or having a sub par life of what you had dreamed, make it better by seeing the opportunity that each day brings, deciding what it is that you need to change, and making it happen regardless of how you may feel.  And each day that you do so, you will get a little further than those days in which you only just WISHED for your life to be better.  And while you may feel discouraged and overwhelmed some of these days, the fact of the matter is that if you keep going that one day you will look back with amazement at how far you have come.

With Love Always,


**Just as a side note, but this will be the main article for this week in which I will refer back to as this week we are not just going to WISH for a better life, but we are going to  GET a better life.**


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