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The Beauty In Putting Yourself Out There


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I bet that many of you are already working on yourself and the things in which you want to accomplish this new year.  You may want to work on fitness or you may want to work on achieving a balance that you never thought you could.  And while it is possible for this year to be better than last by making the small steps which you know you need to take, the fact is that many of you are holding out on yourself.  Although you may want this and want that, the fear of actually doing something and/or committing continues to hold you back.  And the fact of the matter is that you are never going to get anywhere, let alone get anywhere fast if you continue to hold yourselves back in the face of fear.  So as scary as it might be for you, you need to remind yourselves to put yourselves out there in spite of fears.  Post that selfie that you may feel intimidated to post, enter those giveaways that you never would even think of winning, or even send a proposal for work that you would never assume to work.  You truly never know what opportunities may arise if you only allow yourselves the chance to succeed.

Throughout these last few years, I’ve been the one to self-sabatage.  I cancelled out on friends when I really did want to go out.  I delayed decision-making until it was too late.  And even kept pushing off on living by wishing that my life would magically get better rather than even trying to make it better myself.  And while I did have many successes throughout these years as well, I keep wondering what my life could have been had I allowed myself to open up to the things I had wanted and feared to do at the time.

And even though I still have quite a few struggles today, this last year I have enabled myself to experiences that I had once feared...and it made my life all that much different and better than before.  Rather than just job searching for the right job 24/7 I took jobs such as dog sitting and babysitting that I never had before.  Rather than just avoiding driving when I felt terrified to do so, I drove, and many times even by myself.  Rather than allowing my fears to hold me back on my blogs, I spoke up about how I truly felt and what my life has been.  Rather than allowing my food fears to hold me back from enjoying my life, I took each food a step at a time, along with learning new strength training techniques.  And even though I could go on and on about all the things that I have done, that’s not the point of my blog.  The point is, what are you going to face today or do today in spite of your fear in order to make your life better?

So I get it, yet another silly and short blog, but just something for all to think about and ways in order to improve.  What if you are holding back on yourself and your own life because of fear or uncertainty of what may await?  And what if what you are holding back on doing is the very thing that you need to make your life better?  What if you will win one of those giveaways you never thought you could and have an amazing life-changing experience as a result?  What if you drive in spite of all your driving-insecurities and anxieties and go somewhere where your life will be changed rather than remaining where you were?  What if you connect with companies or even people on Instagram rather than holding yourself in and meet someone or some company that supports you in ways that lead you to succeed?  Just a thought, but maybe if you put yourself out there a bit more each day you will be able to see the beauty of doing so, and the ways in which your life will improve.


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