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Undeniable Ways to Smile More…Because Life’s Too Short


“You need to smile more.”

That’s something I was told me just this weekend as I was thinking of all the things I had wanted to get done.  And while I was taken back by it, it made me think.


“Who Really Smiles Enough?”


So if you are asking yourself the same question, read below on the ways YOU can make a difference.  It may be in your life or it may be in another’s, but either way YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


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yellow miniature rose
Stop and smell the roses because life is too short

So Why Aren’t You Smiling?


We are not smiling enough…that’s a given.

But why not?  Let’s find the reasons.


1.We Are Constantly On the Go

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    Taken From @iamwellandgood Instagram

Given the immediacy of our lives today we are constantly on the go.  We wake up, get ready, and run run run all day long.

So we go to work, take care of kids (or dogs!), and somehow find the time to take care of even ourselves.  And we go to the gym, make our meals, and clean clean clean until it’s done.

And even when you think it’s all done, you know it is not.

So you find yourself contemplating on what still must be done.


2. We are Mentally Bogged Down
Taken From @iamwellandgood Instagram

Because of the immediacy at which our day requires, our minds run constantly all day long.

We spend too much time thinking of what needs to get done and stressing about the quality of each bit we got done.  And because of all this thinking going on in our heads, we often worry about too much silly stuff!

So If This Is How You Feel, Now’s Your Chance…

So if the to-do lists that you make get in the way of smiling today, then this is your chance to change today.

But first thing is first, but you must do one thing…


Stop for a second.  Think about your life today.  Recognize what is going on and commit yourself to changing today.  And then read along on how to MAKE YOUR DAY BETTER TODAY.

Ways to Smile (According to me!)

In order to smile more today you have to make the EFFORT today.  You can’t expect to change if you don’t TRY some of the things I say!

1. Think of all you have to be grateful for.
Me smiling with my family
Read about my Inspiration by Clicking On Picture

Too many times we are frustrated with our lives and how much needs to get done within a day.  We get frustrated by the amount of work, stress, or struggles that we may have today.  Rather than appreciating all the great things in our lives, we worry about the bad things in between thus causing NEGATIVITY!

So rather than thinking of the bad, think of the families, friends, and pets who love you.  And think of all the great memories in spite of all your falls. Regardless of how bad your life may seem, remember that nobody can take these things away from you  today!

 2. Think of Changes You Have Made By Looking Back to Last Year
From @mindbodygreen

Although we are often told not to look behind at our past, sometimes it helps to take a step back.  Rather than lamenting on how bad it may HAVE BEEN, think of how GREAT IT IS TODAY.  (Even if life doesn’t seem all okay, just think of all the changes and the opportunities you have today.)

And even if that doesn’t work, think of how just today your life can change drastically. You never TRULY know WHO you will meet!

3. Schedule Self-Care
Me smiling with flowers
Stop Being Paralyzed…Find Some Time for Self-Care

Sometimes you need to take a break from it all.  To just relax and take a step back from it all.

When life seems like it’s coming you all at once, take the time to do something nice for yourself, regardless of how long.  Life is too short to be stressed all the time, so do something nice for yourselves and give yourselves the OPPORTUNITY to smile!

Examples of What you can Do:

If you like to kayak (as I do), make it a point to try to get out there this summer!

Or if you like to relax, check out this Pranamat and see if it’s right for you!

If you like to read, then pick out a few magazines or books and take half an hour or an hour JUST for yourself.

And if you need any other ideas, you can check out some of my older blogs here!

4. Do A Little Window Shopping (If you are like me!)
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While it may not be what you like to do, I know that a bit of shopping is the right thing for me to do!  I love being able to spend the time shopping with those I love.  And also enjoy getting a few outfits if I do say so myself!

While you don’t need to pay a fortune or go on a complete shopping haul today, if shopping makes you feel better, than go out and buy yourself to some items today.

Get a few shirts on sale to buy so you have variety of outfits to look forward to wearing during the week. When you need a little pick me up, at least you will have the option to feel great in something new, rather than dreading the old and worn-out clothes you typically use!

And if you want to save on some things for yourself, check these affiliate links as I think they may help!

5. Be Conscious of Your Facial Expression
Be Strong…And Smile Today (check out @mindbodygreen)

Instead of thinking of what is to come, think of what is currently going on.

Focus on your facial expression and your thoughts. If you are not currently smiling, figure out why you are upset or what is going on in your thoughts.  If you can change something in the course of your day, do it and force yourself to smile, so others will gravitate towards you rather than away! (In all reality, who’s going to approach you with that frown on your face?)

6. Spend Time With Those You Love Today (NOT TOMORROW!)
Me smiling with my mom
My Mom and I…She Inspires Me Everyday

You never know when your life may end, so why not spend all the time you can with a loved one TODAY.  (And if distance is an issue, get “together” by simply just “face timing one another!)

 With all the technologies that we have today, we have no excuse.  WE just need to find the time in our day to spend time with those that matter most!

The End

brown lab and yellow roses
Follow His Lead. And Stop to Smell the Roses Today

So regardless of what it maybe, be conscious to MAKE yourself SMILE more today.  Even more than you did yesterday.

By making a conscious effort to do the things that make you happiest, you can LEARN to smile more each day.  Smiling will not only help yourself, but others as well.  Your very smile can cause so much positivity if you let it.  And it will also give others the push to talk to you and make your day better even when it isn’t.  If you just smile more today , others with gravitate towards you and life will get better…but only if you let it.

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With Love Always,






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