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You Are Not Getting Help Because The Person Who Can Is Not Certified to Help


What if the reason you are not getting help is because the person who can help you is not certified to do so?

This is a question I’ve been back and forth on lately, but unsure how to discuss.

While it may seem like an attack on board certified physicans or dietitians, it is not.  It’s simply a point I want to discuss.

So if you are interested in what I have to say, and open to hearing about all that I have to say, I know that I can help you TODAY.  When you are done, read about SOMETHING EXCITING thats going to be on @afitandfabulousmichele today!

Doctors Finding a Solution to Our Problems

In modern day society, we reach towards doctors and certified practitioners when we need help with our health.  We respect their education and knowledge, and trust them with our lives more than we know.

We pay so much for health insurance, co-pays, and for the uninsured doctor visits we must make.  And yet, so many of us are killing ourselves day by day by the HABITS we have  today.

Rather than changing the HABITS or trying to change ourselves, we frequently visit the doctors who give us prescriptions, plans, and advice.  Our fears cause us to reach out for quick fixes in order to better our health.

While We May Be Healthy For a While…

Although these health scares may be frightful and cause us to rely upon prescriptions, diets, and fitness plans in which we are told to follow, it lasts only quite the while.  And eventually our health declines another time.

Causing us to go onto to Round #2 of doctors.

So in order to get our lives back together we go back to another set of doctors.  More often times they disagree on what we were ORIGINALLY told to do.  They change our prescriptions around, and tell us what we SHOULD do to become better in our lives.

And while it may last a while, we oftentimes get back to the OLD habits we have formed…Going to Round #3…Round #4 doctors… Etc.  Until our health fails.

And while this may just be a generalization, it’s something that I’ve seen every single day.  Rather than trying to change the old habits we have, we follow quick fixes which go onto fail one day.

POINT #1: So my first point is that we need to find a way to LEARN ways to change and adapt our old habits based on what works for ourselves rather than being told a generalization of what to do!

Now onto the next point I want to make…

Learning from Outdated Books of Yesterday.

When did teaching old methodologies and formula become helpful in developing treatment plans today?

Book smarts are not always the most helpful to have, especially when the information given is outdated, and nothing is done to keep up with the NEW information of today.  Many doctors and nutritionists have learned old formulas and old ideas that have died out given the new research.  And while they may pay for school in order to get that certification, they can’t help others just with the outdated information they learned.

But there in itself is the problem, as SOME of the doctors and dieticians out there forget to follow the news of today.  Rather than learning all that needs to be known, they follow old-ways.

And because of this fact, many are misguided by physicians and dieticians today.

POINT #2: Some doctors and dietitians are taught using OLD BOOKS rather than research of today, causing several to be misguided along the way.

Book Smarts> Experience?

When did book smarts become better than experience?

That’s the question I want to ask you today as given my own experiences with the anorexia, my brother’s type 1 diabetes, and other brother’s food allergies, I have questioned this more than once.

And still to this day.

Without any experience, oftentimes more damage is done than not.  And while I could go on about this at length, its best to show my own experiences below.


smiling with the cosmetics hideaways necklace
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Experiences with Doctors and Anorexia

Throughout my own struggles and many different doctors, dietitians, etc, I can not even tell you HOW many times I’ve been damaged as opposed to helped by the ones who are supposed to care.  I’ve gone to appointments many times where I’ve been weighed and despite me not looking (on purpose) was told how skinny I was and asked for tips on what to do.

I’ve also been guided to follow meal plans and caloric requirements based on my weight each week, which more often than not, failed to work in spite of my attempts.  Because the team lacked the thoughts and feeling going on in my head, a plan focused purely on weight was not going to help me in any which way.

On the contrary, following IIFYM and strength training, connecting with other individuals,and using the education I have, I’ve started to focus on my health today!

throwback picture of my brothers and I
While We May Be Happy Together, There Have Been Many Health Scares
Experience with Hospitals and Type 1 Diabetic Brother

While you would think the experience I’ve had is enough to make the point I am making today, the fact is that I’ve had more experience than most.  And I want to relay it here.

Although diabetes should be a simple physiological illness as opposed to the complex mental illness as anorexia is thought of, my type 1 diabetic brother almost died because of book smarts.

Because the doctors and nurses only had a select few sessions on type 1 diabetes, and lack of experience of, they often tried to give him foods and try and test his blood in ways that hurt him in more ways than one.

Nurses tried to give him orange juice (one of the most acidic drinks) after landing in the hospital and not eating for several days.

Nurses tried to prick the same area on the finger causing more bruising than should have been done.

And not only that, but they didn’t let the alcohol cleaning wipe dry in time, causing the number to be misread more than once.

And if this is enough to prove my point, read my next experience below!

Me smiling with my family
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Experience with Food Allergies (Corn, Bananas, Avocado, Etc)

My brother was diagnosed with food allergies in his twenty’s (around the same time I was struggling with anorexia).  While they didn’t quite know for a while, they had him going from specialist to specialist without knowing what was wrong.  He went a year at least trying to figure out what was wrong, until a simple test led to the answer of food allergies.  And I still wonder if this diagnostic delay, could have CAUSED his heart problems he has today.

But the fact is that I don’t know how many times he was put in the hospital afterwards, and NO attempt was made my dietitians to check his food beforehand.  They gave him apple juice with corn syrup and so many other foods that they didn’t know the ingredients of.  They did not catch the corn-based products that went into the foods, and instead, my mom and I were the ones to catch them before they came onto his plate!

Point #3:  Book knowledge is not always the best when it comes to health.  Sometimes it’s experience or even compassion that is needed.

And one more point before the exciting things going on…

But how many times have you learned things from your grandpa, grandpa, or teachers that never could have been learned from a book?

Sometimes the best knowledge and sources of advice come from others who have had the experience of life to determine what works.

**So with that being said, I would just like to disclose that this is NOT an attack on physicians or dietitians, but just a questioning as to whether or not ALL of them can help you.**

Some doctors and dietitians are atypical and actually care more about you than you know.  They have learned knowledge and have kept up with research, and try to get as many experiences as they can.  And while there are AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL certified people out there that I know of, sometimes the most helpful person is one that is just a normal person that you meet one day.

But you just have to keep your mind open rather than closed!

Bringing me to my exciting news of today…

Excitement of @afitandfabulousmichele

me with college hannah howard award
And Yes…There was Even a Speech About Myself and an Award!

So while I have a BA in biology and nutrition and food sciences from the University of Vermont, and so many experiences of which I have spoken of, I haven’t been posting much of what I know.

I’ve been hiding.

I’ve been hiding in fashion, fitness, and beauty products, which are sometimes a little more fun.

Rather than posting all the things I know, I’ve been posting me and products, as it’s something that I love.

So while I haven’t been posting food, I think it’s about time to SHARE my knowledge.  Given my own struggle with anorexia and my experience of living in the same house as a type 1 diabetic and food allergy sufferer, along with my education, I think it’s about to speak and show aspects of my own life that may help others.

Changes… I think so!

And while I’ve said so many times to follow what works for you, I will occasionally be posting from now on more about food and feelings.  You can get some ideas for recipes, ideas for things to try, or even ideas of how to think so that you can find the balance that works for yourself!  Or maybe you will get something else out of it. But here’s the official post right here that exciting things are coming and you for certain WANT to be involved.

Me with Salad and Seltzer
Plant-Based Salad With Strawberries, cucumber, muuna cottage cheese, nuts along side an Alta Palla Seltzer of course!
Thank you!

So thank you for all your support along the way as I CONTINUE to become a fit and fabulous Michele.  I hope that some of my suggestions or ways to think about food or fitness are helpful for you in some way!  While we may have different struggles I know we can improve, let’s do it together and help ourselves the way we should!


With Love Always,




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