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Get Rid of What You Don’t Need + Truce Cleaner Review



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Pet Friendly Truce Odor Remover (Review Below)

     I bet that many of you have something in your life, whether it be clutter or even a relationship, that you hold onto in spite of knowing that it’s BAD.  You hold onto pictures, old clothes, or even gifts that you associate with bad memories because you feel that it would be bad to get rid of something which other’s may not have.  Rather than getting rid of these things that you associate with bad times, you hold onto them away in piles alongside your room.  Although you know that one day you will only be destined to let go, they remain there for the longest time, day after-day causing you more anxiety and stress than you may realize.  And while you can live surrounded by all the clutter and bad memories until you hit the breaking point one day,l think it’s time that we rid ourselves of any pain today, so that we can live that much better tomorrow.  And that brings me to my blog today in discussing why we keep onto clutter, why we need to get rid of it, and how to get rid of the things that no longer bring us happiness.  While reading this blog, I hope that you choose to pick one spot, one item, or even one relationship to let go of TODAY so that you can experience a better tomorrow.


Why Do We Keep Clutter?

    Let’s face it…all of us keep clutter and hold onto old items and even relationships because we are fearful of changing the way things used to be or even the way they are.  We worry about and/or feel guilty about letting go of items that we no longer love, and as a result, oftentimes hold onto them LONGER than we should.  We don’t want to get rid of old clothes as we oftentimes associate doing so with wasted money.  We don’t go through the clutter that we stored to go through on a rainy day as we all know that we don’t have any purpose for them, yet feel guilty in throwing it all away.  When there are many with nothing, many of us feel ungrateful by just throwing away the things we have saved.

Why Do We Need To Get Rid of Clutter?

Although many of you are completely aware as to the benefits of getting rid of clutter and the things that no longer bring you happiness, I felt it only beneficial to include some of the benefits below in list form alongside some articles that I enjoyed (Making a Happy Home/Mind Body Green Article).

Getting Rid of Clutter Leads to…

  1. Less Anxiety
  2. Increased Productivity
  3. Increased Creativity
  4. Increased Happiness
  5. Better Focus

How To Get Rid of Clutter?

     We all know right now that the hardest part is actually getting rid of the clutter…not just learning of why we keep clutter and knowing why we need to get rid of it.  And although there will be difficulties, I have listed some options below, and I know that you can do something today to make your life less cluttered (**less means less…Don’t expect yourself to clean everything all in one day!**).  So take a step back, breathe, and try to get rid of ANYTHING that you can so that you can declutter your life and experience happier times ahead!

  1. Give It Away: There are so many options out there today, and although many are often picky, there are often so many organizations to give those wearable clothes and even items to where they can be appreciated rather than stacked in a corner for you to be tormented by everyday.
  2. Throw It Out: If you have clothes that are worn and unable to be worn by another, then do yourself a favor and throw it out.  Why is it acceptable to wear something you wouldn’t even give to another?
  3. Sell It: If you are financially limited, as many of us are, why not try to make some money off the clothes and items that you no longer use so that you can buy better items that don’t just get stacked in the corner?  Hold a garage sale or even post some of the items on Amazon or any other site to try and make money off the things you can!
  4. Re-use: If there are items that are not your favorites, yet that you feel guilty getting rid of, why not try to re-use the material or item in another way?  Re-use t-shirts and make something out of the fabric or even use some pictures and make a collage.  The options are endless…And let me know if you need some ideas, as I have so many that I have done!

The Next Step…Clean Without Involving a Headache

 Once the clutter has been removed, that means that things can be cleaned in half the time as you no longer need to throw everything to the side only just to throw it back in the same spot.  And although you may think the rest of the work is no major deal, the fact is that many of grab the Windex or some other harsh chemical without even realizing the impact on your health.  So given all the brands that are out there today, what cleaners do you decide on using?

Do you use the Windex your mom always used…

or the natural cleaner that you made…

or the other cleaner from the natural store?

Which will help you to achieve the better health that you desire along with the cleanliness that you now seek?

With that being said, Truce Clean gave me the opportunity to try out their ALL-NATURAL cleaning products this last week, leading me to clean my own room.  Although I had always reached for Windex and Pledge, I figured that having a non-toxic and naturally made product must be much better than what I had been used to.  Upon receiving the product, I was sold by the label, but unsure of how it would work.  So, here’s my review…

Before I go on, however, I felt it necessary to include the description of the company as it’s something that I feel is important, especially being an educated consumer myself.  In order to trust the company and the products in which it delivers, I have to find out about the purpose and even the mindset behind the company so that I can make my own decision about whether or not to trust what products that are being produced.  So below I have attached the description that was included on Thrive Market about the company in hopes that you would be interested too.

About Truce: “In 1996, Kandie Konomos began a household cleaning company named Herb ‘N Organics Cleaning. As a professional cleaner, however, her skin often reacted to the chemicals in the cleaning products and she developed contact dermatitus. After years of trying different “green” products, research and experience, Kandi began to develop her own safe, natural cleaning products to help with the dermatitus. She soon found that her own products worked just as well—if not better—than commercial cleaning agents. They also relieved her of contact dermatitis. These recipes are still the core of Truce products today. During the same time, Kandie’s friend Diann Peart was finishing her PhD in Ecology and was becoming increasingly aware of the use of toxic chemicals in homes and gardens. The relationship between illnesses and chemical overload was glaringly clear. Cases of chemical sensitivities were on the rise, as were endocrine disorders—and they still are. Diann committed herself to educating local communities about these dangers and began working to establishing organic gardens in her neighborhood and on school grounds of Native American Reservations. In 2007, Kandie gave Diann some of her own hand-made cleaning products as a birthday gift. The two realized they shared a vision of the home: a clean, toxin-free space that was safe for everyone in the family—even pets. In April of 2008, Truce (originally Herb ’N Organics) was officially born as they received their first sale at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market.”

My Personal Review

    Alright…So if you feel as comfortable as I did knowing what you now know, go ahead and read the actual review below.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 3.36.38 PM.png
Didn’t Need to Worry About Him Being Right Next To Cleaners


 I received a box which contained a wood cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, odor remover spray, hand sanitizer, and scouring powder.  The cleaners were packaged in spray bottles and were very light to hold, as they came concentrated and needed to be mixed with water upon being used.  The wood cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and odor removing spray were in 16 oz size bottles (that can be seen here and had a fairly strong sprayer, unlike many of those cheap Windex bottles we are all accustomed to!  The scouring powder, was also 16 oz, but was in a plastic container with a shaker on the top to dispense.  Long story short, but I was greatly impressed by the packaging and how well the items were contained.


I was truly impressed upon reading the ingredients, as many contained only three or four ingredients that I could actually identify.  I liked that, unlike most cleaners, I could see EXACTLY what was in the product, rather than being advised of the damage in swallowing the product as most do.  I also liked the fact that they claimed to be pet and child friendly (with the exception of the odor spray which was not CAT-FRIENDLY).  I have written the ingredients below so you can be just impressed as I.

All-Purpose: Isopropyl alcohol, Water, Hydrogen peroxide, organic castile soap, aromatherapeutic essential oils

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 2.45.43 PM.png

Odor Spray: Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Essential Oil (peppermint)

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 2.48.10 PM.png

Wood Cleaner: Olive Oil, Essential Oils (citrus & lemon), Distilled White Vinegar, Guar Gum

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 2.47.04 PM.png

Scouring Powder: Borax, Baking Soda, Salt, Natural Oxygen Bleach, Pure Soap Flakes, Essential Oils (peppermint & rosemary)

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 2.41.48 PM.png

Hand Sanitizer: Rubbing Alcohol, Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Essential Oils (peppermint & rosemary), Aloe Vera

Testing Out The Products…Did they Deliver?

Alright.  So although I have yet to use the scouring powder (as I have honestly never used such a product before), I cleaned my room the other day using the all purpose cleaner, wood cleaner, and odor-removing spray.  To use the products, I opened the bottles up, put the appropriate amount of TAP water in the bottles as it had suggested, and shook until it seemed to be properly mixed.  Once mixed, I used the wood cleaner first as it was the one that suggested to be mixed quite often due to its natural tendency to separate (because oil and water don’t mix).

WOOD CLEANER: Upon spraying, I was instantly surprised by its smell, as it seemed to smell a lot better than the chemicals in which we are all probably used to.  I continued to spray, but as the company had suggested, it seemed as if the water and oil had continued to separate throughout my use.  Besides the fact that it did not polish as many other cleaners often do, and the fact that it oftentimes separated, I think it would be something I could definitely get used to, given the fact that the ingredients are better for me than that which I normally use.

ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER: Next spray I had used was the all-purpose cleaner as I needed to clean all the mirrors in my room (THE WORST PART IF YOU ASK ME).  Although I have to admit that I am always the girl who makes streaks regardless of what I use, I was definitely was impressed.  The cleaner smelled good, and unlike all the Windex and dollar-store brands that I had used, it didn’t give me that dull headache at the end of cleaning my room.  Unlike the wood cleaner, the all-purpose cleaner seemed to stay relatively mixed throughout making it simple to use and feel good about using.

ODOR REMOVER:  Hands down, my favorite out of all three.  This product was meant to be used on dog beds and rugs to get rid of that special odor which all dogs often give, but I used it in my room and everywhere else in order to get rid of the smells that Febreeze is apparently supposed to get rid of (haha).  In spite of my previous experience with other odor eliminators, this seemed to do an amazing job while actually getting rid of those dog-odors inside my house.  Unlike Lysol, this NATURAL odor remover did not leave that STRONG smell in my room, allowing me to continue what I needed to inside my room.


So for those of you who may be contemplating what to clean with and what to even use given all the options out there today, I hope that this review is helpful in some manner.  Truce is a great brand that is founded by a company that truly cares not just about the environment, but about your kids, pets, and even yourselves.  They have created a product that can be mixed at home to eliminate shipping cost and shipping waste which is bad for our pockets and our environment.  The STRONG bottles can be refilled and reused in order to prevent waste buildup in the community, and the ingredients they use are non-toxic, making it suitable for our generations and future generations to come.  But in spite of this, with every single pro there is always a con.  And for this product, the few cons that I had experienced was that the wood cleaner would continue to separate, making it somewhat annoying to clean at the fast rate I had wanted to, and that the wood cleaner wasn’t a wood polish that would leave the shiniest surface that I am often used to seeing.  But while there were a few cons, I was really impressed by not only the packaging and ingredient label, but functionality of all that I had used, especially that it didn’t leave me with that dull headache that many chemicals often cause.  So while choosing if this product is for you, truly think if you can COMPROMISE a little shaking and less of a shine on your wood for your health.

And for those whom want to purchase using Thrive Market, my affiliate link is below giving you some sort of freebie upon buying!

THRIVE MARKET DISCOUNT: Thrive Market Discount

     So for those of who you have read this article and know that they want to get rid of clutter, but unsure how, I hope that you take today as an opportunity to get rid of ANYTHING you can.  You don’t need to tackle it all at once, but what you do need to do is to start today.  Don’t just hold onto things stacked in your room to stress you out and to torment you for weeks or even years at a time, especially when they can be given or used by another.  Don’t allow your productivity, creativity, or even anxiety suffer one more minute, and just try to do what you can now.  Sell, give away, re-use, or even throw out what you no longer need or even want so that you can make more time to make a better tomorrow for yourself.  So with that being said, I hope that you take one thing and tackle it today, knowing that you will make your life that much better and less stressed upon doing so today.


With Love Always,




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