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Save Using this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her!

Disclaimer: This gift guide contains affiliate links that allow me to make a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.  But with that being said, I would not suggest nor recommend anything I have not used or worn myself!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day…and you know what that means, there’s going to be a rush of guys shopping the night before!  But this year can be different, if you just give them a hint of what you want before!  So here’s a little Valentine’s Gift Guide for yourself or for the girl you adore.  But remember, it’s not just one day that matters in the scheme of things, it’s how you treat her all the days before!


Gift Guides For Her!

#1: The Sophisticated Girl

Valentine's Day

Let’s start with the sophisticated girl in your life, as she’s the easiest, yet most difficult person to buy for.  She prefers quality over quantity, which can be expensive.  But with this gift guide, you can give her what she wants…as most of the items are on SALE or can be bought with a coupon code!

And Here Are the Coupon Codes That Go Along:

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#2: For the Fitness Obsessed

valentine gift guide


Next up is for the fitness obsessed…you know, the girl always trekking out to the gym!  In this guide I’ve included many of the products I use every single day.  From the Healthy Human Life Cups (which I have several of) to the cute pink UA Duffel I got you covered.

So let’s talk about the products a bit more.


The lavender Fitbit is a cute and stylish item that is a necessity these days.  From steps to the time, this product got it covered, and it will make sure she gets to you on time…haha.


The Brooks shoes underneath are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  I love how well they last and love the way they feel.  These are one of the only shoes I would recommend to anyone, and besides…they are pretty cute!

Healthy Human Life

Next up is the Healthy Human Life Cup, and this product is one of the best.  I’ve tried everything in the past, and this is the ONLY one that I can honestly say kept my drink hot or cold. (P.S. Tested it out in 30 degree weather and my tea was still hot!**)  But one thing before I go on, but DEFINITELY get the flip top to go on!

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This is the product to get for the girl who wants to de-stress, relax, reduce anxiety, or to eliminate pain!  Here are a few of the reviews I’ve found alongside my own!

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One word… Salars.  These are my go-to legging and capri!  I wear them every single day and love the way they fit.  They have so many different sizes, lengths, and styles that it makes it a great fit for all.

And now, using this link…

Get 2/$24 Leggings right now!

Under Armour

Perfect duffel to throw sneakers, snacks, water, and another outfit in!  I use mine all the time!

#3: For the Girl Who Has Everything

There’s always going to be a girl who has everything and wants nothing.  And yet, it’s still nice to do something nice for her.  So here are some of the things you should do!


Buy a card or make one…it doesn’t matter.  Just don’t be lame and just write your name inside with a love.  Write something meaningful such a memory you’ve had with her.  Little things like this go a longer way than just an ordinary card!


Flowers are always an option, yet they are usually overpriced near this day.  If you buy flowers, I’d highly recommend saving on the flowers by buying LOCAL and getting a cute vase (shown above)!    And rather than having them delivered, you can deliver them to her!

Spa Day Kit

Buy a few products, shampoos, conditioners, face masks, and nail polishes and put them in a basket (or a bag).  While it may not seem like much, the thought put into it will go a long way.  I’ve attached my Target favorites below (+ Uggs).  You can order it and pick it up in stores!

P.S. If you’d rather go to Sally Beauty, here’s a STEAL…

Save 30% off $50 dollars on Sally Beauty! 

And One More Way to Save…

And one more thing I didn’t mention, but I’d highly recommend using  I know it seems too good to be true, which is why I didn’t sign up for years, but it works.  All you do is sign up for an account and overtime you want to shop at a store, you search for it in the search bar, and click on the link for the store.  Once you make a purchase, the 2-10% cash back gets deposited in your Ebates account, and a check is sent out every few months!


The End

Even though this is a gift giving guide, what matters most in the scheme of things is that you find someone who loves you everyday of the year. You deserve a guy that buys you flowers on any ordinary day.  And you deserve a guy that treats you right…a guy that holds the door open for you.  You deserve a great guy, not some ordinary “Valentine’s Guy” that just treats you badly every other day of the year.

And if you are single, just wait for the right guy to come to you.  But for now, go grab celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girls!


With Love Always,




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  1. Happy Galantines day Michele! They should make it a Happy K9-tines day too, to show special love to our furry four footed family. Hope you order something special for Brody & he orders something special for you!

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