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Tackling Halloween Without Going Out of The House


Nails and Michele

While it’s Halloween next week, I’ve never been the girl to ever celebrate nor dress up.  I think the best Halloween I ever had was when my mom handmade my Belle costume, which was YEARS ago.  Ever since this year, I cast Halloween aside, as I dreamed of Christmas time to come!

But, in spite of these thoughts, it later dawned on me, the fact that I could be missing out.

So rather than letting the day slip away this year, I’m celebrating as a single girl from home.  Because even though Halloween is never going to be as great as Christmas, why shouldn’t it be fun?

Halloween Fun While Staying Home

This year Halloween is on Tuesday, so many of you are likely to be staying home, going to work, or running errands, which makes this list I compiled great for anyone.  Just check them off as you get them done!

Get The Outfit Down

Who says you need a costume to celebrate?

You can have fun this Halloween and get in spirit just with a simple Halloween shirt and leggings.  And maybe even a little colored-hair extensions if you really want to be crazy!   I’ve included my outfits below which you can get on sale and get before!  And I’ve also included some products you can try to get the hair you want!

Halloween Athletic Wear
Shop My Halloween Style by Clicking On Picture!
Michele and Halloween Outfit
Shop My Outfit by Clicking on Picture!

But if you want to dress up…Check These Ideas From Popsugar


Halloween isn’t fun if you didn’t do your nails specifically for the holiday…And no, it doesn’t mean you let your hands split and get bloody!

So for those who get nails professionally done, think of Halloween as your best excuse to push your manicure and pedicure off.  Instead of repairing the chipped coat, paint special designs easily on the chipped coating!  If you don’t get your nails done, like myself, Halloween is a perfect time to go all out!

So Here’s a Few Ideas I Personally Loved…

Nail Ideas-By No Other Than Cosmo!

And this is the polish I recommend and use every week…

My Favorite Pink

My Favorite Clear Polish


Get that creativity going and buy Halloween decorations at the store! Buy a pumpkin and decorate it. Try my DIY mums! Do something creative to make fall and Halloween fun!

Ideas: Here’s some ideas for you!

me and my dog with DIY fall decor
Cutest Fall Decorations Right Here…My DIY Mums! Shop My Style!

Movies and Shows For Anyone!

I don’t watch Stranger Things…and don’t watch scary movies, but Halloween can still be fun.  There are so many great movies to watch with your friends or family…or even alone!  Here are a few of my favorite movies…most of which are older!

  • How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • Made of Honor
  • Miss. Congeniality
  • White House Down
  • Disney Movies!!!!
  • Sex and the City
  • Grey’s Anatomy


You’ve seen my Instagram post already, but if you haven’t check it out here!

It should you give you insight into what my Halloween weekend looked like and may give you some ideas.  But I’ve also found a few others online that I’d love to share with you.  Many of them are extremely “macro-friendly” and Halloween-themed!  So you can get into the Halloween spirit just as if you were a kid!


Click Here For Recipe From Salty Sweet Seasons!

Kiwi Frankenstein:

 Click Here For Recipe From Two Healthy Kitchens

**Enlightened Ice-Cream**Enlightened Froyo

Click and Look on My Instagram

These are definitely macro-friendly snacks that are less than 400 calories per pint. They contain relatively simple ingredients especially in comparison to other products. They also contain a good amount of protein and calcium to repair muscle and keep bones strong! So with that being said, I personally like incorporating this in every night. So definitely give it a try this Halloween night!

Some More:

30 Halloween Ideas

Enjoy Trick-Or-Treaters

Instead of being a Halloween-scrooge, watch the cute kids come to your door and actually open it up!  See their cute outfits and let them live through these moments, as you know, that they will eventually be gone.  Let kids enjoy their day and just smile knowing that you helped make their day.

The End

Stop rushing through holidays and use each one.  Make moments that matter and don’t get lost thinking they will never again be fun.  There are so many ways to make your Halloween better as an adult… get a cute Halloween exercise outfit, paint your nails, and/or watch some movies to make it a little fun.  Make some banana ghost pops, make some kiwi frankensteins, or even get some high-protein froyo to give you some moderation that is very well needed!  And while doing all this, don’t forget to open the door for kids that may be depending on you to make their day!

But I’m a bit curious as to which you are going to do this Halloween, so let me know below!

With Love Always,



5 thoughts on “Tackling Halloween Without Going Out of The House

  1. This is such a fun post (no handmade Belle costume required)! I especially love the idea about leveraging a too-old manicure for a ghoulish Halloween look – perfect! Thanks bunches for including our Kiwi Frankensteins, too! They’re really easy to make – and total showstoppers! Have an awesome Halloween! 😀

    1. You as well! You guys have great ideas that are not only healthy, but fun. Can’t wait to see what Christmas ideas you may have! And hope to follow along!

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