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First blog post: Every Season Has Its Purpose

The Preamble: I know it’s been a while since I first declared my intentions of re-starting my blog, and I do apologize.  I have been meaning to do so at an earlier date, but keep getting stuck by the high expectations which I have for myself.  And so, I figured that what better way to start then with these thoughts.

Expectations… I know I’ve written about them before, but in a society filled with them, why not write about them again?  The fact is that we all have expectations of ourselves, some long-term and some short-term.  We may have expectations of ourselves to find and hold our dream jobs, fall deeply in love, finish an assignment, follow an exercise regime, and/or all of the above.  Although the majority of the time, these expectations push us to challenge ourselves in ways we could never have imagined, sometimes they hold us back in more ways than one.

We may not realize it at times, but having such high expectations of ourselves can be paralyzing.  We try to identify all the things we can do to succeed at meeting our expectations, but then oftentimes leave all our ideas aside as we realize that there are little short-term benefits.  There are no short term benefits to spending hours upon hours searching for jobs, when the job is not attained nor is there any short term benefit to starting a blog when it may just go “down the tubes.”

Sounds depressing about now, so what can we do about it?

Chances are that many of you are like me in the sense that you feel paralyzed by your fears and/or the expectations you may have.  You never know what the outcome will be of your actions, so the only thing is to do is to START NOW.  Make small steps, and don’t expect things to happen right way.  Utilize every single second (with breaks of course ; ) ) to focus on what means the most to you and just start changing one thing at a time.  Make small steps…

Want a job, but can’t find one and/or overwhelmed by the amount of time?  Start with your LinkedIn Profile and then each day, apply to a few jobs.  Want to utilize IIFYM and strength training to reverse diet? First, start figuring out your macros…and if you have no idea, utilize your connections to ask!  Want to start a blog, but unsure if it will be liked?  Then start with one post a week and see where it goes.

But at least give yourself the chance and take small steps, you will see changes when a year milestone comes around!

Why am I writing this?

POINT 1: To Motivate Others to Change their Life Even Though It May Seem Unimaginable

Well,as I explained prior to, I keep finding myself stuck in the realm of expectations and oftentimes getting too overwhelmed coming from my background of years of living with anorexia.  There were so many years where I was so overwhelmed by the unknowns and expectations I felt “paralyzed” and unable to do anything.  I would focus so much on the same routine in terms of food (greek yogurt, egg whites, fruit, veggies, protein drinks), exercise, and school that I lost sight of my life.  And even though it has taken me many years, many medical leaves, and many tears, I have finally made changes this last year which have helped me to live a better and more stable life…a life I never would have imagined possible.


POINT 2: To Give Support and Compassion Towards Those Who Are Overwhelmed And Who Have Hit Roadblocks (You are never alone!)

With that being said, I wanted to point out the fact that although I have been making changes, there are many other things that I need to and want to do, such as finding a job and/or getting on my road to my RD.  Although I graduated top of my class and with awards, I find it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find a job with my passion towards nutrition.  Since I am not certified as an RD, and lack a BS degree, the job opportunities available seem little to none.  And going back for my RD…don’t even get me started (countless of phone calls later).  Point being, although there are many roadblocks in the way, you can always make steps to either go through them or work around them.  I may not have it together, nor may you, but why not figure it out together and take it day by day with one small step each and everyday.


So let’s all do something today which will benefit us in the long run.  Let’s have patience and build each other up rather than tear each other down.  How about it?


With Love,






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