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Today Maybe Your Last So Make an Impact Everyday


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I bet that many of you go on day by day stuck in the same routine and focused on all the things in which you should have rather than focused on the things which you have.  You most likely have a routine based on your work, exercise, and family schedule that you follow day-in-and-day out with the desires to change.  You may want to develop a better balance or you may just want to improve upon yourself, but regardless of what maybe, oftentimes I bet that you have lost sight of the uncertainty of when your life or another’s many end.  The truth is that any day, regardless of whether you are ready for it or not, either your life or another’s will end.  And while it may seem quite depressing to think about, I bet that if you were to think of your life like that everyday that you would make many things within your life change.  You may appreciate the things in which you have and also show how much others may mean to you quite a bit more.  You may even decide to deliberately make more changes than you are in your lifestyle today.  And regardless of what you may change, the fact is that we are all uncertain of when our time may come, and that we should do what we can while we around to make sure that we leave an impact on not just the ones we love, but others as well.  What if we each have the ability to change a life, and yet do nothing to fulfill this ability?

So my brother was in a car accident the other day and although he seemingly came out unharmed (the car…not so much), it truly made me question of how quickly things can be taken from us or be changed, and also of how little time we all have and how much time we often waste.  It made me question of how many times I truly showed how much I cared about him and how much he has helped me just to survive these last few years.  It made me think about how much my life depended on him and his support throughout the way depths of my anorexia, when others often fled.

This brief incident of his own also made me question of the impact of my life and whether I have impacted anyone else out there.  Have I truly made a life worth living, one in which I helped another from the struggles and/or turmoils in which I have?  Or is there anything else that I could do to make my life better?

You see, regardless of when we want to go, our time will come one day and whether or not we are ready is contrary to the fact. Rather than debating and lamenting about our short timelines we should be thinking of not only of how to better our lives, but to enjoy them as well. We should focus on telling those whom we love how much we truly love them. We should be doing things just to make ourselves proud. We should be accepting the way in which we are rather than the way we had or have always wanted to be. And we should NEVER ever lose sight of any opportunity that we may have to better the lives of another. So why not start today?

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