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Stop Underestimating And Start Doing… You Can Start with Fall Decor!

me and my dog with DIY fall decor
Cutest Fall Decorations Right Here…And Dog!

I bet that many of you have been underestimated in spite of all you know you can do.  And because you don’t receive any reassurance, you crumble away back in fear.

But since I’ve been dealing with this myself, I’d like to tell you this, that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to, as ONLY you know how great you can be.

So read along to my latest blog about making your dreams come true despite closed doors, and how to keep going when you keep being turned away from it all.

And when you are done, read on about a DIY your project because I’m not someone just confined to fitness nor fashion, and never will be.  And this is something I know I’m great in doing…so just watch me!

When The Doors Keep Shutting…

Sometimes life seems to whack us in the face.  As hard as we keep trying, the doors keep shutting as we fight our way to get in.   Because we don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel we often do settle for what we are told.  We don’t try to get out of the box, and make ourselves heard.

And while it may be just the way life is, it’s important NEVER to give up and to keep doing the things you know you need to succeed.  Just because someone tells you no doesn’t mean that you should give up.  Instead, keep working on it, as they truly never know what you are capable of

…and you can still succeed.


So just my little advice today, but keep going as hard as it is, as settling is never the best way to live.

I mean, why should you settle for ordinary when life can be great?

The End

So just a paragraph because that is all the reassurance you need.  You can truly do anything you put your mind to, and make a difference everyday.  So don’t give into other’s opinions of you, and be confined to the sub par life in which you are living.  Instead, do what you know is right and keep charging as eventually you will succeed.  And when you do, I’ll be there rooting for you because all that follow my blog are great…and I know you can do it!

So what you doing today to be better off than you were yesterday?  I’d love to know, especially if there’s anyway I can HELP you in any which way!

DIY Project…Because I’m Not All Fashion or Fitness, But Me!

So despite being Michele, I am constantly guided to limit myself to a category.  And I keep trying to fight it.  Because I’m not just a girl who loves fitness, fashion, or has dealt with anorexia, but a girl who does it all.  I love doing a variety of things, and shoving myself into a box doesn’t do anything but show future generations that they meet society’s standards rather than being who they can be.  So let’s face it, a lot of the times, I just don’t work with the Instagram algorithm or Instagram popularity, and that’s okay because I’m living my life and making a difference everyday.

Because that’s what matters. Showing girls to have the confidence to be who THEY ARE rather than telling them who they should be.

So one thing that doesn’t quite work with my fitness and fashion theme is my love for decorating and love to DIY cheap!  And so here’s my little tutorial on how to make your plants “fit and fabulous” for fall.

Because any fitness, fashion, etc. girl or guy should want some great fall decor to go along with their shots…Don’t you agree?

So here’s to an “ATYPICAL” post about a DIY project I did!

Fast, Inexpensive Decorating: Getting Your Place Fit and Fab for Fall

mum arrangement with ribbon, scissors, and planters
Inexpensive Mum Arrangements Made In Less than 10 Minutes…Perfect for Fall Decor

So quickest and cheapest way to make your doorway look amazing is with a DIY wreath and flowers.  While I’ll go into the wreath at a later time, here’s how to make your two dollar mums look like those $50 dollar arrangements you see in stores.

To Buy:

-Mums: Buy them on sale!  Look through flyers and look for deals!  I got mine from Walmart for a dollar.  They may be small, but if you take care of them (or in my case, if your family takes care of them, they will look great!)

-Planting Pots: Buy these empty at the dollar store or buy those clearance half dead plants at Lowe’s or Home Depot, and take the dead plants out!

-Ribbon: Always on sale at the craft store.  Buy a pretty color or two and that’s all!  (WALK RIGHT IN AND OUT…DON’T LOOK AROUND ESPECIALLY IF WE WANT TO MAKE THIS PROJECT INEXPENSIVE!)

Scotch Tape: Alright.  This one is expensive.  But I had this, and think many others will as well.

-Scissors: I used Fiskars scissors which we had.  It may have been the only pair left which my family didn’t misplace, in spite of buying ten!

Tutorial: Let’s Keep This Nice and Simple.

  1. 1. Re-plant mums into respective planters.  Or even better, get your family to get involved.  That way they can plant and if it dies, it’s not your fault!Mum in Planter
  2. Take ribbon like so and figure out an adequate amount which can be utilized to wrap around it and make a bow.  Then cut.Step 2 of Arrangement
  3. Tape ribbon in middle to make it secure.Step 3
  4. Make a Bow and cut tape in half to make sure it stays in proper place.  Then fix it by taking advantage of the wire in the ribbon.pretty bow on mum arrangement
  5. Tape the back of the pot that isn’t going to be seen to prevent ribbon mishaps!
  6. That’s all!  Now you made a simple, inexpensive arrangement in less than ten minutes.  Won’t the neighbors be proud?
Michele in Soffe Sweatshirt and Mum Arrangement
Look How Cute These Arrangements Are!

So not what you expected?  Well, that’s just me.  Always surprising you every moment.  Now it’s time you surprise me!



Love Always,





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