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Make Your Dreams Come True…Guaranteed


Look at every message from your childhood and you will see that you were guided from an early age to have hope and faith in your dreams because one day they would come true.  And that is what you did, you hoped for better and better tomorrows in order to achieve those childhood goals.  But somehow, in between childhood and all of adulthood something happened, as many of you started to lose not only your initial dreams of marrying a prince or princess, or even becoming a doctor, but of the hope towards making a dream come true.  And without hope of a better tomorrow, what is left?

So today, I want to blog about the messages that were given as a child and then lost, resulting in unhappiness, and also ways in which to make YOUR dreams come true regardless of your own individual situation.

As a child, we are given Disney movies to watch as a source of entertainment (Yes), but also as a way in which to provide us with messages that help us to become better individuals.  The movies teach us that our dreams will come true (Cinderella), that  exterior appearances matter much less so then what is inside (Beauty and the Beast), that riches aren’t what’s truly important (Aladdin), and so many more messages that need not go repeating.  (If you want, try and pick some out yourself because who doesn’t want to relive this Disney-watching experience?)  When we were young, none of them were even questioned.  We believed that we could do pretty much of anything in terms of finding an occupation, finding a prince (or princess), and saving the world.  But the fact of the matter is that even though we were least likely to have an impact then, somehow in between that point and adulthood, many of us have lost whatever messages that we were told even though we are most likely to have an impact now.  So what happened?

In between childhood and adulthood, it is apparent that as a society we have lost all meaningful messages that had given us hope of better tomorrows.  Maybe it was because we were knocked down by teachers and parents whom don’t see any potential, or by other children whom repeat the bad “bullying” behavior of their parents, or maybe by oneself given all the battles kids need to face these days.  Maybe its the advertising on T.V. and within magazines which emphasizes sex and/or beauty whether it be in the form of Botox commercials, cologne commercials, and/or prescription commercials.  But whatever reason it may be, it’s apparent that most of all hope towards making dreams come true is gone, and that instead, we are faced with issues and problems that stem from losing the messages that we once lived by.

You don’t believe me?

Look at the adult population today and you will see everything that you never thought possible as a child.  You see greed, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicide, jealousy, materialism, womanizing, etc.  And then you also see a variety of physical ailments such as cancer, malnutrition, and diabetes which result from cancerous compounds being dumped in our water due to political banter (chromium-6 in NJ), misguidance from the FDA or advertisers themselves (“diet” foods as “healthy vs. an avocado being not healthy?), and stress placed onto our society by educators, employers, etc. (to get a good job and make money).

You get the gist, but obviously something needs to change.

So today, on flashback Friday, I want you to change your perspective and/or life by doing a flashback to your childhood.  Look at each and every message that you were provided and try to make the world a better place through following them.  Like Belle, try and see beyond other’s mental illnesses that may have been caused by the hard world itself (alongside with genetics).  Like Nemo, try and return to the family whom you may have left while trying to get ahead with the world.  Like Arielle (Little Mermaid), try and find that prince that may look different or be different than you, but makes you complete, without abiding what the world or your family thinks is right.  Like Snow White, try and be compassionate towards nature and the animals which surround it, and also try to seek better tomorrows in spite of difficulties with family and/or your past.  Be like Cinderella, hope and dream, and whatever you do never forget to believe in your dreams and of the impact you may have.

So to put it simply, I have no idea of how to guarantee that your dream will come true, but I do know ways that you can retain hope and make your tomorrows better than today.  Take every single opportunity that you can regardless of whether you think you can or you can’t.  And if it doesn’t work, then keep trying the same thing or even something different.  Help others up when they fall down, and maybe they will help you when you need it most.  Just by doing the things in which we were told as children, we can each make the world a little better.  And if all of my 2,500 followers were to do so, imagine how much better it could be. (Mind boggling)

So I hope you all keep dreaming, and I wish each and everyone of your dreams comes true.

Love Always,



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