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Stuck in Routine and How to Get Out


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I bet that many of you have routines that make you feel safe, but that keep you stuck in the same rut as well.  In spite of every desire to move on and to IMPROVE yourself to become better, you allow the security of doing the same thing to get in the way in spite of how frustrated you may be.  And while it’s often easier said than done, at one time or another you need to stop exactly what you are doing which is holding you back from living the life you want.  It will not be comfortable and you will have every desire to just push it off tomorrow, but the thing is, that if you do NOT change today, then why would it be easier tomorrow?  Will you ever get out if you don’t try to change one thing in which you are doing today?


Continuously Changing My Exercise Routine

I think I’ve said so before (Stuck in a Rut. Will I Get Out?), but I tend to be a creature of habit in that I love doing what makes me feel safe and secure.  For a while this was exhibited in both my food and exercise routines, especially in the depths of anorexia, when I only ate and did the SAME things day-in-and-day-out as I feared doing anything else.  I had greek yogurt and fruit every single morning, egg whites or salad every lunch, and then either egg whites or even beans for dinner, in spite of my wanting something else.  I felt guilty and fearful towards doing anything other than the routine in which I had got stuck in.

And while I would love to say that I did get completely out of this habit of my own through utilizing IIFYM and strength training to combat anorexia, the fact is that there are many days in which I struggle with my deep desire for routine.  Even though I continue to try new things and incorporate new foods and even exercises into my routines, I often find myself having to push myself out of new routines that I oftentimes cling to in order to find what works best for my body.  Once I feel that I NEED to have something rather than WANT to have it, I literally have to push myself to stop doing the very thing which makes me feel mentally okay to find something that makes me feel physically okay.

     And while you may have different struggles than I, the fact is that we all need to change these routines in order to find things that we WANT in our lives rather than having things that we feel the NEED to have.  

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Rather than allowing ourselves to get stuck in routines and living a life similar to “Groundhog Day,” we must move out of our comfort zones to find the better opportunities  that await.  But how do we do so?



Stop Yourself from Getting Stuck in A Rut By…

1.Determine if You Want OR Need to Do It…

First of all, you need to recognize what routines NEED to be changed.  Obviously dropping your kids off or going to school at a certain time is a necessity, so these routines may not be able to be changed.  But for all other things in life, I find that the most important thing is to determine whether you WANT to do something OR if you feel the NEED to do it.  If you  are only doing the things you need to and hating yourself for doing so, then obviously something needs to change.

Are you using makeup and spending an hour on it in spite of your desires not to wear any?  Are you spending less time with your family than need be because you somehow waste your time on the phone?  Think about these things…and then move on to point 2.

2. Stop Contemplating Whether You Should Start Today

Once you find the routines you want to and need to change, you must start today rather than contemplating back and forth of when you feel like you can.  Pushing this off until tomorrow rather than today is not going to make anything easier for you, and it will just take another day away from you in making your life better.

3. Just Do

Once you figure out that you must make changes today to make your life improve, you must just do the very things that you are terrified of doing.  Not that simple, but something that ALL of YOU CAN DO.  Focus on the things that are going to get better rather than the things that can get worse.

4. Repeat

Eventually, routines will end and new ones will often start, so I find that the most important thing is to keep challenging yourself and changing your life around.  Keep changing those routines and the life that you want will get closer to your reach.  Just don’t give up.

     So while yet another short blog, my intention was not only to help you recognize the routines that need to change within your life, but also to help you tackle them as well so that you can get the life you deserve.  I know that it won’t be simple, and that your routines may seem quite different from mine, but the fact is that we are all in this together.  We all need to make our lives better and we can, but we just need to hold onto whatever hope and determination that we have.  So go ahead and tackle what time remains of today and remember never EVER to give up on the chance that your life can get better with CHANGE.


With Love Always,





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