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Undeniable Way to Make Life Better Today… Win BearPaw Shoes!


One thing that makes me happiest is buying a new pair of QUALITY shoes that are CUTE and COMFORTABLE all in one shot.

So my next review is on a brand I recently discovered, Bearpaw.  If you read along, you can determine if they are the right brand for you!  And if they are, I know you will love the *****giveaway***** I have going on!

The Company:

Bearpaw Logo
See this Logo Before?

I bet when you think of Bearpaw, you think of those sheepskin boots as I do.  And while you would be correct in thinking so, they make so many other styles of shoes!

Since creating their first pair of shoes nearly 16 years ago, this company has created a variety of different styles to choose.  Rather than JUST making sheepskin boots, they know make sandals, heels, and slippers to choose.

And while other brands have developed in similar manner to include a variety of styles, what sets this brand apart is it’s high regard for BOTH functionality and style.

BEARPAW places an utmost importance on its footwear being for a lifestyle rather than JUST style.  By incorporating COMFORT AND STYLE into each product, they are able to allow you to enjoy each moment as it comes rather than worrying about your feet at the end of the day!

The Products

bearpaw shoes giveaway
Buy Yourself What Makes You Feel Good…or Try and Win My Giveaway!

While BearPaw is well known for its sheepskin boots, many don’t know that they carry sandals, slippers, and heels!

All of the styles they make are cute, affordable, and made very well.  And while I had my doubts in how they would feel and look, let me tell you what I thought right now!

Style #1: Naomi Sandal

So let me start off by being honest.  To be honest, I haven’t bought a single pair of sandals this year.

I’ve been truly disappointed by the quality, comfort, or pricing of each shoe.  And while I’ve looked in a variety of stores, I’ve yet to find something I would buy.

So long story short, but I’ve been wearing mostly my great buys from last year.

So when I got these Naomi sandals… boy was I impressed!

Shoes In Package
Pristine Packaging.

The packaging was outstanding and the way in which they were securely wrapped truly impressed me.  The company knew what they were doing in sending them to me, and they were packaged so well that they did not get ruined (in shipment)!

The Sandal Itself…

And then when I got down to the sandal itself, I was even more impressed by the quality, color, and style.  These sandals were a perfect color and I’m so glad I got them in both brown and blue.

Both pairs were made out of faux burnsihed leather, which you got to see yourself.  It had an appearance that was quite great, in spite of how it sounds.  The single braided strap thong with buckle was done so well.  The safety features (AKA the strap on the back to secure my foot in and rubber outsole!) were also a great thing to have.   And based on these features, the shoe itself can be dressed up or down.

And while appearance was great, the feel of it was just as comparable, as it gave me the comfort and security I need.  I was able to wear these shoes shopping for hours at a time, and I didn’t get any blisters…and didn’t have any falls!

These shoes let me live and enjoy my life the best way I know how.  While compliments were great to hear, the best part is that my smile shows when I wear them out!

And if you are interested in BUYING THEM today…look at the screenshot because there is a DEAL!

Style 2: Effie Slipper in Charcoal

brown lab and slippers
My Dog Even Loves Them!

So while the sandals made me a very happy girl, I didn’t even mention this pair I love to wear!

The packaging was just as well done, and the shoes are just as great.  The color, quality, and size were just right.  And although they are a different style, they were perfect for just any day, especially those COLD summer nights!

While these are not on sale, the price is a lot less than many comparable brands out there.

effie slippers in linen
Effie Slippers On


giveaway of shoes
Giving Away Shoes to One Lucky Follower

I want to give one of you the chance to smile today.  I want to give you a pair of shoes, of YOUR choosing to try today.  So if you are reading this you must do several things.  And I will be watching, so make sure that you read very carefully!

  1. Follow @bearpaw and @afitandfabulousmichele on Instagram
  2. Subscribe to my blog (Because you love it.  Because you want to be ready for the next giveaway. And because you want to see the great things that it will be!)
  3. Tag Two Friends On The Corresponding Post On Instagram

Good luck!  And I hope that you all find reasons to smile today!


With Love Always,




****Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by BEARPAW. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views.**


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