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7 Ways To Save on Your New Car


Buying a car can be an expensive and emotional experience for anyone…but does it make a difference if you are a girl?

Yes…It Does.

Case in Point (From This Article)

Buying a Car

Women are most definitely treated differently than men when buying a car, and while it may be, it’s still possible to get the BEST deal.  So on the blog today, I’m talking about how to get the BEST deal on the car you want, and how to “knock the socks off” the salesperson.

(You know you want to!)

So Here’s What to Expect:

Okay. So buying a car for my mom was a bit like a Gilmore Girls series.  There was that mom and daughter bonding with a bit of honesty spewing out of our mouths where we went.

Every single car place treated us differently being women.

Stop #1:

The first stop that we made was at Honda.  And out of all experiences, this was the worst.  While you would expect a salesperson to get up and attack you as soon as you get in, what actually happened was quite contrary.  Instead of trying to sell a car, they sat there talking…until a man came in the door.

Eventually we had enough and asked the secretary for a salesperson to show us the car.  He showed it to us, but that’s about all…  he didn’t show all the features of the car or ASK us to test drive!

Stop #2:

The next stop was at Subaru and again, no sales person.  Eventually after looking at the cars for what would have been twenty minutes, someone came up to us and asked what we wanted. He ended up taking us out on a test drive, but of course we needed to ask.  And better yet, throughout the whole test drive, he was selectively telling us things.  (For example, he told us about Roadside Assistance… but didn’t mention that it was only temporary…)

Let’s just say, when all the test drives were done, boy I think we stunned him!

Stop #3:

Next and last stop was Toyota and completely different experience!  This time we had a woman salesperson which made us feel more welcome.  She actually initiated the test driving through asking the question that was unheard at Honda and Subaru.  It was a better experience, yet the car wasn’t what my mom wanted.


The Final Decision: Let’s Make It or Break It Kind-Of Deal

So long and behold my mom decided on the Subaru Outback, but the price quoted was definitely not good!  But after a bit of research an this article from Forbes Magazine, we got a GREAT deal…forget about good!

 But I’ll tell you below what some of them were as hasn’t been working well.  


  • First…Ask The Salesman For His Best Offer

    • Before telling the salesman about the lowest price you found or the AAA membership you have, ask him for his best offer.  Tell him or her that you will be taking your business wherever the lowest price may be.
    • By asking for the lowest offer BEFORE you show him your “hand of cards”, you will get a better deal.
  • Research!

    • Look on to get an idea of the price of the car you want and also to get an idea of your trade-in value.
    • By having a baseline of what it should cost, you ensure that you don’t get taken advantage of in the end.

  • Don’t Buy The First Day…Make Him or Her Wait

    • Rather than diving in that day, walk out the door.  Don’t buy a car right away.  What you will find is that they oftentimes lower the price to get your business.
  • Contact Various Dealerships (E-mail & Phone)

    • If you go to you can ask to compare prices among different dealerships… Do it!
    • While it can be frustrating to get 10 million phone calls and/or e-mails a day, it’s such a great way to determine the best price that’s being offered and can save thousands of dollars on buying day.
    • P.S. When you do buy, send them an e-mail thanking them for their time. This way a.) they don’t call or e-mail you. b.) They don’t have to waste their time.


    • If you are a member of AAA or AARP you can get a discount that takes at least 1,000 dollars off the car!  Definitely check it out!

AAA car discounts

  • Costco

    • While we were unable to get it through our Costco, I know a friend who got her Mazda through here.  It saved her a bit of money and one option to check out.

Costco Auto Buying

  • Treat Your Trade-In as A Separate Purchase

    • Instead of grouping the trade-in with the buying of the car, separate the two as separate transactions.  While it might not make sense, I’ve read it more than once!


By Using These Tips…

Using these tips, we got a great deal on the car she wanted.  After much back and forth, we ended up getting MORE items on the car than we even wanted for the cost!  We got a great deal and the salesman definitely redeemed himself at the end!

So if you weren’t sure…these tips work!


The End

So point of the story is not to allow yourself to be taken advantage of in any aspect of your life.  Whether you are underestimated based on gender, physical appearance, etc. show them all wrong.  Let them underestimate you like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  Make sure that you are the one that comes out on top.


**Quick Note: These were my personal experiences with each brand.  The dealerships near you may be better off than the ones I’ve been!  So don’t just knock off a brand because of what I wrote.  I bet other Honda, Subaru, and Toyota dealerships are much better than those I wrote of.*



With Love Always,





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