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Sometimes You Love Your Pet More Than You Love Yourself…And That’s Perfectly Okay


While we are taught to love ourselves before loving someone else, many of us love our pets more than ourselves.

Don’t agree?  Just think of all the things we do for them everyday…

We take them on long walks or runs everyday.

And we provide them with nutritious meals every single day.

We even buy them the BEST shampoos, toys, or even food.

And when we go shopping at TJ MAXX or any of these related stores, we oftentimes walk out anything but empty-handed, due to the NECESSITY to buy a toy for our own girl or boy.

In doing so, we sacrifice the time and money we could have had for ourselves.  So I guess you could say that we love them more than ourselves.  Bringing me to the question of why it’s okay to love our pets more than ourselves.

Why It’s Okay To Love Your Pet More

Brown Labrador Looking at Ball Ready to Catch It From Me
Loving the New Ball

As you are aware, we sacrifice a lot of our own time and money for our pets.  And while we are told not to love another more than ourselves, sometimes it’s perfectly fine…and even a necessity to love our pets more.  And here’s why…

1. Gives Us a Sense of Purpose In Spite of Our Bad Days
Dog Looking at Ball
Just Playing With Him Distracts Me From My Day

Somedays are difficult and hard to get through.  And while we may want to do nothing for ourselves, we oftentimes find it helpful to go out of our way with a pet.  By providing them with love by way of a toy, run, or meal, we are able to find a sense of purpose that we hadn’t known.  Essentially this responsibility keeps us to keep continuing in spite of not knowing where or even how to tackle our own days!

2. Gives Us Something to Look Forward to Each Day
Dog Looking at the Box of Toys
Look at that Face!

Paying attention to our dogs gives us a break from all the drama and responsibilities we have each day.  Rather than getting upset and unsure of how to move on, we get excited just being greeted everyday.  Sacrificing our well-earned money and time for them gives us excitement which we would not have discovered any other way.

3. Gets Us Moving and Engaged in Some Sort of Activity
Dog ready to Fetch the Ball
Throwing the Ball For Him to “Fetch”

We often need self-care, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the time.  But dogs need to be walked and exercised everyday, making it a necessity for us to move and engage in some sort of activity.  Walking or running with our dog provides us with mental and physical benefits that we may not have found through other forms of self-care!

Don’t believe me?  Read here on all the benefits of exercising with your dog! (For you and for them!)

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And here are some tips…

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4. Gives Us the Love Back That We Give Them
Dog looking at pupjoy box
What’s Taking So Long?

Sometimes we can’t take the time or even want to take the time to show the love for ourselves.  Rather than getting a “paralyzed” where we don’t feel like doing anything for ourselves, loving our pet gives us the love we can’t give ourselves.  Our pets make us feel appreciated and deserving even when we don’t feel that way, and make us go on in spite of our days.  Essentially loving our pets gives us the love we need back.

So Why Is it Okay Then to Love Your Pet More Than Yourself?

We receive love back from our pets, but we also find a little bit more about loving ourselves.  By taking care of a pet, we essentially take better care for ourselves as they push us to do things we should for our mental and physical health.  They push us to continue on with the day in spite of wanting to give up on ourselves.  And oftentimes give us the love we need that we are unable to give to ourselves.  They also push us to move a bit more each day so that we go for that run that will make us feel better when we return.  So essentially it’s necessary to love your pet because they give something intangible that allow us to love ourselves a bit more each day.

Bringing me to my review of PupJoy along with a Discount Code…

PupJoy Box Review: Is It Right For You?

Me Smiling with the Pupjoy Box Packaging
What the Pupjoy Box Looks Like

While I have good and bad days myself, I try to make my days better through loving my brown lab.  I take him for long walks, feed him his meals, and wash him so he doesn’t smell.  And while I do all of these things, I find buying toys for him is the hardest task.

Why Can’t I Find A Toy For Him?

Brown labrador playing with durable toy that has even lasted throughout today
Durable Ball…I’ll Take It!

Being a brown lab that’s definitely taller than I, I find it difficult to buy any of his toys online.  I oftentimes go to TJ Maxx or Marshall’s to find the STRONGEST toy that there is, and walk out feeling frustrated as none are right for me.  The prices, durability, or material are usually less than acceptable to me, causing me to walk out as empty-handed as I came.

Bringing me to Pupjoy Box…

Me holding the box to show what it looks like
This is what Pupjoy Looks Like!

 On the quest to find toys and treats that were JUST RIGHT, I looked into many subscription companies online.  And while there were many options to choose, I eventually found PupJoy and couldn’t wait to try the monthly box.  And let me explain why!

The Company:

“your best friend’s 
new best friend(s)”…

That’s how the company explains what they do…and it’s true.  This company is truly dedicated to finding healthy, high quality brands (treats and toys) and tailoring them directly to you.  Rather than using a middleman, they do all the work themselves, allowing it to be a lot less expensive than other brands.  They support animals in need through donating $2 from each box to the BISSELL Pet Foundation, allowing many animals to be saved.  And they also tailor each box with 28 options out of their own understanding of how SPECIFIC each pet’s needs can be (aka food allergies, tolerances,etc).  And while I can go on and on about this company, the thing which makes it different is the level of understanding, commitment, and dedication to making the best lives for YOU and YOUR pet.

My Experience

So I ordered my box recently and figured I would walk you through before determining if it is right for you.

How Does It Work?

I went to the site and was given the following options to choose:

  1. Box Size (For one dog or several)
  2. Box Type (Toys, Treats, Accessories)
  3. Treat Preference (All natural, grain-sensitive, protein-sensitive, organic)
  4. Toy Preference (Sensitive Plush, Durable, or Combination of the Two)
  5. Dog Size (Self-Explanatory)
  6. Delivery Frequency (Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly…IF YOU WANT!  No subscription required!)
  7. Number of Boxes (Month-to-Month, 3 Boxes, 6 Boxes, 12 Boxes)

As you can tell, there are SO many options to choose.  For my box (one dog), I chose a combination of toys and treats.  I chose to receive all natural treats, as he doesn’t have many allergies, and chose the durable toy option as he is quite the chewer!  (Thank god he doesn’t take my shoes…knock on wood!).  I got the box made for a horse and one-time delivery as I just wanted to try it out!

So How Did It Work…

Upon ordering I was sent a box within two days in the mail.  The box was delivered perfectly intact as it was packaged in another brown box to prevent shipping mishaps.  I was so excited upon opening the box…and my dogs face lit up once he smelled the box!

What Was In the Box?

In spite of my qualms, the box truly impressed me.  The box came with a variety of different products.  The toys were not only AS DURABLE AS THEY CLAIMED, but also made entirely in the USA!  The treats were all natural as I selected as an option and made from small facilities in the USA, which I liked.

And just looking at what was sent, I figured that it would have been A LOT MORE expensive if I would have bought the SAME PRODUCT at TJMAXX!

Some of the toys that I received in my box:

Did He Like Them?  Did They Last?

Alright.  So before I tell you what he thought, let me show you his very reaction…


So yes, he loved them…and still does to this day.  In spite of my qualms about this company, every single product was great.  We both loved the toys as they were durable and yet fun.  And we both felt the treats were great as they helped him to become stronger and healthier so that he can live a longer life he deserves.

To Buy or Not:

Yes.  And if you haven’t already done so, I would recommend buying it right now!

I am so impressed with the company, the cause it supports, and the products inside the box, that I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves their dog.  It was great being able to get a selection of SAFE and NATURAL toys and treats for my dog delivered to me without having to waste my time in the store.  Rather than going to the store and leaving empty-handed, I was sent great toys...ALL THAT HAVE LASTED!  So while I can go on and on, just try it out yourself and see how it goes.

And here’s a DISCOUNT for those who read along so that it is even MORE affordable for you to try it out yourself!

Save $20 On PupJoy

$20 off A Multi-Box Plan…Perfect for Any Dog!

Save $10 on PupJoy

$10 off Any Box for Your Pet…Spoil them Today!


So love your dog and always give him or her your time, and when you do order, I’d love to see how they react!


With Love Always,




****Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Pupjoy. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views.**



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