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Getting Rid of What Doesn’t Matter + Emjoi Micro-Pedi Review



     I bet that many of you are getting into spring cleaning mode in the sense that you desperately just want to get rid of things and get yourself out of the clutter than you are now living in.  You feel tired of all the unecessities hanging around the house, which brings you stress everyday.  You want to get rid of it all the things that you come home to, and yet unsure of where to even start.  And while the desire may be strong, the fact of the matter is that many of you still get stuck when it comes to actually getting rid of what doesn’t matter.  So within this blog, I hope to discuss why we hold onto things, how to tackle spring cleaning, and why we just need to let go followed by a review of the Emjoi micro-pedi, which you all may need when you are done!

Why Do We Hold On To Things that Don’t Matter

Let’s face it… All of us hold onto things that we no longer need nor want.  I’ve gone through this point in a previous blog that  wrote which you can read here: Get Rid of What You Don’t Need + Truce Cleaner Review.  But basically, the reason we oftentimes hold onto things we do not want is either out of GUILT or FEAR associated with letting go.  We feel guilty about getting rid of things as we may see it as a form of wasted money or even feel hard on ourselves for taking things for granted that others may not have themselves.  We may also feel guilty getting rid of that old item handed down to us by a friend and/or family member because of the love and thought that went into getting that item.  But even in this is not the case, we may hold off as we fear letting go of the very things that made us feel happy or even safe.  Oftentimes an item triggers us to remember a good memory that we had, and we oftentimes do not want to let go.

Why We Need to Let Go

Although we may hold onto things that no longer matter, the fact is that we truly must let go.  Rather than staying cluttered by the things we no longer use, want, or need, we need to let go of the guilt or fear of just letting go of a materialistic item of ours so that we can allow more space for better things.  In order to move on with our lives and even reduce the stress, diminished productivity levels, and/or anxiety we may feel, we need to get rid of things that no longer bring us joy.  And while I can go into depth, let’s leave it to this: 10 Good Reasons To Get Rid Of Your Stuff.

So then, if we don’t use it, want it, or even need it, then what exactly is the reasoning to keeping the very thing that only stays in our house, cluttering us and making us stress?

How To Get Rid of What Doesn’t Matter

In spite of the desires to get rid of things and the knowledge of why we keep the things we no longer need, many get stuck in actually getting RID of what doesn’t matter anymore.  And while it may be slightly painful and difficult for us all to let go, there are a few ways that I know of that have personally helped me in performing this difficult task.  And because they have helped me, I have included them below for you as well.

1.Breathe.  Before getting into it all, remind yourself of all the benefits of getting rid of every item in which you no longer have use for.  Remember of how less stressed you will feel, how much more productive you can be, and also of how much more organized you will be upon seeing a “clutterless” room.

2. Take One Corner or One Small Area to Attack First.  In order to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed with how much you want to get done, pick one little area that you know you can get done in an hour or so and start from there.  Pick a corner in the room with things that just need to get put away in the closet or other rooms.  Or if you are in the get-rid of mood already, pick an area that contains all items that you know you DEFINITELY want to get rid of.  In all reality, it is much easier to start with organizing or even getting rid of things that you are the least emotionally attached to.  Once you see some clutter being cleaned there, you will only be enticed to continue to harder areas in your room.

3. Make Piles (Garbage, Sell, and Get Rid Of).  Oftentimes, I find it easier to make piles when tackling an area.  Usually I find myself keeping clothes that I no longer wear or clothes that are beyond shot as I don’t want to mess the new ones that I have.  So in order to get rid of these clothes, that I probably shouldn’t be wearing myself based on condition alone, I ask myself if I would give it away to another.  If the answer is no, I immediately rip it and/or throw it right in the garbage bag so that I don’t take it back out.  And if you are interested you can read the rest of my previous blog post about this very technique…Get Rid of What You Don’t Need + Truce Cleaner Review.

4.Once Done with One Pile, Re-evaluate.  When you are done with one area, take a step back and appreciate all that you got done.  Once you do so, take each pile and put it in the appropriate area so you are less inclined just to put things back where they used to have been.  If you feel like you can and want to tackle another small area, then go about doing so, but if not, then leave it for today and try another small area tomorrow, as pushing yourself will most likely get you more overwhelmed than you need to be.  Remember that it’s always better to go in with WANTING to get it done, then feeling the NEED to get it done.

5.Organize.  Once everything is put away, try to better organize the area to suit your needs.  Why not try and enhance your productivity by better organizing yourself?  If you need a few ideas, I liked this article myself: PopSugar’s Guide to Spring Cleaning.

Emjoi Micro-Pedi® Review


So while getting rid of things is often therapeutic in itself, spring cleaning followed by self-care is often the way to go, if you ask me!  So when I was given the opportunity to try out Emjoi’s micro-pedi®tool for removing those rough, dry, and calloused skin from feet, I gladly accepted.

Upon receiving the item itself, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed; as it looked like something my grandma would buy, use once, and then throw away.  But then, with use, let’s just say some of those initial thoughts drastically changed (especially as I saw my dry skin flying off my feet…I know gross!).  So here’s my detailed review for those of you whom may be questioning whether to buy yourself. 

Packaging: Like I mentioned before, the packaging was questionable in that it was relatively plain.  The tool was packaged in a hard-plastic casing along with a brush and instructions (that we all don’t read!) and needed to be removed carefully with scissors as to prevent hurting my hand.  Not a fan of the packaging as I don’t find it enticing nor acceptable compared to more expensive products that are out there, but once in use, who truly cares about what packaging it was initially contained in.

Claims:The package claims that this product will remove rough dry and calloused skin in seconds, that the results are fast, and the product is safer than metal scrapers. It also bring awareness to the “easy grip” that allows efficient and comfortable usage of the product.

Use: In spite of the packaging and my initial impression, I was impressed when the product was in use.  When properly setup, the tool could be quickly turned on and shut off by sliding the button up and down.  When in contact with skin, you could literally see the skin shavings flying off, and eventually, could notice how much nicer those feet appear and feel.

IMG_8364Summary:  So while I may have been slightly misguided by the packaging of the product, I was truly amazed by how well it worked.  Unlike I initially thought, the product was simple to set up and operate without hurting oneself (once you get it out of the packaging, that is!).  Upon use it not only removed the dead skin off my feet, but also worked well in breaking down some of the scar tissue on my hand as well (from a previous surgery).  Although I question how long the product and batteries will last, based on the fact that I only used it once, I believe that it will not be a problem as it comes with a limited warranty which lasts a year.  Besides this, it has even been accepted by the American Pediatric Medical Association, which makes me strongly believe in the long-term use and efficacy of this product that was sent to me.  In spite of all of these remarks, however, I am made to believe that the rollers don’t last for the lifetime of the product, as I was sent extreme course rollers as a replacement.  You can purchase them, as you replace your pumice stone, but because they are created by a company and made specifically for the product, they are a little more expensive to release than a typical pumice you may now own.  When all is said and done, I would recommend this product in spite of what the packaging may make you believe because of how efficient it was in taking off that yuck dry winter skin.  For those of you that do manicures and pedicures at home to save money, this is a great investment, as it makes your experience much more relaxing and similar to a “professional-mani/pedi.”  And if you want to make your feet look even better, I highly recommend using my Cocokind 15% coupon off of $50 to get some ORGANIC salve!image1-4



If you are interested, here is the information for the product: Emjoi Micro-Pedi





     So while you may not FEEL quite ready to get rid of everything that stands in the way of your future, the fact is that you just need to go ahead and do it.  Rather than allowing yourself to be held back in fear and guilt, go ahead and take a step each and everyday to get rid of one thing in your life that doesn’t matter or one thing you could do without.  If you can attack one little area in your house, or even in your life, you are making your way onto better tomorrows.  Once you just get a little bit done, and feel accomplished, I am certain that you will keep on going, and get to the point where you have space in your life for way better things than what you let go.  So while it may seem like a difficult task at hand, just remember (like with anything) just to take a little step each and everyday, and that it WILL GET DONE.


With Love Always,




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