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Somedays the Struggle May Seem Too Hard to Bare



 I bet that each one of you has experienced a day where you felt that the struggle was too hard for you to bare, and felt the desperate need to give up.  You can’t pinpoint the problem (or maybe you can), but you can’t seem to cheer up regardless of what you choose to do.  You try to distract yourself with jobs or you get paralyzed and caught up with fear.  And no matter what you do, the feeling of failure and “feeling of being off” seems to be there.  And that’s the way your day goes, with you just wanting it to end, and getting frustrated with yourself for the struggles you must bare.  But in spite of this feeling in which you may have, the fact is that sometimes there will be days in which the struggle seems too hard to bare, but that you CAN and will get through.  Rather than becoming frustrated or even paralyzed of the struggle being too difficult to bare, try and feel a little more compassionate towards yourself for even battling whatever struggle you have to bare.  Because honestly, although there may be days that seem harder than others, the fact is that we all have our own struggles, and that we have no choice of bearing them, but only in battling it a step at a time.

As I’m writing this blog today, I got to be quite honest in the fact that it’s been one of my more difficult days (which have become less frequent).  And although I don’t exactly quite understand why, it just seems like no matter what I try to do, I keep coming back to thoughts of just wanting to re-start the day.  I’m getting frustrated with planning out my meals and eating food when all I want to do is to avoid it.  Instead, every single meal is truly becoming a struggle as I literally am making myself have the foods in which my body requires in spite of thoughts of just to skip.  And while I understand that it makes no sense to most, even myself, the fact is that this is my struggle which I often bare...I could get angry.  I could get frustrated.  And I could give up.  But instead I’m doing what I typically fear, and battling the struggle inside my head.  By doing this rather than giving up, I not only accept my struggle, but also allow myself to move on with my day and life, so that I can get the life in which I deserve.

So while yet another short blog, my point is that there are days in which the struggle may seem too great to handle, making you want to give up.  And while there are many things in which you can do to try to make it better, there are still days that no matter what you do, you still may “feel just off.”  Rather than getting frustrated with your struggle and the difficulties you need to handle, learn to ACCEPT it.  Don’t allow frustration and/or fear or even high expectations of yourself to get in the way of realizing what you must do.  Tackle those fears and face the struggle, and I promise you that you will get the better life in which you deserve.  It may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow, but just keep going as the struggle is just a part of your story…and maybe even something that will help others get through theirs.


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