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There Will Be Days…And You Will Get Through

Hard Day…He Had One Too

   I bet that many of you are willing to and even wanting to make your life better through changing the things that you do each day.  While it may seem simple just to take a small step here and there, however, there’s one thing that many often forget…the fact that there will be HARD days as well.  You see, in spite of all the excitement and determination that you may have, there will be days that test you, and seem a little more harder to bare.  Things happen, plans get interrupted, and you often do fail.  And while you think it’s necessary only just to give up on the WHOLE entire day, the fact is that as hard as it may be that the only way to get through is by a.) accepting that you may never truly get out of the “funk” today b.) realizing that you must continue to move on and challenge yourself in spite of the strong desire to just completely give up.  So while you may not get out of the “funk” mood you may be in today, the steps you take today are only just making you stronger for tomorrow.  And while you may feel frustrated with it all, and even contemplate “why me” 10 times in your head, the only thing that truly matters is facing the struggle, as that is the ONLY CHOICE YOU HAVE.  So today, on this humpday when many are often feeling quite discouraged by the two days the week has left, let’s focus on those days, figure out what we can do to make it through, and also recognize what we need to do in order to stop getting frustrated by HAVING a struggle to bare.

Just one of Those Days…
     So you probably understand what I am talking about when I refer to “those days,” but if you do not let me explain.
Day #1:
      There are days that you wake up where all you want to do is go back to bed as you know that your mood is off, whether it be from lack of sleep or even proper nutrition.  You feel tired, you are in pain, you just know it’s going to be a VERY LONG day.  You may have a lot ahead of you that needs to get done and may be quite uncertain towards what you can ACTUALLY get done.  You just dread waking up and getting out of bad as you know that it’s just going to be a long day.
Day #2:
    Other days, however, may start out good only just to end bad.  You may have started the day off feeling accomplished and ready to tackle the day, but then life just seemingly got in the way.  You got distracted and spent longer doing something that was not on your list to get done, you got some news that you hadn’t planned in your day, or just some little life uncertainty may have gotten in the way.  And while you may have felt great in getting up, you start dreading the rest of the day, as you felt as though you have just failed.

And while we can just get stuck in a funk and lose any audacity of our own to keep taking steps forward or to get FRUSTRATED at ourselves for even struggling at all, we must move forward.  So while it may seem simple let’s first compile a list of what may help so that you may too get out of the rut you are in.



First thing is first, but one of the most important aspects is to prevent any of these days if you can.  In order to prevent these days, you should make sure that you get enough sleep.  That does not mean that you get six hours and just call it a day, as many of us often need more.  What it does mean is that you get enough sleep for yourself.  See how many hours of sleep make you feel more accomplished by experimenting on the weekend with your alarm.  Maybe you need six or maybe you need eight…just figure out what amount works best for YOU rather than someone else.


In a similar way as to that mentioned above, you should also pay closer attention to what you NEED and what makes you FEEL the best as opposed to that of another.  You should try a variety of foods and focus on how they make you feel both mentally and physically rather than focusing just on the rest of the world and what they may deem as right.  What may be healthy for one person may not be as healthy for you due to genetics, and is something that is oftentimes left unsaid.

 I mean, honestly, how can they make all these fad diets and diet books if everyone focuses on themselves?

Do you feel better on a vegan diet?  Do you feel better including meat?  Do you feel better following a vegetarian diet?  Or what makes your body and self feel the best it could possibly be?


In a similar way as to that mentioned above, you should also pay closer attention to what you NEED and what makes you FEEL the best as opposed to that of another.  Focus on what exercises work for you based on your schedule and preferences rather than following what others may do.  Focus on doing activities that make you happy rather activities that you only feel compelled to do, as these are the ones that will be there to save you from having these funks to begin with.



     Although these three factors mentioned above contribute greatly in preventing these bad days from even coming, sometimes things happen and they fail.  A bad day starts, and there is nothing to do, but to look ahead with fears.  You ask yourself how you are going to get ahead and how you are even going to tackle the day.  And while there may not be a lot you can do now to PREVENT it, you can try and either get another hour of sleep or even take a nap throughout the course of your day just to flip the day around.  If it’s not even an option, however, you can still flip your day through proper nourishment and exercise.


Rather than letting the day get to you and letting your tired self get in the way of all the plans that you still have left to accomplish, focus on your nutrition.  Try having a cup of hot coffee, hot tea, hot or cold cup of water, or even kombucha just to start your day.  Make sure that you are properly hydrated and make sure that you are properly nourished with a meal that suits your lifestyle.  Although it is typically recommended to have a balance of protein, carbs, and fats upon getting up, just focus on doing a meal that YOU know works best.  And from then on out, try and focus on doing whatever drinks and meals that you need in order to keep your glucose levels and hydration levels stable!  So while it may seem silly, making sure that you have proper nourishment is SOOO important in the scheme of allowing you to tackle your day.


You may not realize it, but sometimes the best thing to do is to get up and exercise as it improves the serotonin levels in your brain.  Oftentimes just walking, doing yoga, or even lifting weights helps you to not only feel more accomplished (as you know that you are bettering yourself), but also helps you in accomplishing more.  Just do it, as the Nike commercial often says, as it’s very likely to make your day better in spite of your inability to see how.


Did all the steps and still doesn’t feel any better for you?  Sometimes there is one last resort to make your attitude better, and that is doing some kind of self-care.  Whether it is painting your nails, taking a long shower, meditating, writing, gardening, brushing your hair, talking to a friend, etc. just try and do one little thing for yourself that makes you feel better in spite of all desires not to.  Although you may feel that you don’t feel like doing it, as you know that it won’t change your mood and won’t accomplish all what needs to be done, I promise you that the majority of the time, a little self-care is the very trick to flip your day around.


Sometimes your day may not get better in the sense that you can’t seem to turn that “funk” around and switch back to your typical happy self.  And while it may indeed be a difficult day to bare, the fact of the matter is that if you just use it as an excuse to stay stuck in old patterns, that you are one less day further away from getting the life you deserve.  So rather than getting all torn into how bad you may have it in retrospect to others who may struggle in a different entirety, make a list of all the things you need to accomplish and GET IT DONE one by one.

**Remember…The only way your day will get better is by doing the things YOU NEED TO do even when you don’t feel like it.  And who knows, maybe just feeling a little accomplished will make you feel a little bit better rather than just focusing on how you may have wasted the day?**

And while I can go on and on about several other things to make your day better, I’m going to stop right here as I know that I myself get a little overwhelmed when told of 10,000 things that I need to change.

Thoughts About Having A Struggle May Be Standing In Your Way

    In spite of following all the steps above and getting things done, you may still end the day feeling frustrated by your struggles or for even waking up in the “funk” at all.  You may get discouraged and may even feel like a failure as you go about why you can’t just  be your happy and determined self twenty-four hours, seven days a week.  And while it makes sense given all the snapshots we often see on other’s Instagrams highlighting the good and not the bad, the truth of the matter is that we need to allow ourselves this brief minute of what it means to being truly human.

Rather than getting discouraged and upset by all the struggles and unhappiness which we may have, we need to see that we are never truly alone in dealing with it all.  Each one of us has something that we need to bare, and while we can go all our lives just complaining about our own, the one thing is for certain is that everyone would be better if we cared.  Rather than getting all worked up about our own struggles and what we must individually bare in silence, we should speak out to show others that they are never alone in their imperfection.  We all struggle and we all have to fight ourselves to become the better individuals we have yet to become, and rather than allowing ourselves to get mad about the imperfection we may have or the struggles we have to hold, we should stick together and standardize what it truly means to being human.

 So just a reminder or all of those who may be getting discouraged by the events or situations that life may bring that none of us are perfect.  We all have struggles and we all have situations that we must bare.  And while we oftentimes get discouraged and frustrated with doubts of “why me” and why we were given our individual struggles, the fact is that the only choice we have is in moving forward.  Rather than allowing a bad day to get in the way, let’s try and take our lives a step at a time regardless of how we may feel.  Let’s try and prevent bad days through proper sleep, nourishment, or exercise, but if we cannot, let’s still try and make it better in spite of all desires just to give up on the day itself.  Let’s be better, let’s do better, and no matter what.  Don’t allow yourself to give up.


With Love Always,




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