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Focused on Fitness? Get These Must-Haves Right Away


I feel that many of us are so focused on all that needs to be achieved, that we forget OUR OWN needs and wants.  Day in and day out, we wear ourselves out trying to achieve without respecting ourselves.  We run errands for others instead of taking the time to take two seconds for ourselves.  And we go to work without nourishing ourselves.  We even forget to spend for ourselves when it is necessary (aka those “vintage” see-through leggings you own).  

And the Truth Is… We Need to Stop.

In spite of feeling GUILTY or even UNSURE of focusing on your OWN needs and wants, it’s something you must figure out.  You must take the time to focus on your body and what it needs in order to achieve the things your mind wants.  Rather than focusing on what works for a friend or someone in a magazine, you must take everything you feel and use the knowledge to make it work for yourself.

So for those who are tired of NEGLECTING themselves or are just looking for some new fitness must-haves to OWN, this article is for you.  Read ahead about ways to improve your fitness and confidence along with my own personal must-haves.

Neglecting Yourself?

Too many of us neglect ourselves everyday.  While many of us think it’s a matter of sacrificing for someone else, we feel guilt or unsure when we do the things we know we ought.  Rather than taking time for ourselves, we rush trying to get whatever errands that need to get done.  And when we do get a two second break, we oftentimes take whatever information from our friends or magazines, thinking it will work for us too.

Rather than finding whatever it is OUR own bodies want, we focus on what others do, causing us to get stuck in a rut.

So one day we are vegan, one day we are paleo, and one day we decide that “keto” is the way to go.  One day we are cardio-bunnies, one day we are all for pilates, and another day we decide that strength training is the way to go.  One day we are in for art classes, one day we are in for marathon-training, and another day we decide that gardening is the way to go…

You Get It.

We follow our daily routines or EVEN what we are told as we are uncertain of the best way to go.

Instead of listening to OUR OWN SPECIFIC NEEDS AND WANTS, we neglect ourselves.

And it’s about time we STOP that and work on finding a SUSTAINABLE, ACHEIVABLE method that works.  One that not only focuses on making you the best you can be, but one that focuses on YOUR confidence as well.

Let’s Read How.

#1: Proper Nourishment

If you are feeling restricted or feeling less than able in the gym, I bet that you neglect giving yourself the best nourishment that YOUR body needs to SUCCEED.  Too many times we take in whatever information is given to us without a doubt.  We listen to the news and read magazines where we are BOMBARDED by messages of however is the best way to eat.  We are told that xx food has a good source of calcium important for our bones, so we correlate that as being better for our bones.  And while it may seem great, the fact is that we are often MISGUIDED and DECEIVED by these messages in which we receive.

How Are You Misguided?

You may be following a vegan or vegetarian diet and have no energy as your iron or vitamin B12 levels are low.  You may be following a keto diet, and feeling a little more cranky than you typically are.  And while you may not think to contribute how you feel to the way you eat, the fact is that nourishment you take in CAN and WILL effect your day.  It may even contribute to your bad moods, as you try to eat things you don’t even prefer!

Fix It Now

The only way to find out is by trying a variety of different foods, and paying close attention to mood and physical feelings.  Pay attention to whether you feel better eating unprocessed foods as opposed to processed.  Pay attention to whether you are actually enjoying the foods in which you are eating.

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And here are a few meals/snacks/drinks that I often utilize:

  1. Lifeway Farmers Cheese
Salad with strawberries, apple cider vinegar-based dressing, cheese, spiraled veggies, and EVO
Lifeway Farmer cheese on top of salad

2. La Croix Seltzer Water

La Croix Seltzer
New Seltzer

3. GT’S Kombucha

GTS Kombucha and me
GTS Kombucha

#2: Self Care

If you are sacrificing all of your time for another, you need to STOP right now and take care of yourself.  Because without doing that, how are you able to HELP another…and more importantly, how can you find the life you deserve?

Too many times we are told what to do in order to improve our health and wellbeing.  We are told that we should do yoga or should do pilates, without even paying attention if we enjoy it or like it ourselves.  We are even guided or persuaded to join a gym, as many think that’s the only way to get fit.

My Self-Care
But They Are Wrong.

In spite of being told what to do, we need to remember the things that work best for ourselves.  Try out yoga, pilates, and an assortment of different types of activities that make you feel more confident.  DO NOT follow yoga if it causes more stress than crushing it with kickboxing.  DO NOT JUST do the treadmill if you dread it everyday. And DO NOT join a gym if you would rather be outdoors.  There are so many different options, and you just got to try it out yourselves!

And the same thing goes for sleep, hobbies, and all the rest of that jazz, you just got to find what makes you be the best person you can be!

Necessities for The Best Workout

For those who are currently wearing ripped or see-through leggings, THROW THEM OUT NOW!  This year is going to be all about improving yourself and becoming more confident. And what better way than by throwing out the clothing that makes you feel less than confident today?

Read along for my MUST-HAVES this year!
1. The Right Apparel

This year is all about strappy tanks, sports bras, “booty” shorts, and pants that ACTUALLY fit.  Rather than bumming it out in old-tatered sweats that you know need to get thrown out, you should look for some new apparel that will make you feel great.  While many are obsessed with Lululemon and feel best in their clothing, I happen to find Fabletics to be a personal favorite (especially given the COST!).  They have so many different colors, cuts, and styles to choose, and for half the price of what Lululemon cost.  Their clothing also fits much better than Lululemon if you ask me, as I am only 5 feet tall, and these are the perfect height in xxs short!  And besides this, but they wash well, wear well, and look amazing on.

So if you would like to order and get 2/$24 leggings yourself try this code NOW:

And if you are wondering these are my own personal favorites that I either buy or want to buy myself!

2. Sneakers

Before I go on, if you are wearing shoes that are older than six months or so, and worn out, you need to throw them out!  While they may seem like such an expense, the sneakers you wear are important to your health.  Wearing old worn-out shoes with less than optimal support oftentimes can create back-pain and a variety of issues that you may not have even known about.  So rather than going to a doctor, go out and buy some fresh sneakers.  My favorites happen to be Brooks, but I get mine cheaper ($50) by ordering online from an online retailer!  Here are some shots of which sneakers I will be looking to order NEXT!

If you are intimidated by cost, try out a site I often use to save money. Save some money yourself by clicking here: Ebates
3. Newzill Compression Socks

Although I’ve done a review on these before, these have been my new find of the year.  Unlike the socks we often buy, these socks are great at keeping muscles warm!  They also look quite stylish with all the options there are.  They have black, pink, and a variety of different styles so you can motivate yourself to get going, especially when it’s a little cold!  So check out my review, read more about the company, and if interested look below for a code that will save you some money!

Different styles of Newzill Compression Socks to Try
Some of the Options to Try!
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4. Sunscreen/SPF

Smiling in the Sun on My Pranamat and SunscreenAnother must-have for this year is taking care of the skin you have now as to prevent wrinkles later on!  While I am guilty of going in the sun without sunscreen, as I often break out, I recently found a Lancome product that works!  By utilizing everyday and being more aware, I find that I am more confident in my workouts as I feel better about treating my body well!  I have included a few below that I want to try just from Thrive Market using my 25% off and free shipping code: For Discount Click On Here.

5. A Partner!

Whether it’s a dog, family member, or friend, it’s always best to find a workout partner to keep you accountable in what you want to do!  And sometimes, it’s just nice to have someone to talk to!

The End

While there are many more things I would suggest for the fitness fashionista, these are five requirements.  The right apparel, shoes, sunscreen, socks, and partner, won’t GIVE you the life you want.  But they will make you more confident SO YOU CAN do so.  With confidence, you CAN take small steps to determine what it is YOU need.  And you can step away from the preferences of others that often mislead you to some degree.

You CAN determine what kind of diet you like to follow, and what makes your body work the best it could...

You CAN decide what activity (yoga, pilates, strength training, meditation, hobbies, etc) you need each day to make yourself feel the best it could.
But only you know what will work.
Pointing Finger at You with My favorite Apparel
You can be fit and fab too!

The only way at figuring it out is by taking in what information you could, researching it, and trying it out yourself.  Try all different workout wear, shoes, exercises, and foods to determine what works for you.  And then just do it.  Live your life to the best of your ability and keep going. So what better time than getting right to it today?


With Love Always,




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