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Smile in Spite of It All


   Sometimes it’s necessary to just smile in spite of it all, as it’s certain that the hard times are past and that way better things are ahead

I bet that many may not know exactly where your life may be going or the things that you have left to do, and that you are probably just as overwhelmed as anyone else out there.  You may feel discouraged, you may feel knocked down, and you may even want to settle.  The difficulty of your life overwhelms you so much with emotion that all the tears lie behind your eyes, but you try badly not to cry.  And while you may just let it all out and allow yourself to get knocked down by life’s battles, in the same manner you have an option to pick yourself up and to smile.  While it may sound counterproductive, smiling in spite of being knocked down, shows that you still have hope for better things ahead.  And as long as you have hope, you have a great chance to do exactly what you hoped.  So while this may have been rather deep, my point on this Motivational Monday is that you can always pick yourself up regardless of how many times you fall and achieve a better lifestyle than you ever thought you could.  You never know what opportunities may lie ahead if only you choose not to give up.


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I don’t know about you, but in spite of it all, I’m human and I have bad days here and there.  Some of them are caused by lack of sleep (Wanting Life to Be Better and Making It Happen) and some have no apparent cause at all.  I struggle, and I often do get mad about having the struggle, which is why I often blog about this type of thing (There Will Be Days…And You Will Get Through), as I know that it’s something that many need to work on.

And while I often had just one bad day followed by one that’s slightly better, this weekend was one of the few where it was one day right after the other.  I got a notification stating that my health insurance was going to end, a tax bill that needed to be paid, and a multitude of other things strung in between.  (Don’t you love when you get hit with 10 things one right after another?)  And besides all of these things, my grandparents came up for the weekend, which is difficult based on my struggles with anorexia alone given the many comments that are made about my food and/or appearance.

     But while for a few days, I did get upset and did get slightly overwhelmed with everything, I eventually took my camera and selfied it out.

While it may sound rather silly, smiling in spite of it all, fixes most of everything (Benefits of Smiling).  It allows you to improve your mood, lower your stress levels, makes you more approachable, and even encourages your brain to think more positively.  It sparks your productivity, makes you more creative, and even is contagious in that it will spark another to feel as happy as you look.  So while you may have a hard day and while you may have just stopped crying, make it a point of yours to selfie it out and to smile when nobody thought you could.  Spread some happiness even if you are unsure of where you are going.  You just never know what may lie ahead if you only just don’t give up.

It’s just a matter of time…  You will get the life you deserve.


With Love Always,





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