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Tackling Your To Do List Now


I bet that many of you are intimidated by this holiday season and even by the new year which is quickly approaching.  You may still need to decorate, you may still need to buy a tree, you may still need to shop (which if you are…I wish you all the best given that Christmas and Hanukkah are not all that far apart), or maybe you still have yet a lot to wrap.  But stop right there.  You still have time.  Like any other thing in life that you want to accomplish, you need to take it a day at a time.  Rather than just focusing on all that you need to get done, stay focused on all that you have done and all that you can get done today.  Pick one task, whether it be holiday-related or not, and just do it, as it is not just magically going to get done.  And there you have it, the next blog post of mine dedicated to being a #boss and getting things done a step at a time so that your holidays and even your life will get better.

My Little Tidbit…

Every year at this time, I have my share of tasks to get done.  I have to decorate the three trees, go shopping, wrap the presents, and a variety of other things…most of which that are unplanned (AKA getting old light sets to work, taping the artificial tree, etc…the things that you don’t exactly plan for).  And then there’s one thing I also do…that being to create ornaments for little kids whom I do not know because like anything else, I did it once, and it just kind of stuck.

While I love doing this sort of thing and giving to those whom will enjoy the time in which I spent on their ornament, this year, I dragged my feet at doing so.  I pushed it off.  I didn’t buy the items nor retrieve the items which I had needed from my basement, but instead, this task just got pushed further and further down on my to-do list.  As the month of December has been going however, I decided just to go for it.  To take that one thing that has been there for so long off my to-do list so that I need not look at it each day.  And while my story has nothing to do with utilizing IIFYM and strength training to combat anorexia, in some ways, it does.  In both cases, the things which needed to get done to get a better life and some relief is by doing.

So yet another short blog, but the point is that you need to take life, just like you take the holiday-to-do lists a step at a time.  You can’t expect it to magically get done, so why not even allow yourself to try.  Try to take one thing or one step at a time, and even if you can’t complete it, you will be further along had you not even attempted it in the first place.  Do what you can with today, and do what you can with tomorrow.  But like they say, why not do today what you can do tomorrow?

Let’s take it one step at a time this holiday season…and even in our own lives.


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