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Wrapping It Up: Get the Last Minute Gifts Done!


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There’s never a correct time to do something, so it’s silly to wait!  Rather than waiting for the perfect moment that never comes, say and do what you need to today!  There’s so little time and so much opportunity, so forget about what’s right and wrong.

Just do it.  Don’t over think!

So given that it’s five days until Christmas and there’s so much you want to or have to do, let’s figure out how to tackle the last-minute shopping that you have left right away.  Let’s figure it out and feel the stress go away.


Last Minute Shopping Guide

So you waited…and waited.  And now it’s five days until Christmas and you still want to wait.  You may not be sure of what to get and/or unsure of what to spend.  So here’s my last-minute shopping guide so you can get it done today!


So if you are stuck on the women in your life, they are the easiest to shop for.  Nail polish, hair accessories, clothing, handbags, and jewelry are all acceptable gifts.  And if you are looking for something a little less expensive, slippers, workout accessories, fuzzy socks, and movies are also great!

Men in your life may be a bit more difficult.  But cologne, a briefcase, a gym bag, a fitbit, or a wallet are all suitable ideas.  And if you want to spend less, movies and sports-themed gifts are great!


If you are still stuck on what to get, I’ve been blogging all week with ideas!  Because you may have missed out here they are again!  Most of them are clickable at the bottom so all you have to do is find an item you like, click it, and buy it right away!

My Christmas List

Gift Guide For Women

Gift Guide For Men

DIY Gift Baskets

DIY Ornaments

But For Those Still Stuck… Get a Subscription Box!

With subscription boxes you get to choose how much you want to spend and personalize your gift.  Rather than worrying about getting it on time or going to stores, you go online and that’s just it!

While I know there are many out there, the only one I’ve ever tried and can honestly recommend is Pupjoy.  For this particular subscription box, all you do is select which types of treats (non-grain, organic, etc) and toys (durable vs. soft) you want and you are done!  What I like most about this box is that most of the toys are from the USA and the treats are formulated to fit the needs of your dog.  And they now even have a holiday box, which my dog loved!  Here’s a glimpse into the box!

Pupjoy Toys and Treats

Pupjoy Box With Toys

Last minute gift for the pet lover

And FYI, save $10 off Your First Box of Dog Treats and Toys that Last using this code: FFMICHELE


The End

So now you know that there are so many things you can do today.  Stop leaving everything for another moment and get them done today!  Whether it’s buying a gift or decorating the house, just do it right now!

And because there is never a RIGHT time to do anything,  figured I would take this time today to THANK each and everyone of you for everything!

I could go on and on about all you’ve done for me, but what I want you to know most is that you matter.  You and your actions are what makes the world better.  And while I blogged about this before, just know that you are amazing regardless of what you may think!

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With Love Always,





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