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Win Your Christmas Wish List!


**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Soffe. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views.**

Michele with Soffe Sweatpants

It’s Christmas time and I bet that many of you can’t pinpoint exactly what you want.  There’s something that you want MOST that doesn’t come out of A BOX.

You may want your health.

Or you may want to get strong.

Or you may want to fall in love.

And while nobody knows other than yourself, there are TOOLS that can help you get what you want.  So on the blog today, I’m going to discuss a few tools that you may want to ask for.  Rather than shoving your Christmas list aside, start making notes of what you need to get where you want!

What You Need On Your Christmas List

While Christmas lists used to be filled with toys and outfits that we wanted, as we get older, it’s hard to say exactly what we want.  We may want more than can be bought, which makes it hard for our families or friends who just want to know WHAT WE WANT.

So rather than annoying our loved ones to death, let’s make use of our Christmas list so we can do our best.  It may be clothing, it may be a food scale, or it may just be some new makeup that makes you feel confident to go out in.  Whatever it may be, don’t your Christmas wish list go to waste!

Here’s What You May Want

1. If You Want to Get Healthier/Stronger

  • Exercise Clothing (You Can Win Some…See Below!)
  • Food Scale
  • Meal Prep Containers
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Running Shoes

2. If You Want to Feel More Confident

  • Nail Polish
  • Hair Products
  • Makeup


3. If You Want World Peace and Sustainability

The End

This Christmas you can get the TOOLS you need to achieve the things you truly want.  So rather than putting your Christmas wish list aside this year, think of it and what can help you out.  It may be some exercise clothes that make you feel confident and ready to crush it at the gym, or it may be a few items of makeup that make you feel more confident than you ever thought you’d be.  There are so many tools that can help you out, you just need to decide what and give your list out.

And if it’s some new exercise clothing, you may want to see below!

Win Your Christmas List From Soffe!

I bet when I say Soffe, you think of the shorts they make.  But this last year, I’ve tried a few pieces of Soffe clothing and let me tell you…they are great!  The sweats are so comfy, the sweatshirts and hoodies are so warm, and the summer apparel looks great on.  Each of their pieces is very well made, and they have definitely impressed me in terms of the community that have in place.

And when all is said and done, this clothing truly helped me in making my life better…as it can for you too! 

Soffe Active Giveaway

And Guess What?

 Soffe is giving you the opportunity to win $250 dollars from their site to buy ANYTHING you like!

And all you have to do is:


  1. Create a Soffe Holiday Wishlist Pinterest board titled Live + Give Soffe.
  2. Pin 10-20 Soffe products you like.
  3. In the board description, tell Soffe why you want to win OR who you would give them to!
  4. Share the board with soffeactive on Pinterest.
  5. Wait until December 13th to see if you are the winner!

If you are confused, here’s my board:

So it’s simple to do and I wish all of you good luck!

I hope it allows you to get more than clothing.  And I hope it gives you the comfort you need to stay on track with your goals.  I hope it gives you the confidence you need to succeed in every workout.  And I hope it gives you the same sense of community as it gave me because together we can succeed!



With Love Always,




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