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Finding What Works For You…Not Someone Else

What works for me in the morning?

 I bet that many of you have been judged and criticized for the way in which you do things or even the way in which you look.  You are judged for your career, your relationships, or even the quality of your homes.  You are judged for the food that you decide to eat, the timing in which you eat it, or even the composition of such a meal.  You are even judged for your selfies or appearance that you yourself love.  And while you can allow this judgement to change all the things in which you do, the truth of the matter is that judgement is going to happen in spite of what you choose to do, so why not find what works for you?

So on this motivational monday, I want you to look at yourself and decide if what you are doing works for you or if you are just following someone else because of judgement.  If you are doing something in your life that makes your life more enjoyable, then continue to do it.  If you want to do something to make it more enjoyable, then do it.  And if you are just doing something out of fears of judgement, then I want you to stop.  Why allow ourselves to follow something that may work for others, but may not work for ourselves?

As someone who has struggled with anorexia for many years and has been following IIFYM and strength training for about a year now, this is something I oftentimes question myself.  I ask myself whether my food routine is working for myself and whether or not the foods in which I am choosing are making myself feel better or worse.  I ask myself whether I feel better having less or more in the morning versus night.  And even ask myself of whether I even enjoy or dislike the foods in which I choose.  And while I am still trying to play around with my own food schedule and figure out what works best for my body, the fact is that I continuously get or see negative comments going on around Instagram about food.

Even just going on Instagram, I see comments in which others are scolded for eating eggs, dairy, meat, etc (you name it) as these foods are either seen as morally wrong or even nutritionally inadequate by some.  Rather than trying to help others find their balance or even appreciate the fact that they have found their own balance, oftentimes people get in the way.  They say negative things that lead others to question their lifestyle or even to feel bad about the foods which they know are best for themselves.

Trying To Find What Works For Me




So although this is yet another short blog post, the point is that you must really find what works for you rather than allowing the fears of being judged get in your way.  Find what career, relationship, food, or even posting-habit works best for you and don’t let other’s opinions to get in the way of achieving your balance. If you fee better incorporating eggs in your diet, but haven’t because of others claiming them to be morally wrong or nutritionally incompetent…maybe you need the B vitamins or even choline in them (you may just be a little genetically different than they).  On the other hand, if you feel better posting selfies everyday, then post them, as maybe you just need this to be the more confident person in which you are becoming.  Regardless of what it maybe, today I want you to find what works for you and to follow it, as who knows yourself better than you?


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