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Seeing Opportunity In Spite Of The Past (and Burberry Love)


Second post on the official dot-com and as much as I hate to admit it, it’s just as scary as the first (but that may just be that I posted it on my personal account as well by mistake the other day!).  But in spite of my initial reaction of surprise upon getting comments from people whom I know IRL (aka in real life), I figured why not post as I have nothing truly to hide!  So here’s my second post and I hope that within this blog I can tell you of my little accident, use it to motivate you to get past your insecurities and into the land of opportunity, and also speak a little about my new Burberry frames!  After it’s all said and done, I hope that you all press that little subscribe button on the right bottom side of this e-mail until I get this layout fixed!

My Little Mistake..

Alright so it’s the second post on here and while many find it hard to find something to write about, I think I made that simple for myself as I accidentally shared this page with my family and friends last night.  Once I recognized it at 2:00 in the morning, upon getting comments from those whom I knew in real life, I instantly wanted to hide, as nobody truly knew about this page other than a few friends.  Right away I envisioned all the people who I had known rolling their eyes back at my page, thinking of how silly I must be posting about fitness and fashion at the same time as Kayla Itsines, Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, and many popular fashion bloggers.  And while some of the people who read my blog may have had this reaction and the same doubts that I once had, the fact of the matter is that I am still posting and have yet to delete the publicized post on my personal account.

When Your Worst Fears Never Happen

In spite of my fears, I was amazed today when I woke up to so many comments or even follows from those I hid @afitandfabulousmichele from these last few years.  Rather than laughing or doubting me, many read through all my posts amazed by the depth of my posts, and the motive behind me doing so.  In fact, I got more support than I never thought I ever would and for those who may be reading now, I truly thank you for all the support which you have given me.

And that Brings Me to My Point of this Post…

     If you read my initial post Rediscovering My Own Story….Becoming Afitandfabulousmichele, you would have seen my uncertainty towards the future of my blog.  Like many of you, I am truly uncertain if my blog will make it, if it was a silly idea, or even if it will even help others, as I am hoping to do.  I am not sure how many fashions of mine will be shared, how many recipes will be utilized, and how many motivation words will actually be used when it comes to my readers.  And while I have so many doubts based on my past, and also have so many doubts when I compare myself to some, the fact is that I would never truly know what may be unless I decided to dive right in and do the thing I FELT THAT I SHOULD.

     And while I dived right into blogging and into making that dot-com transition, I wasn’t quite prepared to face the doubts of those whom I knew personally.  But in spite of the ideas I had roaming in my head, I was relatively surprised to find support instead of judgement as I had expected there to be.  And that brings me to my first point; that your worst fears often lie to you.  So rather than allowing your fears to hold yourselves back, you should reach out or even do the very thing you are scared to do because you never know what will happen. You never know what opportunities may be around the corner if you reach out or even try something that you are scared to do.  In fact, you never really know what opportunities may be ahead unless you TRY.

In fact, rather than just hiding in your fear, you should ask yourself WHY NOT?

Rather than getting so caught up in your fear and conceptualizing to the point where you just get stuck, ask yourself why not.  Ask yourself what the very worst thing is that could happen and determine the best approaches that you could take if it does, so you are not taken off guard.  Rather than allowing fear, doubt, or uncertainty get in the way, figure it out and attack the things you can to get the life YOU WANT.  And when you are done doing so, maybe read this article about The Ambitionista, for more tips so that you can create the best life story that you know how.

Pursuing My Passion and My Love of Burberry

So while this page has been known predominantly as a motivational page, I want to follow my passion for fashion as well rather than getting caught up in my own fears of not being good enough as a “fashion” or “lifestyle” blogger.  So within this little blog post of my own, I just wanted to go through one of my new favorite pieces that I own…meaning my new prescription Burberry sunglasses!

     Burberry.  Let’s face it.  I’ve loved it since the beginning of high school and since then, it never truly got out of my head.  Being the Charlotte York of Sex and the City, myself, I loved how classy, proper, and sophisticated their brand seemed to be.  And while I had not been able to afford much other than the plain Burberry glasses back at that time, I did allow this Burberry theme to make its way into my room with pink and brown plaid theme.

     Long story short, but now it’s quite a few years later…no other Burberry products, and yet the love
of the brand still remains.  So for this birthday, I was given my first Burberry sunglasses in prescription so that I could see.  And let me tell you, the love for the brand still remains.

So these are the frames that were delivered just last week, and they will never leave my site.  They came in a brown box with gold trim along with a little booklet about the Burberry brand, which I loved to read about.  Inside the brown box, the glasses were encased in a black leather case that was classy and sophisticated, to say the last.

Upon opening the sunglasses case, I immediately loved the aviator frames and the coloring of the lens, which was done by a Cohen’s optical (as I wanted prescription so that I could see).  I also loved the sides of the sunglasses, as they were marked entirely with the sophisticated brown and black Burberry plaid print.

And if you thought my love would stop there, just wait until I tell you about trying them on!  Upon taking them out of the case with so much adoration towards my very first pair, I was so excited because the frames fit my face.  Unlike the majority of sunglasses that I had tried on, these apparently fit my extra-small face frame, and did not glide off as many did.

     So, let’s just say that I love my new Burberry frames.  I love the classy and sophistication behind the brand, the quality of the frames, and the versatility of such a piece.  The silver frames practically go with all outfits and look great with any outfit (as long as there is sun that is!).  I love that they can be paired with black, brown, and a variety of colors unlike most plastic frames out there, where you are limited to just a few items to wear them with.  What it all comes down to is one fact, they are fabulous and definitely a need-to-get item for any Charlotte York like me.

     The End…My Motivation

I bet that each one of you has questioned your abilities and even yourself at times.  You may have a past that you may have been less than optimal, made choices that you may now regret, and hid from the life you wanted because of your fears.  Due to less than optimal situations of the past, you may be hiding from the life you want right now as you are terrified to fail yet again.  To make matters even worse, you find yourself comparing your story with that of others who may be further ahead in their journeys than you are, causing you to shudder back with dread.  But while you can remain stuck, just ask yourself why you can’t do the very things you want to do.  Rather than getting stuck, come up with solutions to attack the worst situations that may get in your way.  Rather than comparing yourself to another, write YOUR OWN UNIQUE STORY for others to hear.  And whatever you may do, just focus on taking a small step each and everyday, making a way towards opportunities that are coming your way.


With Love Always,





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