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The One Thing Nobody Knows About Me…Those Post-Holiday Feels

Those Post-Holiday Blues Going Strong

I bet that at one time or another you were asked what others would be surprised to find out about you, and quite unsure of how to answer.  You most likely look at other answers before and see comments related to physical characteristics and/or funny things that may have occurred to them, but most of the time, you do not see anything about the way in which one may feel.  You may not see the things that they struggle with or the things that they may want hidden from being viewed.  And while this seems to be the way of the world these days and it can remain to be that way, what if we were to be honest?  What if instead of being all smiles and fun 24/7, what if we were real?  What if by being honest about the things in which we struggled with in the past or even in the present, could lead to discussion.  And what if that discussion could prevent others from getting into the same predicament as us?  What if we, the generation of 2016 (going on 2017) could truly be the change in this world?

So, the other day I was looking at my profile on Instagram as if I were someone whom didn’t know the girl behind the page.  And as I began to look at my page, I couldn’t believe as all the things in which I had wanted to explain and show were seemingly obscurely hidden in my posts.  Rather than flat-out showing my struggles with anorexia or even physical/mental abuse for all to see, I unintentionally showed it throughout my posts.  And not that I have nor wanted to hide these things from appearing on my page, but the fact is that they seemingly did.  And because they are obscurely hidden from plain view, it appears as though I got it all together based on my degree and even smiling pictures, when in reality, it took much to get to even the point I’m at now.

And the fact of the matter is that many of us unintentionally hide our struggles from view.  We laugh or show smiles on our pages when all we may truly want to do is to cry.  We post of funny moments and/or qualities about ourselves that we don’t really intend to hide rather than posting about the struggles which may have inflicted us OR continue to inflict us today.  And while we can continue to do so in the hopes that we are viewed in a more positive and less judgmental manner, we are also holding back on the pieces of our lives that can prevent others from the pain in which we once felt.  We hold back on truly relating to one another as all humans should so that we can a.) prevent others from pain, and b.) enhance the lives of our future generations.

So while this may be just a quick and short blog post, my point is that we need to try to be real in spite of our intentions to feel safe on this platform.  Rather than worrying about the judgements which we may receive we need to stay true to all the things in which we have experienced so that we may help another who may be going through the experience themselves or even to PREVENT another from even going through it at all.  What if by sharing your experience with anorexia, with abuse, with sadness, etc, you can help to improve the generations that are not yet here?  Just think about it…and then when you are ready, please share.  We can make this next year even better than the one before, so let’s go at it.

*And if you are wondering, one of the things in which you may now know about me is the fact that I get upset when the holiday season ends.  Most of the time I bawl as I know that everyday following is not going to guarantee the same happiness as I know that Christmas day would.  I get upset by the fact that other people’s attitudes and moods change, and also get upset by the impending cold months that lie shortly ahead.  And while this may be somewhat embarrassing (and actually not the case this year…well kind of), it’s one thing that I often let lay hidden from view.  Anyone else feel these post-holiday “blues?”*


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2 thoughts on “The One Thing Nobody Knows About Me…Those Post-Holiday Feels

  1. The fact that you have written this post is a step in the right direction! You never know who is listening, watching or reading – so always be yourself – even if you are brash, quiet or unruly. We ALL have struggles and the more we can communicate those struggles to each other, what a more caring and compassionate world we may possibly create (instead of such a judgemental one!).
    I don’t know you or what your ‘story’ is, but you’ve written some pretty real stuff here – stuff that makes you go ‘huh, she’s right’. Well done!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. That has been the point of my blog, to just be real about everything and to make a difference. And I completely agree with every point that you have made. Thank you so much for this comment though as just this one comment inspires me to write more. Like I said, you never know how much one can make a difference, and you just made a difference in mine!

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