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There are Five Christmas Trees Inside My Home: Holiday Decor!


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It always seems that there’s too much to do and never enough time to do them all.  We prioritize, and do what’s necessary, but oftentimes we don’t get to doing the things we want to do most.  Each and everyday that goes by, we wonder whether we will have time to do the things we would like.  And each and everyday the same thing happens, and we run out of time!

So it’s time to change that today, because sometimes it pays to take the time to do things, such as decorating your house!

So I’m taking you along for the holiday decor I have done this year.  While I may not have had time to do five trees, I made it happen…and that’s how it should be!


P.S. Some of the decor below is already on SALE!  Grab it before it’s gone!


Front Door

Since I’ve already posted this DIY before, just click the picture for a SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE way to decorate your door!

Classical Sled and Wreath

 The Den


Here’s the room of the house!  Inside there’s a 9.5 foot tree with colored lighting and hundreds of special ornaments.  There’s ornaments that are handcrafted from Kindergarten on and ones that were bought at the store.  And if you haven’t seen the DIY ornaments, check this blog out!

Once you get past the tree, there are ALL kinds of decorations around!  From an old nativity music-box to Jim Shore Ornaments, there’s so much to be seen!


And I couldn’t find the SAME ornaments, but I did find a few on sale.

And if you use GIFT as Macy’s it will be 20% off!


But smack down in the center of this room is one of the best parts to see on Christmas morning…and that’s the fireplace!  Stocking holders personalized for each member of my family holds our handmade stockings in place.  Here it is!

Christmas Stockings and Halo Top

Since mine are most likely discontinued, I’ve posted a few on SALE below.  I’ve also posted a few Precious Moments Ornaments as I love them!  They are perfect for a gift or your tree! 

The Wine Rack


Yes…we even decked out the wine rack between the den and the kitchen!  In the open area there’s a few Christopher Radio ornaments hanging by individual stands.  Just gives the wine rack a little festive feel!

P.S. If you haven’t seen this from my DIY gift basket blog, check it out today!


Living Room: My Dream Gold Tree

Stop.  Wait a second and see how beautiful this tree is.  I spoke about it before on my Instagram, but it is a RECYCLED Balsam Hill Tree!  With white lights, gold ornaments, and a gold star on top, it’s my dream tree I always wanted.  Just look how beautiful it is!

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree


Front Hallway: The Panda Tree

Yes…You read that correctly.  We have a panda tree just for my mom.  if you haven’t seen from the stocking and panda on the mantel, she LOVES pandas more than you know.  So here’s the panda tree (not my personal favorite, but still cute!).

Holiday Decor Panda Tree


And she doesn’t have any of these, so I may be putting myself in trouble, but if pandas are your thing, here’s some cute ones!


bathroom holiday decor

You may have seen this post before, but making a coral bathroom Christmas is hard to do!  Instead of throwing in greens and reds, I found this cute hat multi-color garland to hang on the mirror.  And then to the side, I put some white flowers and white flowers, which was simple yet cute!

P.S. (The frame around this mirror was a DIY…Would you like to see how to do enhance the bathroom mirror when the holidays are done?)


My Bedroom

Holiday decor

Four foot tree decked out with shoes, clothing, and dogs…can you guess that it’s my tree?  Some similar ornaments below!

But what about the 5th Tree?

Holiday Decor Mini Tree

The other tree is in between the den and kitchen, yet it is less than two feet tall.  And while it may not seem that important, it was put up by my Grandma!  And it gives the area a little bit more omph anyways…Don’t you think?


The End

So there’s the jist of my decorating this year around.  While it was quite a lot, it was well worth my time.  Because seeing how put-together the house is great.  Rather than just working and working, I got what I wanted done.  And that feeling is great, if you don’t already know!

So if you haven’t gotten to all you wanted, then do some of what you want today.  Just make yourself happy because that’s what’s important today.


Holiday Decor Gold Tree

Sweater: Hollister Co/Leggings: Hollister Co/Boots: Uggs 

Holiday Decor Bathroom 2


With Love Always,








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