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Is This The End to Instagram?


Social media seems like a must these days.  It’s something that we often do to a.) catch up with friends b.) obtain knowledge c.) motivate.  And yet, there’s something else that participating in it does, and that is that it often stresses us out.  So on the blog today I’m talking about the algorithm on Instagram and how it negatively impacts our health.  But even better, I’m pinpointing a few things to de-stress now!

Adaptability is a necessity and has always been.  It’s essential for us to live our lives and it’s just as essential for companies.

Which is why I believe Instagram will deteriorate, in spite of how much it is in use…

Because this silly algorithm doesn’t seem to be changing for the better soon.

But Let’s Talk First About The Way Instagram Used To Be…

Instagram used to be a great platform for support.  It was simply an application on your phone you could use in your spare time.  You could find new companies and products that were great OUT of the confines of your state.  And you could also find people whom you related to that you couldn’t elsewhere.  It was a great way to network, express yourself, and motivate in your spare time.

Because posts were in chronological order, you could see all the posts from those whom you supported.

But now…nothing is easy.


This is How Instagram Is Today…

Even though Instagram had a few flaws, it keeps changing everyday and getting worse.  Rather than being a simple platform, it’s becoming a complexity.


#1: It’s turning into a game for popularity rather than support.

While Instagram is meant to be a supportive community, and oftentimes is, the fact is that there are individuals and popular companies that follow and unfollow just for a follow back.  They don’t want to support you and they don’t care how you feel.  And while you may feel like you did something wrong, essentially…

They just use you as a pawn in their Instagram game.


#2: It’s setting yet another STANDARD for ourselves and for our youth.

If you don’t edit, hashtag, or caption something according to the new “algorithm” your post is less likely to be seen, regardless of how great it is.  As a result, individuals are feeling more compelled to be “perfect” when it comes to beating the algorithm game.  And for many individuals, this can cause a great amount of stress.


But Don’t Quit Now…

So we all know that the Instagram algorithm is complicated, but we shouldn’t stress out.  Here’s a few tips of my own of what you can do for your health…without giving up social media!


#1: Take Some Time For Yourself

There are several things you can do in order to find a better balance.  The first option is taking a LONG break from it all.  By taking a break, you may find other hobbies or things that you haven’t had time to enjoy.  And you may find that you are happier.

The second option you can do is to moderate your time on social media.  Limit the time you spend on social media with a timer and make sure you have time for some fun. (Here are some tips I found on how to reduce your screen time: Break Free From Your Social Media Addiction.)


#2: Take Care of Yourself

Self-care always is the answer to any problem you have.  If social media is stressing you out, here are some ideas of what to do.  You may find one thing works better for you.

  • Hot Showers/Baths (**hint hint…Giveaway soon**)
  • Read a Book
  • Make a craft
  • DIY
  • Mani/Pedi
  • Go to the Gym
  • Write in a journal
  • Watch a Movie
  • Hang out with Family, Friends, Dog, etc.

Self Care


#3: Find Your “Crew”

There are supportive people and companies on Instagram.  You just need to find them and make them your crew.  You support them and they support you.


It’s that simple…as it should be!

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#4: Find Your Purpose

Making pictures look pretty and following everyone else, isn’t going to make you happy and/or find you the support you want.  Rather than doing what everyone else is doing, just find what you are passionate about.


You can see what I’m most passionate about by checking me out here!


#5: Have a Support System

It’s important that you find a support system outside of the confines of Instagram.  Whether it be a family, friend, or even dog, it’s nice to know that you have someone there despite what goes on.

Brown Lab



The End

Social media has become a complexity, and it shouldn’t be.  While it should be about finding supportive and like-minded people and companies, for many, it’s become all about popularity.  And while Instagram has changed their platform to encourage more authenticity, many more are hurting because of the NEW STANDARDS created.

But I believe that it can be improved…just like errors in our nutrition labels and the inadequate health systems I spoke of before.

 But until that time, I’ll continue posting.

I’ll be posting of my passions and showing my support to my crew.  And I’ll posting using my knowledge so that I can share with you.

Because honestly, when all is said and done, lives are what matter the most…not making Instagram a popularity game, as it is for some.




With Love Always,





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    1. I think a lot of us are feeling the same way as we don’t get to see the posts we want to see anymore! I know I don’t see posts from some of my favorite accounts until days later, and I would be nice just to revert back or improve. Thank you for your comment and hope you have a fabulous day!

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