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Utilizing IIFYM and Strength Training to Combat Anorexia (Part 2)


So at the time at which I started utilizing IIFYM and strength training to combat anorexia, I struggled a lot with the macros and my perception of the right way to exercise.  The fact that many others who followed this process went to the gym stunted me in the fact that I felt I needed less food because of it.

Eventually, after being on Instagram publicly for a while, I decided to follow the program and do my best to follow macros while doing strength training at home for 3-4 times per week.  I would pick a few foods off of Instagram with macros to get ideas as to what was balanced and would try to incorporate them into my day.  In this manner, I was able to change my everyday greek yogurt breakfasts along with some of my snacks which I thought I needed to have everyday to maintain my weight.  I was also able to increase my macros as well.

Even though I made many changes and it may seem easy from the paragraph above, I’m not going to lie in the sense that this was difficult.  Sometimes I felt that I could manage the new foods better, and sometimes not so much (Sorry to all my friends and family who have been there for multiple breakdowns).  Throughout this experience I felt intimidated by the fact that I wouldn’t know how xx food would affect my weight without actually trying it and doing it myself.  I was intimidated by the variety that others seemed to have when I was still relatively limited with the kinds of foods that I felt somewhat okay with.  I was also intimidated with how time consuming it was to plan in foods in relation to the macros.  Sometimes, all I wanted to do was quit…

So in spite of my desire, here I am, still doing IIFYM and strength training, and still going at it strong.  I’ve had several macro changes, and although I am not always consistent with them initially, I always make sure that this doesn’t last.  Sometimes I still struggle with how time consuming it may be and sometimes I still struggle with certain foods, but in all honesty, IIFYM and strength training has saved my life.

IIFYM and strength training has given me the ability to not only be more flexible, but also more confident as well.  Although I still have good days and bad, it has allowed me to try new foods that I NEVER (repeat never) thought I would try, let alone be okay with.  I’ve diminished my fears of multiple foods such as EVOO, avocados, and salmon, and have also tried new things as well.  Besides the food, there have been many unrecognizable things that I have been able to do due to IIFYM and strength training, such as grocery shopping to get the yogurts to meet my macros (rather than that of the lowest calorie), food-prep, and driving as well (as I feel less likely to pass out knowing that I am doing what I need to).  I have also been able to go out to eat,  even though not very often.  Through following this process, I have found trust in it, and have been able to experience life which I had not known prior to.

So, as you can see, I’m not perfect.  IIFYM and strength training to combat anorexia is not a perfect solution, but its a better solution than treatment for most out there.  Some days are hard in regards to planning foods into fit the macros, while other days may be hard because food may be the last thing on your mind.  But then there are days…days where food can be planned in a matter of minutes, days that you don’t feel limited by the same three foods, days that you can go out without worry, and days that you feel confident…And that my friends is the benefit of IIFYM and strength training.


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