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What to Do When Your Self-Care Routine Is Stressing You Out


I bet that many of you are stressed out and in need of a break.  You may just be going back to the school or back to work, and still trying to figure out the best routine.

And while you want to do what is best for your health, you are probably stressing yourself out.

So given that stress is NO GOOD for health,  it’s time to VAMP UP your routine to make time for yourself.  It’s time that you exercise, read, or take long showers every night just so you can feel better about yourself.

And when the time comes that your self-care routine gets old, it’s time to try SOMETHING NEW to keep that stress away.

So while it may be intimidating to try a new beauty product, read on about all the NATURAL, AFFORDABLE OPTIONS I found less than 5 miles away from home!

All Natural Can’t Be Affordable…

Or Can It?

So first thing is first, but I bet that many of you don’t believe you can afford natural beauty. You worry about the price of buying organic, natural, and feel too intimidated to take a glance to see what there is…

You don’t want to look at things that are more expensive than you can spend.  And you don’t want to blatantly walk into a new store without knowing what to get.

And while I definitely can say I was that girl, the fact is that you can afford it ALL.

You Just Need to Know Some Tips and Tricks…That’s All!

So let’s make this quick and simple so I can get into the reviews and give you my go-to guide of what to buy and what not to buy.

Here’s a few tricks on making natural products cheap!

1.Look before you go!

Before you go to the store, check out the flyer for your local store.  See what is on sale and then see if it is something you want!  Check reviews done by bloggers or on to determine which products are and aren’t worth the buy!

2. Look for Coupons

Before you go, check out the website for your local store because sometimes they offer discounts in association with a library card or a store card.  While it may not seem like much, the coupons truly can make a difference.  (Even if it’s 10%!)

3. Compare Two Similar Brands and Check the Ingredients

If you are into beauty, you already know that two products oftentimes have the same ingredients.  While you may not think of it before, you should at least consider buying one locally made product to see if it works!

Now onto the Fun Part…Reviews!

skincare and summer sandals
Loving these products and loving these shoes

So guaranteed, you figured out how to make local shopping cheap, now you can see what I would recommend to buy and what I would recommend to leave!  So here are a few more products to check out!

1.Acure Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner

You already know my love for hair care given all the other reviews I’ve done!  But if you are curious you will need to read on for my thoughts!

shampoo set in hands near pool
Acure Shampoo Set
The Company:

While I would love to tell you what I thought, one thing I strongly believe in before buying a product is to look at the company.  Because I don’t want to put just anything into my hair or on my body, I check it out, and try to be a conscious consumer as I feel that it’s important!

Acure is a family owned company, which is a great thing in itself.  Because they are a smaller company, they have a better customer service than many.  They ONLY create products that are vegan, sulfate-free, paraban-free, and cruelty-free, which I think many can agree is PERFECT!  And there’s nothing else more I need to say!

Acure shampoo set and pool
Going to Take These For A Try After A Dip in the Pool
The Product:

So while the company offers a selection of different products, I chose a shampoo and conditioner set to try first.

While I had a bit of hesitation based on my love for other brands I’ve tried before, I tried this out after a long day in the chlorinated pool, and couldn’t agree that I loved the brand more!  This product was definitely a 9.5/10 in my book…and below is the reason!

Reason for Rating:

The scent was amazing and the feel of it “sudsing” in my hair was even better.  This product not only made my hair look great, but smell great as well… I would highly recommend this to anyone venturing out to their LOCAL store!

More Information:


2. Next Up: Andalou Natural Konjac Body Sponge

I honestly had no idea what this was at first.  I mean, what is konjac and what is a body sponge?  So I guess the curiosity of it all got me, and here’s what I now know!

soap and conj. body sponge near pool
Body Sponge and Kiss My Face Soap!
The Company:

Before I even considered looking what a konjac sponge was, I looked into the company to see whether I trusted them enough to try it out myself.  I wanted to make sure that it was made all naturally and that the company would back their products.

Because my sensitive skin is always an issue, I wanted to make sure that I trusted the company before trying it out!

And here’s what I found:
  1. Andalou organics is the first non-GMO Project Verified beauty brand to be developed.
  2. The brand was invented by the SAME founders of companies that I fell in love with way back before my blogging days…Anyone else hear of Avalon Organics or Alba Botanicals?
  3. They ONLY utilize Non-GMO Project Verified and Gluten Free Verified, Certified Organic, Organic, Nature Derived, Vegetarian, Vegan, Sustainably Sourced and Fair Trade Ingredients.
  4. Their ingredients are ALWAYS Cruelty Free.

So while I bullet pointed the list for brevity, I just wanted to touch on something that caught my eye the most...the motto: “Beauty is You.

“Beauty is You.”

This message is so important to see in this world today.  A world where younger individuals are growing up thinking they NEED to wear makeup or NEED materialistic objects to be beautiful as opposed to feeling beautiful as they are today.  They make a great point in that you should ENHANCE the beauty you ALREADY have…And this alone, made me excited to try a product from this company!

The Product:

While I had a few doubts about putting an herb called konjac onto my body, I did it for the love of blogging, and was surprised.

This product not only exfoliated, but allowed me to save on my body wash.  Instead of having to apply body wash by hand, I used this and boy did it scrub off those dry spots!

So let’s face it, that’s all I really have to say.  It was and is still great, but still need to test it out longer to see if it lasts the 1-3 months that it says!

3. Andalou Naturals Eye Revive, Beauty Oil, Pearl Exfoliator


Next product is actually from the same company, which made me relatively excited…



Perfect For After A Long Day


And since I already went through the company, I get to review it for you right now!

  • Eye Revive

The eye revive was a great product and didn’t have much of a smell at all.  In all honesty, it was similar to using cool water, but it definitely made the areas under my eyes soothed as it suggested.  But while it was a great soothing product to have, I know that I won’t make the time to use it everyday.  It would be a great thing to use every other day or on the weekend as a go-to!

  • Beauty Oil

This product smelled amazing.  And I loved using it on my face.  While it says it can be used on hair and all other body areas as well, I would save it as it comes in a small vial!  Too small for it’s quality if you really want to know!

  • Pearl Exfoliator

I don’t typically exfoliate my face, as I find that it dries my face out more than anything.  But I tried this product a few times after a long day by the pool to make that I didn’t break out from the chlorinated pool!  While it definitely helped when used a few days apart, I don’t feel that I could personally use it everyday as it may just be too much.

But while that’s the case for me, being someone who struggles with sensitive skin, I think this product would be great for anyone else!

4. Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Bar Soap

Cute Packaging!

A bar of soap should be so simple, yet many have a long list of ingredients.  So of course I was amazed when I looked at this bar and saw ONLY five ingredients!  But before I go on…

The Company:

“Kiss it & make it better,” how comforting is that motto?

This statement always made me feel better when I fell as a kid.  My mom would always kiss it and make it feel better, and that was the end of it.  She cared about me enough to do this simple act of kindness, and this company aims to be compassionate and kind to it’s consumers too.

Kiss My Face is a natural and organic company that has been around for quite some time.  They have developed CRUELTY-FREE and NATURAL products that are CONDUCIVE to health.  They contribute to the sustainability of the environment and communities in which are present, and listen to every single consumer to ensure their product quality as well.  So just like my mom, this company has been doing some amazing things to not only make you feel better as a consumer, but to make the Earth a better place as well.

The Product:

Given the comfort level I felt with the brand and it’s five ingredients: Sodium Olivate (Saponified Olive Oil), Water, Aloe Vera, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance, I was excited to try this bar of soap on my face just the other day.

And while I was immediately driven to try this based on its minimalistic ingredient label, I was further impressed as I peeled back the label.  The bar was a natural color somewhere’s between a green and brown, and smelled amazing as soon as I TORE it out!  Upon using it on my face, I found that it truly did make my face SQUEEKY clean and fresh.

So given it’s price of $2.99 and it’s quality, I would have to give this product a 10/10!

To Buy Or Not Buy?

While I mentioned quite a few products, there are a few I would highly recommend and a few I would buy only occasionally based on my OWN preferences.  Out of all these products, I would definitely recommend the Acure shampoo set, Andalou oil, and Kiss My Face Bar Soap as these were my favorites.  I loved the way they smelled and the ingredients they contained.  My only qualm about them is that they are gone since writing this the other day! The other products were great as well, and made from companies that seemed great to me, but I would have loved to try other products that would have worked better in my daily beauty routine!

The End

While you may think this blog is just about beauty, it isn’t.  It’s about finding something new and changing up your routine.  Because in all reality, we oftentimes get stuck in a rut.  We find a routine that works, and follow it to the point where it no longer works for ourselves.  We stress out more trying to fit in our OLD self-care routines when we should be trying something new else out.  While it may take some time to change what we knew worked in the past, you just got to take steps everyday and figure out what works best.


With Love Always,




**All of these products were acquired in Basil Bandwagon, a local store nearby.  You can purchase items for yourself at this store if you are within the Clinton or Flemington, NJ area!  Support your local stores!**



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