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Summer is Finally Here! Are You Prepared? Ways to Feel Healthy and Confident This Summer.


While the weather is still questionable, I bet that many are ready of you are ready for the beach!

You are waiting to dip your toes in the sand.

Ready to take long walks or runs along the beach on a hot, but breezy summer day.

And ready for long vacations you plan all year-long for.

You may be ready for the cold splash of the ocean as you swim in or jump the waves.

And you may even be excited for that summer sun!

In spite of all the excitement, there’s a few things you NEED to be stronger, healthier, and more confident this summer.  

So what if you can prevent harming your health this summer?  And what if you can become and feel better than you used to be?

Well now you can!

So read below for my BEACH BAG MUST-HAVES for the summer that help you to become better, feel better, and prevent further damage to your health!

The Summer

It’s coming!  The summer is on its way and I bet that you are excited for the swimming, kayaking, running, vacationing, and reading.  You may be excited for planned vacations and the time away from the normal routine.  And while the summer is a great time to relax and to spend time with those we love, we often use it as an excuse.  Oftentimes, we allow the routine to get in the way of who we want to be.

So what if I can tell you that YOU CAN BETTER BALANCE everything!

How to Become Better this Summer

Instead of allowing yourself to get lost in the summer, use everyday as an opportunity.  Better your exercise and nutrition rather than giving up when that summer time grilling comes along.  Stop neglecting that sunscreen and slather it on without worrying about breaking out.  And stop anxiously awaiting a disaster that may happen, and live your life now.

 Here are some tips below:

1. Exercise
Me smiling near stairs after a run
Getting back from a run (Check out if Mizuno is right for you by reading here: Mizuno Running Shoe Review)

Try out new activities that you may like and have yet to try.    Figure out whether you like kayaking, swimming, sailing, running, or even scuba-diving.  And when you get back from vacation, try remaining active and productive by trying your hand at gardening, mowing, or running alongside your dog!  By trying new activities and remaining active this season, you can achieve a better balance than you had yesterday!  Here are some ideas suggested for this summer: 50 Exercises for the Summer!

2. Nutrition
Salad with fresh berries and seltzer
Fresh Red Driscoll’s Strawberries on Salad with a La Croix

Summer is the perfect time to achieve a healthier lifestyles than you may now lead.  With all the activity that you will be doing, you will be able to find a better balance this year.  While you can incorporate grilling, as you did last year, focus more on trying new foods and new varieties this time of year.  Try grilling watermelon, pineapple, and fresh veggies on the BBQ to get some more nutrients in and see how you feel.  Make use of all those FRESH farmers markets and pick a new fruit or vegetable to try each week, and I guarantee you will find one that you never thought to have before!

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3. Self-care
Me holding Pranamat with feet in background
Pranamat 10% off Using MICHELE10

Rather than worrying about all that could be (AKA shark attacks, sunburn, etc) take a book or find an activity to do alongside the beach.  Take sometime to make a little Vitamin D and decrease the stress that you feel all year.  Maybe get a Pranamat that you can take along with you on the beach.  (And if that’s the case: save some of that beach-spending money using MICHELE10 at

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4. Prevent Damage: Use Sunscreen
Bottle of supergoop sunscreen and what it looks like
Supergoop SPF 50 to Protect that Skin

While summer is a great time to convert vitamin D to it’s active form, we often walk off the beach getting a little more burnt than we should.  Rather than going to the beach without any sunscreen or applying just one time, find some great sunscreen that you can take along.  And if you have sensitive skin, as I do, test them out and see what works best.  I guarantee that you will find at least ONE that works, in spite of all the EPIC fails you may have had.

5. Prevent Eye Damage: Sunglasses and a Hat
My beach essentials include my Burberry prescription sunglasses and wear lively pink hat
Beach Essentials in Beach Tote

While we damage our eyes everyday given all the technology, we should do what we can to protect our eyes each and everyday.  Grab some cute shades when you read or grab a cute hat that protects your face from the summer sun.  Any rather than looking at it as a daily chore, make it fun by choosing fun shades or hats each day!

6. Confidence: Rock a cute outfit (Shorts, Romper, etc)

Besides getting a bikini or bathing suit, we oftentimes need a great outfit to wear after the beach.  Rather than throwing on those bummy shorts, grab some great ones that you can wear to stores.  Make each beach day a fun day rather than just a few hours in the sun.  And start to feel more confident in yourself by going out!

7. Don’t let those strands dry out
skinny serum bottle
Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum for my Hair

How can you feel confident when you let those summer strands be dried out by the summer sun?  Find a product that works for you and that eliminates the damage done by the sun.  Given my hair and preference, Paul Mitchell skinny serum and Renpure coconut mist tend to be my favorites!

8. Buy Panties and Support a Great Cause By Doing So
Each set of two panties comes in this brown bootay resealable bag
Bootay Bag Packaging

Found a bikini that makes you feel confident?  And found those shorts?  Well now is a great time to support a good cause and find something that looks great on yourself.

While wearing a bathing suit on top of shorts is definitely my go-to, sometimes some DRY panties are a MUST-DO!  Rather than getting stuck in a soaking wet bathing suit to go out on the town, find a set of panties that can be thrown in, just ready to go.  Bringing me to my review of Bootay Bag…the next beach bag necessity.

Bootay Bag Review

bootay bag, shorts, burberry sunglasses, wear lively hat, skinny serum, and supergoop sunscreen are all ready in my bag to go
My Beach Must Haves

While I was upset by the size of the panties I blogged about a few months ago, Bootay Bag just changed it’s sizing allowing me another opportunity to review.  Given the fact that I loved the company the first time around, I gave it a shot.  So read what I thought below.  Find out if the Bootay Bag is right for you?

The Best Part of the Company

While I spoke about the brand before, what I love most about the company is the fact that it donates to a great cause.  This company donates $1 from each bag to Melanoma research.  So rather than feeling guilty for spending the money on yourself, you can justify doing so based on this cause!

So, How Does It Work?

Bootay bag eliminates the need to go shopping for panties, online or in stores.  Rather than spending time picking out panties and ordering online with an $8 shipping charge, you can save time.  All you do is select a mix of panties, thong-style, or non-thongs and the size, and you are all set for the month.  The company will send you two panties based on preferences.  And upon opening you get a little bit of surprise as you never truly know what colors or styles you have to try!

My Experience

So first time around was an epic fail as none of the panties quite fit me, as you may be well aware.  This time I was sent a mix-it-up bag in extra-small, and was sent two options of panties…along with a bralette.  So let’s break it down by panty and determine whether I would buy or not.

Panty #1: Black Cheekster

The first pair was a black cheekster with lace throughout the back.  Although not my favorite style of panty to wear, it was relatively cute, especially with the lace detailing on the back.  While it was cute on the outside, it still did not fit quite right.  And while it may just be my preference for another style or material, I was somewhat disappointed by this one this time around.

Panty #2: White Lace Thong
front of white lace thong
White Thong Panty-One of My Faves

The second pair was a white lace thong which was a cute color and perfect for wearing after the beach!  It was cute with all the lacing and for some reason or another, appeared significantly smaller than the chestier, allowing it to fit.  I liked this pair better than the last, and would definitely consider trying out a bag of all-thongs next time around!

Bralette: White with Black Trim

The bralette that they sent me didn’t fit me quite right, but as I mentioned earlier, it may have just been the size.  While it was cute and light, and perfect for the summer, the sizing could be made a little smaller!

To Buy or Not?

While the sizing was a little off, I would still recommend this to others, as I thought their panties were quite cute.  Each panty ends up being about $6 dollars a pair, which is relatively cheaper than the other brand that we all wear!   Besides being cheaper, a bit of the money is sent for research, allowing justification of buying panties every month.  They are great to throw in a beach bag especially given that they are ALREADY packaged in a brown sealed bag.  And they are also fun, as you never truly know what you are getting each month.

Besides, you can save 30% off on your first bag and try it out yourself using FITANDFAB at!

The End

Thinksport deoderant in my hand as I smile
And before I end, there’s one must have in your bag…Deodorant!

So while you may be excited for the beach, give yourself a second and determine ways to get healthier this year.  Don’t get stuck in the swing of things that don’t work for yourselves.  Rather than giving up, come out with a plan now.  Focus on your nutrition, exercise, self-care, and all the activities that you want to do each day.  By figuring out what works for YOURSELF, you can achieve a better health when summer comes around.  And while you may feel better when you start living each day, always remember to give back and be the better person you always want to be.

So, I’m curious to ask, but what are you going to CHANGE this summer and how are you going to make your summer better than the last?


With Love Always,




**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Bootay Bag.  All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views.**


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