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Stop Being Your Worst Enemy & Get the Life You Want Today!


Oftentimes we focus on the little things in life, as we can get them done.  But in doing so, we forget about taking steps towards the life that we want.  Because we are so focused on the short-term reward of getting something done, we push-off our long-term goals until tomorrow (a day which never truly comes).

So long and behold I’m writing this blog now, because I know that each and every one of YOU has potential.  You CAN get your health on track, the career you want, or even that relationship.  But in order to do so, you need to start NOW!  And the easiest way to start is reading this right now.


 How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

(With Information Taken From: Psychology Today & Mind Body Green)

#1: Stop Focusing on the If Only…

We all do it.  We focus on all the ways our lives didn’t work out rather than figuring out how to deal.  And while we can focus on the “if only…I had money, had more time, etc,” it won’t change a thing!

So rather than focusing on what we DON’T HAVE, let’s focus on all that we DO HAVE!  Maybe it’s a family member or a pet.  Or maybe it’s having your health, which many do not have.  Regardless of what it may be let’ keep hustling & never give up!


#2: Stop Questioning Your Decisions (Focusing on the Coulds or Shoulds)

Rather than focusing on what could have or should have been, focus on what CAN be done TODAY.

Instead of focusing on the negativity, use past experiences to make things better than they used to be!

#3: Stop Pushing Off Everything Until Tomorrow

Make a list of WANTS and wishes.  And once that’s done, figure out how to get there.  Break it down into small and concrete steps.  And start doing it right now.


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The End

So short and simple blog today, but let’s end it off with a bang.


Today is YOUR day to make your dreams come true and get the life you only dreamed about, but never had.

But for that to happen you need to…

  • Stop thinking of the ifs, shoulds, and coulds.  Accept your life as it is and make a list of all that you CAN do today.

And you need to…

  • Stop thinking of what everyone else is doing on social media and take time for yourself.
  • And remember to take some time for self-care…that always helps!

So go ahead, stop getting discouraged.  While you may not see a light at the end of the tunnel, yet, it’s sure to come soon…


For every single one of you.



With Love Always,






3 thoughts on “Stop Being Your Worst Enemy & Get the Life You Want Today!

  1. Sometimes our own worst enemy lives between our own ears. Such great tips, thank you for sharing Michele! BTW- Just subscribed to your blog, however, I thought I already did! Love all of your content!

    1. Wendy,
      You are the best. Thank you for all your support…I appreciate it so much everyday! P.S. I changed to a mail chimp so it may have gotten lost in translation!

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