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The Cost of Being Present…This Holiday Season


Whether you are a blogger, a parent, a sibling, student, or employee, chances are that you struggled this holiday season with being present and enjoying your holiday.  Maybe you went to events that you didn’t want to go to in order to prevent hurt feelings…And then regretted it later. Or maybe you just blogged just so that you could retain your following on your site or Instagram, but then looked back on all that you missed.  You may have missed out on the time with your family, missed out on the time that you put aside for yourself, or even missed out on something that would have allowed you to find the life which you deserved.  And while there is nothing you can do about this holiday season that has passed, there is something to prevent yourselves from missing out this next holiday season.  So what exactly is the cost of being present and why aren’t the majority of us able to enjoy the times in which we have rather than making life a list of to-do lists?

I got to be honest with you all and say that this holiday season, I truly struggled with balance and trying to being present in my own life, especially given my blog, responsibilities, and even Instagram.  I had wanted to help inspire others to achieve the better life that I had found, but at the same time, had wanted to enjoy my holiday season for what it was this year, rather than the struggle it had been years passed.

So this year, in spite of it all, I choose to take a somewhat step back from social media to enjoy my family and the times in which I had.  Rather that spending the day in blogging and my responsibilities, I made the conscious decision to go out and spend a day with my mom.  I drove on highways, which I never thought I would be able to do, did the best I could with the food, and did a few things that I had wanted to share with all as a way to show how far one’s steps can take them.  And while I had wanted to share, the fact is that spending the time with my mom and doing the things that had once scared me was most important at the time.  And you know what, sometimes just being present during these moments and sharing these memories with those you love, is sometimes the best.

     So relatively random today, but my point is that there is always going to be a struggle of whether to be present on Instagram and/or blogging or to be present in your everyday life. While you may lose a few followers on blogging and/or Instagram by being present and taking a few days off, you sometimes have greater memories that could be lost by doing that very thing.  So from now on (NOT JUST FROM JANUARY 1st), what about trying to be more present in your own life?  Maybe if we all allow each other a break in living our lives outside of these social media platforms, we would all feel less guilty about the time in which we spent away from our phones.  And maybe, just maybe we could have a better quality of life?

So how about it…

Let’s be more present in our lives and better balance so that we can enjoy the few memories that we can never get back and live our lives as we wish rather than living our lives just to be viewed by someone else.


With Love Always,




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