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How Can I Succeed In Spite of Uncertainty?

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 I bet that many of you are stressed and uncertain about where your life may lead and whether it will work out as you had hoped.  You may be worried about what comes next in the scheme of things, as you may just be graduating from college, starting a new job, getting fired from an old job, or even starting a family.  You don’t know how to handle your graduation, your new job, losing your old job, or even starting a family…nor do you even know how happy you will be.  And while you can question yourself of whether you made any mistakes or if there was something better you could have done, or even whether you can handle the changes that have occurred, the fact of the matter is that you must move on.  Regardless of the uncertainty and fear that comes along with change, you MUST stay strong.  It’s important to remember that changes will cause uncertainty and may close some of the doors that you had originally wanted to go through, but that some will open as well.  So regardless of how scary change and uncertainty maybe, the only way in which to get a better life is by challenging the life routine you may have got stuck in…The only way at finding success is by embracing the uncertainty and going after NEW and BETTER opportunities that await.


I’ll have to admit…In the past, I’ve been too scared to change my life in the ways I have this year.  I felt uncertain about what would happen if I changed either my food or exercise routine, and allowed myself to get stuck in a state of fear while all others moved on.  And while I could have remained there at anytime, the fact is that I know that I needed to move on.    And while it may have been scary not knowing where I was going, the fact is that it seemed that every single day back then was not a life to be living at all.  Yes, I may have been comfortable and yes, I may have felt safe, but most of the times, I felt as if my life was subpar.  There were better things ahead, and still are, but the fact of the matter is that my accepting the struggle rather than denying it, and taking a step each day allowed me to get farther and even happier had I allowed my life to remain the same.  And while I may not know exactly where my life may be going still, nor what opportunities may await, the fact of the matter is that I know my life, as is YOURS, is better than before.


So while this is a short blog, the point is that life happens…it’s uncertain and many times  creates closed doors that you had never envisioned being closed.  And while you may get nervous about what could and will happen, the fact is that you need to remain strong.  Rather than seeing all the opportunities that you may have missed out on, look for better and greater opportunities that now await.  They may not be certain, causing you to feel a little discouraged on some days, but if you only just keep going, the fact is that better doors now await.

Wish you the best.


With Love Always,




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