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Trusting Yourself In Spite of Your Ability to Fall


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I bet that many of you are still waiting for the perfect moment or the break that you desperately need to come, in spite of reading my last blog posting just yesterday (Continuation of Bad is Needed to Find the Good).  And while you may have read it and have thought that good was instantly going to come, more bad situations may have suddenly appeared.  And while all these things may be running through your head questioning whether good will ever come, I know that it will if you only trust yourself enough that you can make it through.  Rather than paralyzing yourself and holding yourself back, it’s about time that you take those few steps that I listed in the previous blog and getting your life back on track.  Yes…you still have the ability to fall and to succumb to the situations at hand, but the truth is that if you continue to look forward and challenge yourself regardless of the feelings that hold you back, you will most likely find the success that you dream of.  So with that being said, let’s figure out why we hold ourselves back and what we can do to just get on through to the better times ahead (which may just mean this Friday).

     Life is often funny in that it ebbs and flows…sometimes it seems as though nothing can go wrong, and the next, it is as though a hurricane of a storm came running through knocking everything intact down.

Although we look forward to and have hope for all the good times that remain in our lives such as getting married, sharing the life we have with someone we love, finding a great job, and getting to that dream vacation of ours that we have always wanted to go, there are many times in between that make us question whether our dreams are even achievable for ourselves.  When life hits us in the face with death, struggle, or even a few silly things in between (aka phone breaking, job loss, etc), we often question whether we will get that family or career we always wanted, whether we will get the balance we had onetime achieved when we were younger, and whether we will ever achieve the happiness that we once did.  And while we can question ourselves constantly of whether it is possible for us, given all that we are currently being tested with, the fact of the matter is that by spending time questioning and debating, we oftentimes lose our motivation to get anywhere at all.

We forget about the times that we felt great, the times we felt that we had everything in the world going for us, and even about the good times that lie ahead.  We lose hope of anything good happening to us, and as a result, oftentimes get paralyzed with fears.  Rather than moving on and trying to make it through the course of the day, we somehow just get stuck in our fears.  Our fears of whether we can make it through, whether we will fall, and whether it’s even worth our attempt to try.

So while you may be certain that you are just going to fail or fall flat on your face, the fact is that you must take the steps I have given you and to move on throughout the course of your day with the hope to be better.  Regardless of what you have been hit with, there are several things that you can do in order to keep moving in spite of all the pain and fears that you must currently be feeling.

1.Remember the Good Times

I think very often we get stuck in the bad moments that are happening or that we know will happen that we forget about the good times and moments we have had.  Sometimes it helps just to remember the moment that you felt confident or that you felt loved, and remember that although it may now be over, that it will one day come back, as long as you continue to try.  Maybe you felt confident one day and posted a few selfies as you felt confident in the abs that were being made, or maybe you just felt happy on the day you accomplished a job as you felt that it was your best job done…Regardless of what it may have been, sometimes it helps just to take a step back to recognize that there are going to be more better times to come.  BAD TIMES CAN’T LAST.

2.Read about Others Who Turned Bad into Good

Although it may sound silly, but sometimes it helps just to look at others who have experienced bad times and have since then utilized the bad to make good.  As I mentioned yesterday, oftentimes I look at others such as Rebecca Minkoff, who had a harder life than most as a way to show that it is possible to have bad in order to find the good.  Regardless of how easy others seem to have had it, the fact is that many of the most successful people whom we know have come from the roughest pasts, and have most likely questioned themselves the same amounts as we have as well.

3. Just Keep Going and Remind Yourself if you Stop, You will Get Stuck

I think one of the most difficult aspects of it all is to keep going in spite of your feelings just to give up.  In spite of your feelings and the difficulty in doing so, you must remind yourself that you mustn’t stop.  If you stop at trying to better yourself or challenging yourself at all, you will be just as stuck tomorrow as you are today.  Rather than getting stuck in this vicious cycle of wanting your life to be better, but then pushing it off to another day, which never comes, just take it a step at a step NOW regardless of how many breaks you may need to make.  Just DO NOT get stuck!

4. If you are truly stuck, take a break for Yourself (Exercise, Shower, Any Form of Self-Care)

As I mentioned before, and even in my previous blog, sometimes we often feel the need to keep going in our lives in spite of desperately needing a short break for ourselves.  We get so focused on getting everything done in the course of the day rather than focusing on ourselves.  Rather than allowing ourselves to become overwhelmed by the work we have left to do, we should try to take five to ten minute breaks for ourselves.  Take time to exercise, to take a long hot shower, or to perform any other kind of self-care.  You never know how much those five to ten minutes could mean in terms of the strength you will have to tackle the rest of your day.

     So while this may be another short blog, the point is that you must continue on trying to make your life better regardless of what day you may be having.  While it may seem like a difficult task, the fact is that fear of failure and mistrust of oneself is often to blame of our ability to get stuck and paralyzed in our fears.  Rather than getting stuck, we should try to move forward by using my blog post from yesterday, and the tips that I have provided today in order to make our lives better.  And while it may not be simple and may be the most difficult thing we have ever done, we should not discount how helpful it may be do remember the good times we have had, see other’s journeys unfold from bad to good, set reminders to ourselves, and to take breaks in between.  So on this Thursday, I hope that you all continue to move on towards the life that you deserve in spite of your mentality or struggles that you have for the day.


With Love Always,






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