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Undeniable Ways to Make Your Fall Better Despite the Change in Weather


I bet that many of you are struggling with enjoying your lives, as you are stuck in a routine that you can’t get out of.  You know that you want to enjoy your lives, but don’t have any fun plans planned at all!  When you finally try to get outside of this box, you are stopped, as it seems that everything you WANT to do involves a cost.

I know this story because it’s been the scenario I’ve dealt with more recently these last few years. 

And while this used to HOLD ME back, I’ve found more creative ideas to STILL have fun and GET OUT without spending much at all.  And while it will take more than this blog to write of the ways, what better than to start than with the Fall Activities!

So read along for inexpensive ways to get out of your routine and into society, as so much is waiting for you with or without money!

Inexpensive Fall Activities

NIX the idea that everything costs money out of your head.  Because it doesn’t.

You can have fun with little money and make so many more memories than if you stay at home.  So this fall, here’s a list of inexpensive options to take advantage of that you can afford!

1. Festivals

The first MAJOR to do this Fall is to get out there and to have fun.  And in order to have fun, look in your newspapers for some great places to go to.  During this season, they have ALL types of festivals to go to.  They have scarecrow festivals, health-based festivals, Halloween festivals, and so many other festivals to go to.

Even if you are not sure if you would like it, try it this year and see if it may like it at all.  And if you do, then you can repeat it year after year and making a FAMILY TRADITION of doing so!


2. Pick Your Own Fruits, Veggies, and Pumpkins!

This is such an INEXPENSIVE way to spend the day out with family or friends, especially being that you typically come back with NUTRITIOUS food!  Some places may be a bit more expensive, but if you look beforehand, you can weed through which ones you would want to go to.  Some may have hayrides, and others may have other things to partake in.

You just have to pick a place, try it, and see whether you go back next year!

3. New Towns

Sometimes it’s fun just to adventure and to explore some new towns nearby.  Rather than staying home, go out with friends and family, and see what each town has.  You can do a little window shopping and even bring along a picnic basket to save costs.

As Julia Roberts once suggested, sometimes it’s necessary to just plop a squat and make memories as they come along.

(Pretty Woman, anyone?)

4. Go To Your National Parks (Hike, Kayak, Canoe, Etc)

National Park are a great place to go with families or friends…or even alone!  There are so many different things to do, and they often stop charging fees come October, as fall is coming along!  You can hike for free or spend a small fee for kayaking or canoeing for an hour at a time.  You can even just bring a picnic basket and some backyard games for some family fun!

5. Recreational Sports/Community Events

Look in the newspaper or library because there is ALWAYS a lot going on!  There are so many recreational sports or fitness classes you could go for at a minimal cost!  Just check it out by either going or looking online, and see what options you may have for the fall!

So while I could go on and on about inexpensive ideas for the fall, I’d like to mention a new place I ventured to and would suggest to anyone this Fall…

The Scarecrow Festival in Peddler’s Village, PA

This fall I’ve been looking for something different.  I just wanted something to change it up.  I felt stuck and needed to get out, so I checked out a place I normally go to, and found something NEW to change it up!  Here’s a few shots of my own, but if you are curious, they had all different things to do.  They had shopping, family pumpkin decorating ($5 per pumpkin), and even walking around from scarecrow to scarecrow which was fun to do!  And while I could write a lot of it, I’ll let the pictures do the talking of how GREAT this event really is!


Let’s start out with this one and go on.  You may see some characters that you love coming in the next few shots!


Fairy Scarecrow with Flower Skirt and Michele

So this scarecrow had the best #OOTD of course.  Right outside of the Jewelry boutique, it had so many cute FLORAL accents on its skirt!

Next up…

Beauty from Disney's Beauty and the Beast along with Michele

It’s Belle from Beauty and the Beast!  One of my personal favorites…and as you can probably guess, one that I’m quite similar to…my head is always stuck in a book!  But where’s my prince to go?


Trolls!  Has anyone else seen the movie…like this girl may have as well!


Captain Hook and Michele

What do you know?  It’s Captain Hook.  Although I’m not scared as I would have been years ago, he’s quite intimidating being only 5 feet tall!


Santa and reindeer scarecrow with Michele

It’s Santa Claus…and Rudolph!!!!  Although you may not get it, this is my favorite character from all of Christmas.  I love Rudie and the talking penguin from the Santa Claus Is Coming to Town Movie.  And to be honest, I’m not embarrassed at all about it!


Scarecrow outside of the Spa Waiting For an Appointment

How many can relate?  Just waiting outside for her SPA appointment waiting for some pampering her way!  So cute…don’t you agree?

And here’s a few others as well…

Fairy Scarecrow and Michele

Panda Scarecrow for Pediatric Disease Awareness

Dentist Scarecrow with Michele

As you can see, they had quite the variety!  Some were made by kids…some by adults, but what truly was the best was that I got to enjoy time well-spent with my mom as we went on to our trip off to see the Wizard of Oz!

mom and I smiling with Glinda scarecrow

So, those are just a few shots from my own trip, but I couldn’t leave out this one, as this one is one of my favorites to date!

scarecrows at Coach Factory

Of course, it’s another shot of the shopping scarecrows outside the Coach Factory Outlet before I went in to look!

So I’m curious to know, what you’re going to find in YOUR town! Share some ideas below for all of us as you never know who lives right in YOUR area…

Someone you can help!


Love Always,




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