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Never Hide Who You Truly Are…Be Authentically You

No Filters. Just Me. (And if you want to save on Organically Made Cocokind…I Can’t…The Excuse That Can Be Fixed)

 I bet that many of you often worry about putting yourself out there as you are not sure how the authentic YOU will be perceived.  You may have been told before by someone whom you knew that you were needy, conceited, materialistic, boring, or even that you are a little strange, although it may not have been true.  And you could just think so many things of yourself which you know inside aren’t true.  Because of all these thoughts running through your head, so many of you will only show the parts of you that you know would be well-received.  You confine yourself to just a bit of yourself, whether it be just showing your fashion or food or even just yourself, when in all reality you are just holding back on other parts back that you want to show and which can help others as well. And while some will hold back with these fears inside their heads, there are others of you too who will lose sight of your initial ambitions and dreams, and become less authentically YOU due to popularity and fame.

     And the thing is, while it’s easy to get lost in trying to be someone else, or trying to achieve popularity or fame, it’s important this Wednesday (and every other day) that we remember the person whom we were and who we may have become.


When I first started IIFYM and strength training to combat anorexia, I had no idea who I was outside of my anorexia.  I remembered that I had liked to shop, that I had a passion for biology and nutrition, and desire to make the world a better place in which to be.  And although I knew of a few things that made me uniquely me, I initially held back on posting about these things.  Instead, I posted more about my food, my thoughts, and my battles with anorexia, as I felt somewhat confined to these things.

And although this happened for quite sometime, I often felt upset not feeling “able” to post other things that had mattered to me.  I had wanted to post more of fashion, something which I had always loved.  I had wanted to post more of my knowledge and experiences with not only my anorexia, but of my experiences with Type 1 Diabetes and food allergies experienced by my two older brothers which had impacted me.  And while there were many things which I had wanted to post, and many times I felt confident and wanted to post selfies, the fact of the matter is that I often felt confined by thoughts of coming off as conceited or even too sure of myself.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.26.31 PM.png

     And while it may seem silly looking back on these experiences now, the fact is that too many of us oftentimes hold back on being our AUTHENTIC selves out of fears of how we may be perceived…or we even lose ourselves in trying to get popularity.  And in spite of the way it is now, I think it’s about time for a bit of a change.  Rather than holding back or confining ourselves to just one thing, we should put ourselves out there in spite of any insecurities.  You should…

Face the fear of seeming to be conceited when you post two selfies in a row.

Face the fear of showing a flaw when you have a bad day and just want to be who you truly are with a motivational quote or question.

Face the fear of seeming to be boring when you post of a silly little fact or even quirk about you that others may not know.

     So just a short blog today, but the point is that we all need to stop hiding our authenticity or losing it due to popularity.  Too many of us often hide ourselves out of fear, and hold back on the unique parts of ourselves that we think nobody would care about.  Rather than embracing the things and the qualities that make us unique, we hold back, becoming less of a person than we were meant to be.  Instead of becoming stronger and more confident, we become weak and confined to just ONE PART of ourselves of who we were meant to be.  Rather than putting ourselves out there 100% we put ourselves out there only 1%, thus preventing others from seeing the parts about us that will help them to become who they were meant to be as well.  Eventually, some will lose a bit of their authenticity in the process of losing themselves, as they focus just on popularity.  Rather than supporting and empowering others, and being confident in their posts, they lose themselves oftentimes unfollow and follow to get popularity rather than what they had set out to do (Read here… The Thing About Unfollows…  and here There’s Always Going to Be Judgement).  So this Wednesday, I hope that each and everyone of you takes a step back on finding and embracing who you are, and that you never lose sight or let feeling confined get in the way of SHINING the way you were meant to.


With Love Always,







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