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Give Yourself a Break From Posting


In spite of all the commotion about living a healthy lifestyle and achieving a sense of balance, we often find ourselves unable to balance our lives with that of blogs and/or Instagram profiles due to the necessity to post frequently.  We post every or every other day to stay current amidst other bloggers and so that we can show the meals we may have made, the memories in which we had shared, or even the thoughts that we may have.  And while this in itself is great, the problem in which many of us seem to face is the guilt and/or regret we face when we don’t post as frequently as we “should.”  As a result, we oftentimes hold ourselves up to and even strengthen the standards on Instagram and/or blogging which suggest us to post every or every other day.  And while it makes sense, the fact is that in doing so, we start to lose a bit of ourselves, and even of the balance in which we speak.  By posting as frequently as others, we may not lose many followers, but what we do lose is an appreciation for the moments or meals in which we only feel compelled to share.  So here’s to my next blog in which I discuss the reasons of why and how I stopped posting as frequently as I did in the past, the reasons why we must take small breaks for ourselves, the reasons why its important to re-standardize the “Instagram or blogging” rules through our actions, and even of how to stop feeling guilty in spite of your somewhat infrequent posting.

Looking back on my Instagram days, I used to post almost every single meal and/or thought I had throughout the day without thinking about it much myself.  All I had wanted to do was to use my experiences and captions both as a way to bring awareness to anorexia and also to prevent it.  I had also hoped that sharing my own experiences would help to motivate others, regardless of what struggle they may have been dealing with.  But in spite of my intentions being the same, my posting has become less frequent lately, thus contributing to my life.

Lately, I haven’t been posting much, but I have been trying to live out my life, both good and bad.  I’ve been going out, been tackling new foods I once felt I couldn’t, been having struggles, and have even picked myself up quite a few number of times in which I felt down.  In the midst of this life’s journeys, I often questioned whether I needed or wanted to post.  As much as I wanted my story to be real rather than selectively positive or negative, I had to take a step back to live it myself.  In doing so, I was able to show that I could go through the negatives and the positives myself, and that I could come back when I WANTED with stories to share.  In all respects, choosing not to post allowed me to see my own strength when I was down, memories that were better lived by eyes rather than iPhone, and even gave me the strength to see the struggles I had yet to face and the time to plan ways of my attack.

In spite of my story, I know that many of you are convinced that you don’t need or can’t take a break from your posts and/or blogs. You may feel that you have everything together, and you may even tell yourself that you enjoy the actual process of writing and/or posting as frequently as you do.  And even though you may, I feel that the only way to see so yourself is by doing the very exact thing that you feel you mustn’t…that meaning to take a day or two to yourself.

You see, as much as you may want to believe it, I know that all of us at one time or another need a break…

  1. We need a break to experience life for ourselves rather than expecting support every single time that something bad comes around, so that we can learn of what we can do to help ourselves rather than for others to help us. Maybe it’s doing some sort of self-care act  (such as using a @cocokind product, painting our nails, or even going to the gym).
  2. We also need to take a break as a way in which we can live out our moments not live just for the moments in which we want to post.  What’s the point of posting a picture of you and your family smiling on vacation, if you have been ignoring your family on your phone?  What is the point of taking a picture of a freshly made steaming hot meal, if it takes forever to get a good shot, and then is eaten cold?  What is the point of going out for the day with your mom or dad, if all you have been doing is perfecting your photography skills on your phone or camera?
  3. We need to figure out what we want to do, and have our own drives to do it for ourselves rather than just doing something for others.  The only way for something to be sustainable within our own lives is if it is desirable outside of other’s own intentions for ourselves.  You must want something for yourself in order to get it and to maintain it within your life!

As you can see, posting and/or blogging takes time, and not just time, but time away from appreciating all that I you have been doing.  It also takes away some of the personal-drive and determination towards becoming better for yourself, rather than for others.  So rather than spending the time taking pictures of the food meant to be enjoyed, spend the time in enjoying that exact meal hot.  Rather than spending time taking pictures of eventful days out, cherish each moment as it may come, as you never will get it back.  Rather than lamenting about your struggle 24/7, face it and find ways to force yourself to do the things that you once thought you couldn’t.  And most importantly, just remember to take each moment as it comes, and to determine the things in which you want to do rather than the things in which you may feel compelled to do.

So if we all need a break, then why don’t many of us?

  1. WE NEED THOSE FOLLOWERS AND CAN’T LOSE OUR FOLLOWERS!…Bet that caught your attention.  But in all reality…Although we all need a break to find ourselves and even our sanity, the majority of us struggle with taking the time off from taking pictures, writing captions, and posting as we feel that it’s a necessity.  Given all the bloggers and Instagrammers out there, we all tend to believe that we need to post or need to blog in order to remain relevant and to retain followers.  And while it may be true, the fact is that you most likely have a longer lifespan than these platforms.  Who knows how soon Instagram or WordPress will be replaced, and why live a life just to standardize to these standards when you could actually enjoy your life outside of them?  Don’t live your life just to make it Instagram-worthy, instead live just to live, and if you want to instagram it then have that option rather than requirement.
  2. WE FEEL GUILTY…Let’s face it, I’m not the only one who feels guilty upon not sharing my life story.  We all feel guilty when we experience our lives as they are rather than posting them for others to experience as well.  We feel guilty that we are not posting all these good foods nor exercises that others may be able to use, or even guilty for not posting when we know that our followers truly enjoy our posts.  We may also feel guilty for not posting when we may be struggling because we may not want others to see our journeys in a selective light, and think that they can not get through it themselves upon facing any sense of difficulty.  But in all reality, it’s our choice to live a life, and why should we feel guilty about living our lives when Instagram and/or blogging is just a mere option.  Others will find just as helpful material on another page on a day in which you take off.  And if you truly feel guilty about not showing every struggle as it comes, why can’t you show it and all that you have accomplished later on?  Show them that it is a struggle, but that you can get it done.

If we would all just take a break and give ourselves away from these platforms that we never had the option of, then maybe we could truly see a life worth living, rather than a life which must be lived for Instagram.  By doing so, maybe we would be more inclined to take longer and/or more frequent breaks while paying attention to what we WANT in our lives rather than what others want of us.  In this manner, we can re-standardize the timelines that compel us to post, and/or blog daily.  Ultimately, if we ALL shared less frequently, then all of us would feel less inclined to post, as we would be able to retain our followers in spite of a break, as they would understand themselves the necessity of taking a break.

So let’s all take a break from posting, whether you want to or not, so that we can not only see the benefits of doing so, but that we can re-standardize these platforms as well to allow for leniency when it comes to the frequency of our posts.  Let’s experience our lives, both good and bad, for ourselves so that we need not only become independent on others, but also learn how to become dependent on ourselves.  Let’s take a break so that we can enjoy the times in which we will never have back, rather than taking time to make memories Instagram-worthy.  Let’s take a break so that we can also find our drives and to discover the things in which we want for ourselves, rather than what others may want of us.  So rather than spending the time taking pictures of the food meant to be enjoyed, spend the time in enjoying that exact meal hot.  Rather than spending time taking pictures of eventful days out, cherish each moment as it may come, as you never will get it back.  Rather than lamenting about your struggle 24/7, face it and find ways to force yourself to do the things that you once thought you couldn’t…If we all continue to focus on our lives and our necessities as a human being rather than of other’s necessities for our posts, we will be able to re-standardize Instagram, so that it could become a part of life rather than another life in itself.  So here’s to making your posts less frequent, and your lives more enjoyable through taking a break off this platform to do that which you may WANT rather than FEEL the NEED to do.


With Love Always,





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