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Your Sneakers Are Killing You + Are the Mizuno Wave Sky’s Right For You?


I bet that many of you wear old clothing and sneakers with every intention to throw out.  You figure you can use them and wear them out, and feel guilt in letting go.

So you wear THOSE bummy sweatpants or see-through leggings to the gym.  And you pair it with that awful t-shirt ready to fall apart.

We’ve all been there before!

But while it makes sense to make the most of your money and to use all that you own, sometimes it’s necessary to throw things out.  Letting go allows you to find clothing that you FEEL better in, so that you can TACKLE whatever is in your way.  It also improves your health (as those ratty sneakers you are now using are definitely not conducive to health!!!!).

So let’s talk about sneakers today…

Why your sneakers are killing you?

Why you need to throw them out?

What brand should you try soon?

Those Ratty Old Sneakers

While the majority of us are concerned with our health, we hold onto old shoes not thinking anything of it.  We buy the most expensive shoes for our workouts, but refuse to throw them out in spite of all the miles we put into them.  At first it may seem like an innocent little act, but as we notice physical pain, we can truly see the impact a shoe can make.

So when do we get rid of them?

According to ACE (American Council of Exercise), running shoes should be replaced every 300-400 miles.  That’s approximately 3-5 months for the average human being (ACE Fit Article)  For those running more than 20 miles every week, however, the shoes should be replaced every three months.  While this may seem like a short amount of time, it’s ESSENTIAL in maintaining health!

But They Cost So Much!

I get it.  Running shoes are expensive.

Just like any other shoe, they take a while to pick out.  You want to find a certain color, a fit, and brand that matches your workout…and workout clothing!  And it takes so much time!  But you need to get rid of them and here’s why.

Reasons to Throw Them Away Today

Old sneakers can cause damage to your body.  They can cause back pain, runner’s knee, shin splints, and IT band swelling (How Running Shoes Affect Performance Article) that doctor’s can’t figure out.

Don’t believe me?  Read this article about a man who spent so much money and time in figuring his back pain out, only to find the solution was in his shoes! (Article About Man With Back Pain).

The same goes with my grandfather who refuses to throw out his 15 year old pair to this day, in spite of all the back pain!  (STUBBORN!!!!!)

Okay… Threw them Out?  Now Time to Buy New Shoes!

So read below for my review on the new Mizuno Wave Sky and determine if this shoe is for you!

Mizuno Wave Sky Review

sides of the Mizuno Wave Sky Running shoe
Sides of Shoe-Aren’t they Cute! And visible for Safety Besides

The Company: Mizuno

We’ve heard of Nike, Under Armour, and Brooks, and often buy from these brands, but what about Mizuno?

I bet not many have heard of them...and I think it’s about time that we should.

Mizuno running was founded in 1906, and still around today.  While it started off small, it has turned into one of the major specialty sporting goods manufacturers in the world.  Mizuno USA, Inc. now creates and distributes golf, baseball, softball, running, volleyball equipment, apparel, and footwear for North America.  And is based right out of the greater Atlanta, Georgia area today!  Some of their products have been used by some great Olympians you may even know! (Testimonials By Olympians)  So if they are good for the professionals, are they good for yourselves?

The Mizuno Wave Sky

back of the Mizuno Wave Running Shoe is blue and yellow, and very cute
What They Look Like From the Back…Cute, Right?

Specifications and Claims:

While Mizuno carries all types of sporting equipment and apparel, I had the opportunity to try their newest pair of shoes called the Mizuno Wave Sky.  This particular pair of shoes retails at about $150 and claims to give the softest and smoothest ride. Two different technologies are incorporated in this shoe.  Both of these technologies contribute to a “stress-free “ride with “high rebound” and an “enhanced responsive feel.” With these technologies, how could you refuse?

And if you are curious these are the two technologies utilized in each one of these shoes!
Two technologies
Wave Sky Technologies Contributing to the Smooth Ride

Color Selection and Size

Think sneaker options are limited?  Think again!

This particular product has several options in which to choose!  As shown below, you can buy for your man, or even for yourself!  You can even select from three different colors, in order to make the right statement or to match the right clothes!

Heck…why even bother buying one, when you can buy all three and match all the clothes you own?

So if you are curious, look below!

Men and Women's Sizing and Color Options
Mizuno Wave Sky Options

My Pair

Me Smiling in my new running sneakers
The Mizuno Sky Sneakers Match My Outfit So What Other Reason Than To Smile
The Look

While I did not get to choose the pair I had wanted, I got the blue/silver/safety yellow in a size 7, and it was much prettier in person than online.  While I would have choose the pink or purple (as I’m that kind of girl) I actually loved the color.  It was a vibrant blue as opposed to the dingy blue it appears to be, and the yellow was bright, so that others can see.  In spite of my being a girly girl, the color was great in matching my outfits and in keeping me safe!

The Feel
Tongue of the Shoe with my Fingers
The Tongue of the Shoe

A shoe isn’t the right one unless it feels the right way!  Cinderella even knew that, so why shouldn’t we?

In spite of my qualms and dedication to one brand, these felt great!  The soles appeared strong, the cushioning in the shoe was perfect, and the height was just right!  (Except somehow I wish they could make this 5 foot girl a little taller!)  Upon trying them on they felt great!

The Experience

Bottom of the Mizuno Wave Sky in Yellow

When we pick a shoe based on look and feel, there is always a chance that we will be disappointed upon first use.  And while it happens more often than not, I was relatively pleased using this product for a 4 mile walk with my dog!  It was comfortable, it fit well, and looked fabulous, especially on my morning LISS.

To Buy or Not to Buy

While I only tried them out a few times, I would definitely recommend this as one to try!  This shoe does exactly what is intended to do, and supports my being comfortable on my LONG walks!  It stayed on and allowed me to keep a good grip on the road in spite of my dog’s pulling!  The shoe also kept me safe due to the bright yellow detailing on the side, as opposed to some lighter-colored pairs I’ve tried.  While not the color or brand I would typically wear, I would definitely recommend that you try a pair.  A little expensive at $150 a pair, but there are always deals to be found, making it affordable for yourself!  So go ahead, and try something new out!

The End

So while we have every intention to do what is best for our health, we often neglect things that truly do impact our health.  Rather than letting ourselves or societal messages get in the way, let’s try and do what’s best everyday.  Let’s listen to our OWN bodies and what exactly it is that they need.  Maybe it’s following a vegan diet or even strength training three times a week.  And let’s listen to our pains, and learn to let go of exactly what causes our bodies to hurt.  So make an effort everyday to determine what contributes to your wellbeing, and try to take a step to improve each day.

So let’s start by throwing those old shoes away and getting new so that we CAN commit ourselves to feeling self-confident and great!


With Love Always,




**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Mizuno Running.  More information can be found here.  All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views.**


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