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Following Routine Due to Uncertainty of the Future


I bet that you have been just as intimidated as I am about what tomorrow may hold for you in your life.  You may not be sure as to what you are doing or where you are going, and don’t even know how to work on yourself being that you have no idea of what the day may bring.  And the fact is although you may feel intimidated and unsure, there is always yet another way to take a step towards getting the life you all deserve.  But while it sounds all great and simple, I bet that if you are like me and hate uncertainty, you cling to one of your bad routines.  Because we all love stability and safety, we all at times cling to bad routines rather than taking the steps we need to for ourselves, so how do we stop?

I honestly have no idea what I am doing tomorrow…or even this weekend to be honest.  I’ve tried to plan it out a few times and each time I do, life comes creeping on in and changing the plans I felt would work.  In less than one hour I’ve gone from having to babysit to having to cancel and to visit someone in New York, to not going to visit someone and to be visited instead, to where I am now…completely unsure and slightly anxious about it all.  I’m not sure exactly what foods to plan in as I am unsure of what foods would be wherever I may be, not sure exactly when I will be able to get my strength training in, and not even sure exactly what I should be wearing and/or bringing…  I think you get the gist.

While this may be a reason in which I would typically cling to food and exercise routines, I’m trying not to allow the uncertainty of tomorrow to effect today.  Rather than allowing myself to anticipate being stuck all weekend long with the same foods and same exercise routines, I’m allowing myself to be open and to be relatively flexible.  Although slightly anxious about it, there is nothing more than I can do than trying to figure out what I can do today rather than the days I know nothing about.  And that’s my point…

Each and everyday, life is there to give us new situations that we may feel capable or incapable of handling because of what we had planned.  We can either take each day a day at a time or to plan our lives out, only to be torn when our plans don’t work out as they should.  And while many of us seem to stick to certain routines in times of uncertainty, its best to just take this day at a time rather than to plan for the days in the future.  Focus on the things you can do today to better your tomorrows rather than focusing on the next day and the next day and the next.

So relatively short blog, but my point is that you can either become a victim of life or a player.  You can either try to plan only to resort to your routines, that keep you as stuck as they did before, or you can take it a day at a time.  If you take it a day at a time, it may be hard and you may still fear the uncertainty of tomorrow, but as much as I hate to say it, it must be done.  You will be able to plan the best that you can with macros and you will be able to get those exercises in one of those days, so why even let the anxiety get in the way of today.  So keep focusing on the things you need to do today to better your tomorrows rather than clinging to your routines due to all of life’s uncertainties.


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