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Sunscreen or Cancer: Lancôme Bienfait UV SPF 50+ Review


I’m the worst in terms of using sunscreen…and I think I will always be.  Although I have an excuse, as many formulas are not sensitive enough for my skin, it’s still not the best idea given the prevalence of skin cancer today.  So when a new formula of sunscreen meant for all kinds of skin was delivered in my Influenster box this week, I knew that it must be a sign to protect the skin I was born in.  Although I had qualms of trying it based on the “sensitive formulas” I’ve tried in the past, I was pleasantly surprised on trying it out on the sunny April day this week.

Importance of Sunscreen

(for those who don’t use it)

Before I get into my review of this product, I know that many of you are still may be quite unsure of whether you want to try it or not, as you don’t use sunscreen in your daily routine, so I felt it only necessary to describe why you do.

     Alright…we all know that we need to take care of the skin we are in so that it feels and looks just as great when the future comes.  While we oftentimes buy expensive makeup and moisturizer in order to keep our skin looking at its best, many of us forget to use some kind of sun protection except laying out directly in the sun.  Because we oftentimes want to develop that summer glow and healthy look to our appearance, we oftentimes forgo the use of sunscreen, when in all reality we shouldn’t.  Although we know of the three predominant reasons of its use, including the prevention of wrinkles, sunburn, and skin cancer; many of us (including myself) can’t be bothered by this two-minute task.  And while I can go on about why we should, I’ll let you read from a more knowledgable source: The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Guide to Sunscreens.

The Review: Lancôme Bienfait UV SPF 50+

So if you are contemplating whether you need a sunscreen to protect your skin from wrinkles and skin cancer, but unsure of what product to use, please read below on the new Lancôme Bienfait UV SPF 50+ formulated for sensitive skin, which changed my outlook entirely.


So first thing is first, but when selecting a product, I usually look at the brand names first, and figure out which brands I can confide it.  Although rather difficult, based on many deceptive measures in the cosmetic industry, I felt pleased by the fact that this was developed by Lancôme, a brand I’ve used before, which I love, and which I would recommend to others.

Product Label

The next thing I often do is to read the product label for the intended use, benefit, and ingredient list to figure out which particular product would be the most beneficial in terms of MY SKIN.

Claims: On this particular product, the description is simple and states the following, “This light-weight, oil-free broad spectrum sunscreen is fast-absorbing and a perfect choice to wear every day over your Lancôme moisturizer, under makeup or alone.”  Unlike most formulas I have tried, the label goes on about being oil-free, dermatologist-tested, and meant for “all skin types, even sensitive skin.”

Ingredients: Although ingredients are oftentimes the scariest part as many of you are unsure of what to use anymore, the ingredients seemed typical to what I see normally.  I know that many of my followers who ONLY use natural products will be dying upon reading this, but the fact is that sometimes you just need to do the best thing for yourself.  Rather than having allergic reactions to natural-based formulas made out of zinc (causing skin damage) or even forgoing sunscreen (causing skin cancer), sometimes you just got to compromise and use chemically created sunscreen as Lancôme  so well formulated.


Where to Buy/Cost: Although somewhat expensive compared to the typical sensitive-skin formula that usually causes a reaction in myself, it is still cheaper than any dermatology appointment (whether it be for Botox or for skin-cancer treatment).  Typically, this 1.7 oz bottle can be purchased at Lancôme, Sephora, Ulta, or online for approximately $39 dollars without any application of a coupon code…as I would most definitely use.

Although this product was given by Influenster specifically for review and did not cost me anything, if you want to learn how to get it cheaper than hit that subscribe button to the right of the screen and ask me!


So upon getting this bottle sent to me, I was truly impressed by the packaging in which it was encased in.  Although I had expected it, the clean-cut and modern look of its packaging, it was perfect for the product and would have enticed me to buy had I not been supplied with the product to begin with.

As I opened the box and the tube came out, I was excited by what came out.  Rather than the typical plastic tube, it was both small and thin; perfect for traveling along with.  Unlike other products that would be disposed of at the TSA, this size was perfect to carry on and take everywhere it needed to be.  Another thing that stood out to me was the unique applicator tip that allowed a controlled amount of sunscreen to be squirt out as opposed to other applicators that tend to squirt out more product than we truly need.

Product (Smell, Look, Effectiveness)

While I was impressed by the packaging and claims, I have to admit that I had several qualms given my experience of using sunscreen in the past.  I was unsure of what to expect in terms of the smell, feel, or even sensitivity on the skin.

But boy was I pleasantly surprised by it all….

This sunscreen lacked the typical smell that other drugstore brands have and also felt light to touch. This particular product did not seem goppy and upon application released right into my hand (and then my face) because of its liquidity.  And as you can imagine, the product went on evenly making the process seem less painstaking than some of us make it out to be.  And after several hours of spending my first day in the sun, I was truly impressed by how effective it was in preventing sunburn, especially when compared to the rest of my BURNT self!

The End: To Buy or Not

     If you read my last blog, just as you can’t change your past, you can’t change all the damage you have done to your skin.  While you can either use the excuse that you have skin damage already or that you have sensitive skin, the fact is that neither one will work as you can see upon using Lancôme Bienfait UV SPF 50+.  Unlike products that I have used in the past, this one not only works on sensitive skin, but is water-resistant as well.  It may not be perfect when it comes to having “natural ingredients” but it does exactly what it is intended to do and does so without any negative reactions experienced, which is what I need.  The smell, appearance, application, and feel of the product excelled in comparison to many sensitive formulas that I tried, and I was gladly surprised by how well it worked on my skin.  Rather than causing an allergic reaction, which many other formulas have, this didn’t cause any of the sort and apparently worked on my face, given the fact that I got burnt everywhere else.  So while it may be expensive, and may have some ingredients that many try to stray away from, I would definitely recommend this product as it’s one of the few that work  on my sensitive skin.

     With that being said, I just want to end this off with this… just as you need to be the one to decide on letting go of the past and moving onto the future part, you must decide to take a step in preventing wrinkles and the skin cancer caused by the sun.  You need to be the one who decides not only to buy a sunscreen, but to buy it and apply it as well.  You are the only one in charge of what may happen next.  So what better way than to get yourself some Lancôme Bienfait UV SPF 50+ and to attack each day as an opportunity rather than dreading it as so.


With Love Always,




**Just as a note, but I received these products free or complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, but the opinions are my own**



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