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It’s Been A Long Week, Time To Take Care of Yourselves: Memorial Day Must-Haves


While written to be published before the long weekend, life got in the way.  And while the weekend may be almost done, it still is helpful as it shows ways to improve.  So give it a read and give it a chance.  Look back at this last weekend and see what it is you have to do to improve!

Memorial Day Weekend

There may be a few hours left until the long weekend, but I know it’s POSSIBLE to make it to next week feeling better than you ever thought you could.  Although you may be discouraged by this long week, there are things you can do this Memorial Day Weekend to make your day-to-day life improve.  By investing your time, you can make each of your days worth living as opposed to just holidays as you are accustomed to.

So let’s figure out how to throw the past week away and let it be yesterday.  Let’s figure out how to improve this long weekend.  Let’s focus on all that we can change rather than victimizing ourselves.  And when we are done, let’s figure out what we need to do to make our lives improve.

Long Week, Huh?

Whether it’s the weather, a series of events, or even the anticipation for the long weekend ahead, this week felt LONG.  And while it can be discouraging to continue on with the rest of the week, the majority of you know you must.  And you will.

But then what’s the problem?

While you will make it through until the weekend, the problem is that you could be living a better life than you choose each day.  Rather than living a life invested in holidays or vacation times being for yourself, you should be focusing on what you love to do every SINGLE day you get through.  Instead, however, many of you are living schedule-to-schedule with the intention of making it through.

But it’s time for that to improve.

So while it may seem a given to take care of the day-to-day duties everyday, the fact is that you can do so while focusing on you.  Rather than completely neglecting your own wants and needs, it’s time that you better balance both.

Don’t just go through life… Now is the time to live it.

The Attack Plan This Weekend: How to Stop Living An Empty and Meaningless Life

So this weekend is the perfect opportunity.  Not only to enjoy your life temporarily while on vacation, but the perfect opportunity to determine what you must do each day to make your life better.  Rather than letting the time go to waste, invest a few minutes or seconds determining what it is that you need to improve.  By identifying what it may be, you can make your life the best it could be.

So let’s look at this list and determine what needs to change come this MDW!

Me with My Exercise Clothes and my PranaPat Pillow On My Bed
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This holiday weekend, make it a point to get properly rested.  Rather than taking your phone to bed or watching a show, try reading a book or doing another activity.  By doing so, you can not only get more sleep, but also start breaking bad habits so that you CAN get adequate sleep during the week.  Through getting the adequate amount of sleep, you will be able to achieve a better life than you thought you could.

And for those of you unsure and need convincing to break the habits you love, here are a few articles to read that I loved… Just to convince you that you SHOULD!

1.11 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep

2.Benefits of Sleep by Harvard

3.23 Benefits of Sleep

2. Exercise
Me and my dog smiling
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This holiday weekend, you will be on a different schedule than normal.  It’s a great time to use the time and the lack of scheduling to try to find what you enjoy.  Try doing exercise throughout different times of the day to determine when you feel works best.  Take any opportunities to try new things such as kayaking, walking with family members, or running alongside the beach to determine what it is YOU LIKE.  Rather than just getting stuck in the same routine that you get tired of doing, find something NEW you love and figure out ways to incorporate it into your daily (or even weekly routine).

If you like to kayak…maybe join a kayaking club that meets up
once or twice a month.

If you life to walk with family…maybe start an evening walk to talk alongside with the rest of your family rather than working out alone!

But if you enjoy running on the beach…find a beach or park where you can run without the insanity of the streets where you live!

Point: Just find out what you like, when you like to do it, and who you like to do it with so that you can figure out how to adapt it into your everyday life!

3. Nutrition
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While Memorial Day weekend is often difficult for many, the fact is that there are always ways to figure out how to improve your nutrition.  Rather than getting stuck in the same Memorial Day routine, find something fresh to try out.

Maybe try a healthy blue, white, and red recipe (thinking blueberries, strawberries, and yogurt) or salad recipe (Strawberry Salad).  And find ways to improve your health starting this very weekend.

And when you finish the weekend…

Figure out what you liked best, what made you feel the best, and which food helped you to improve.  When you figure out all of the above, you can figure out what you need to cut out from your day, and what new habit or food you should include!

Anybody want some memorial day or healthy low-carb recipes?  Let me know in comments or my Instagram!
3. Self-Care
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Let’s face it…Memorial Day weekend is usually the time where we collapse.  We let the stress go away…we relax.  But because our bodies are not intended for the constant stress that we put them through everyday, we get sick when the weekend ends.  And this alone shows how problematic our lifestyles are.

So rather than letting this weekend go past, figure out what is making you most relaxed.  Determine if it’s taking a long and hot shower without worrying about the time that has gone past.  Determine if it’s trying out a new shampoo or new product that you bought just for your vacation.  Regardless of what it is, figure it out, and find ways to incorporate it throughout the week as opposed to the temporary time you tried it out.


In order to live the best and healthiest life we can possibly live, we need to determine ways to keep stress at bay.  While we may not to toss our stresses completely away, we can reduce it everyday. Besides getting adequate sleep and exercise, we must find time for self-care.  And if uncertain what to do or even what you want to try, read here and then read below for my review on RELAXING products you can easily incorporate into your own DAILY routine!

4. Location
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Granted that you are going away on vacation, you will be in a completely different location than you are in everyday.  You may be on the beach, at a resort, or anywhere other than where you work.  And while you may not be able to live your life in a resort 24/7 due to the responsibilities that you have to date, the fact is that you CAN use this experience to frame the location you must be in everyday.

Rather than just enjoying your time on the beach, at a resort, or wherever you may be, identify what makes you relaxed… 

If you love the seashells and the “beachy” atmosphere, try and incorporate seashells into your decor.

Love the smell?  Get a candle to remind yourself of where you love.

If you love the activities, find a place where you live where you can do it, just so you have something to look forward to.

Regardless of what you may love, find something, incorporate it, and make life better starting TODAY!

5. Hobbies
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Another thing you can take away from this weekend is finding what you love to do.  Now is a perfect time, more than ever, to determine the things you enjoy.  So in order to do this, try all different things this coming weekend which others may be inviting you to do.  If you go to the beach, bring a book or even a volleyball, and figure out whether you like to read or play volleyball.  If you are invited to kayak or swim, go ahead and try something new as you never know if you will like it.  While you have spare time, use every second to do things you normally don’t have time for and test it out to determine if it’s for you.  By determining what it is you like to do, you can figure out how to incorporate before the next holiday coming on!

6. Company/Your Crew
funny dog
One of the Members of My Crew

We are surrounded by the same people each day, and then vacation time comes along and we have more time to spend with those we love.  So the MDW, take the time to appreciate “Right Crew” that keeps you grounded throughout the week.  Rather than just enjoying the short weekend, determine ways you can include more time to talk to them in your day-to-day routine. By planning time with your crew, you will not only be happier and more supported throughout the week, but healthier as well.

Don’t believe me… Read this: Social Relationships and Health!

The End

So while I did not yet get to my review or giveaway for the Kneipp products I just tried, there are things you can do this weekend to make your lives better.

So here’s to the end of my post…

Rather than letting the weekend go on as it would, make every second count.  Try new things each day and vary your normal routine, and determine how it makes you feel.  Pinpoint the things you like and figure out how to incorporate them into your daily insanity you call life.  While it make take a while to figure out how to incorporate it, or even how to do it as frequently as you want, the only way at changing your lifestyle is by doing a little bit at a time.  So figure out whether you need to change your exercise routine, bedtime habits, nutrition, scenery, or crew, and then try to make it work a little more each day.  Return to the insanity being stronger than you went in, and know that although it may take time, it is certain that your life will improve.

So happy Memorial Day Weekend, I hope you have a great time!
And DO enjoy some of those great Memorial Day Sales!



With Love Always,




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