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Macros or Life?


Although macros and strength training are important and are emphasized within my life in order to combat anorexia, given the recent happenings (bombings) in NY and NJ, I felt it only necessary to take a step back with this blog to speak about what really matters in our lives.  So within this blog, I would like to speak about what really matters in our lives, such as the things that we hold outside of doing macros, strength training, and improving ourselves, as I believe that it is definitely something that goes unappreciated day-in and day out.

For the last year, I’ve been focusing solely on doing IIFYM and strength training to combat anorexia, and or improving my life by finding a career.  But in spite of all my ambitions and progress, I feel as though I lost sight of the good things that I had at this time.  In a sense, I felt blinded by my ambitions, and forgot to see the areas within my life that were working and the areas in which I had just started to make work.  Like many, I felt frustrated because what I had originally wanted to improve on was not good enough, as I kept wanting to improve.

     But then the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey occurred, along with the stabbing in Minnesota.

And besides making me worry about the connection and future attacks, it made me question, as it should have to you, of what really matters in my life.  It made me question how I would feel if something were to happen to me or my loved ones.  It made me see the brevity of life, and how silly it was to live my days day-in and day-out frustrated with my lack of improvement.  It’s silly not to spend the days trying to improve, but trying to be content with the life you are living in as well.

So just a weird blog today, but just a reminder to take a step back to appreciate where you are now and to stop allowing yourself to get stuck in your high-expectations.  And while you are at it, try to appreciate EVERY single minute, even if you aren’t where you had expected to be, to ENJOY your loved ones and your life!


With Love Always,





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